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Genestellar rarely has accidental death or injury.

The reason for this is that Prana has a very significant effect in the area of defense.

It allows Genestellar to have an exceptional defense, even if the body is hit by a bullet, it will not lose its life.

Compared with the defense, if Prana is used to improve the other physical capabilities, it will become more difficult.

It’s easy if it’s an attack, it can succeed with a little training.

Therefore, most Genestellar only use Prana to improve their defense, and a few Genestellar use Prana to improve their attack.

Those who use Prana to enhance the rest of their physical abilities are rare.

Houri gave it a little try.

“Defensive power… it’s extremely easy to improve by just focusing on Prana.”

“Attacking power… more or less difficult, but not impossible. It needs only a little training to be able to focus in battle.”

“The rest… it doesn’t work even by focusing.”

For example, if Prana is concentrated and used to strengthen the explosive power, then theoretically it is possible to do an ultra-high-speed movement.

However, the difficulty is quite high.

After all, not only it will test the skills in the control of Prana, but also, once the user has any mistakes in the weight of the force, the body will lose control at once.

It’s fine to just jump as high as possible, but when used in a battle that requires correct action, it’s important to be quite proficient.

“If it is an attribute, as long as the AGI is improved, then the reflex nerve and motor nerve can be strengthened to achieve an all-round agility enhancement, and there is no need to worry about not being able to control the body.”

“But Prana, however, is only an energy, only strengthens all aspects, and the control depends entirely on oneself.”

This is not a strange thing.

Among the four attributes, the three that are related to the body have a certain degree of implicit reinforcement in order to be fully functional.

For example, boosting STR will also boost the strength of your body so that you don’t hurt yourself before the enemy because of the high attack power.

For example, boosting the VIT will increase the strength of the bones, and even the metabolism will be improved, which will increase the resistance to all aspects, leading to an increase in resistance to toxins.

As another example, boosting the AGI will incidentally improve the toughness of the muscles, allowing the speed to be fully exploited.

These, all with the most basic degree of hidden enhancements, allow MainGod envoy not to spend too much effort on adding points in attributes.

The only exception is INT.

This attribute only boosts the energy to exercise the miracle power.

Take Houri as an example. Now, as long as Houri increases the value of INT, it will make the amount of Prana more and more. Not only can it withstand the consumption, but the magnitude of strengthening will also increase with the increase of the amount.

Other than that, there is no enhancement to this attribute.

That is to say, INT is not implicitly enhanced.

Except for the energy boost, the rest can only be figured out by MainGod envoy themselves.

“From this point of view, perhaps, I was right to choose Jielong.”

Thinking of this, Houri finally took the time to look around.

This was a room with a very Chinese style room, and it was still the ancient kind.

And Houri’s body has been unknowingly changed into a uniform that looks like a practice uniform, the top is pink, the bottom is red, just like a practitioner, but also more or less with the atmosphere of Daoshi.

“… So tacky…”

This was Houri’s first experience.

Under the arrangement of MainGod space, Houri’s identity is that of a new student.

This costume is the uniform of Jielong Seventh Institute.

In the academy battle city, the style and conduct of each of the six academies are different.

Seidoukan Academy’s emblem is the red lotus flower ‘Red Lotus’, which symbolizes indomitable, and the school’s style is liberal, emphasizing students’ autonomy, and the school’s rules are lenient, with the majority of ‘Strega’ and ‘Dante’ students becoming the school’s tradition.

Saint Galahadworth Academy’s emblem is the ‘Aureole’, a circle of sunlight symbolizing order, and it regards law and loyalty as absolute rules.

Jielong Seventh Institute’s emblem is the ‘Yellow Dragon’, the longest of the four gods symbolizing the emperor. The school atmosphere is chaotic, full of bureaucracy and permissiveness, with a strong oriental style on all levels, and the largest academy among the six academies.

The Arlequint Academy’s emblem is the ‘Dusk Owl’, a symbol of the wise goddess Minerva, has a completely result-oriented style, dividing its students into research and practical classes, and is so technically advanced that the other academies can hardly compete with it.

Queenvail Girls Academy’s emblem is the Nameless Goddess ‘Idol’, a symbol of hope, and has a cheerful and bright school style.

Rewolf Black academy’s emblem is a symbol of dominance of the forked sword ‘two swords’. The school style is extremely warlike and encourages students to duel, so it is incompatible with Saint Galahadworth Academy.

And these six academies, all of which are schools used to train Genestellar.

In this world, Genestellar are considered alien and are discriminated against and rejected by ordinary human beings.

Just as in nature, animals with different body colors are rejected by the group. For humans, Genestellar with extraordinary powers are also aliens and naturally cannot avoid being rejected.

Academy battle city is the only place where Genestellar is recognized.

For this reason, Genestellar from almost all over the world have gathered here to live under the management of Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

Among them, Jielong is a very Chinese style academy.

“But I didn’t choose Jielong because it’s familiar, but it’s a place where I can get stronger.”

With that in mind, Houri gathered up his prana, pulled his collar and left his top open like a jacket, and walked out of the room.


With the sound of the door opening, Houri walked out of the room.

Just as he stepped out of the room, Houri saw a group of students wearing Chinese style uniforms quickly gathering in one direction, running while making a lot of noise.

Among them, there was a sentence that went like this.

“Hurry! The student council president’s disciple test is about to start!”

Hearing these words, a light flashed in Houri’s eyes.

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