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Jielong Seventh Institute is located in the southeast of Academy Battle City Asterisk.

The grounds of this academy are covered with numerous buildings connected by corridors, with scattered courtyards and plazas, and surrounded by traditional Chinese-style buildings, more like a palace and a pavilion than a school.

In one of the corners of such a Jielong, there is a building called Oushinden.

It is a three-story pavilion with vermillion beams and a yellow glazed tile roof.

At first glance, it does not look much different from other buildings in Jielong.

However, all Jielong students know what a special place it is.

–‘Banyuu Tenra’.

It is a title.

A very symbolic title.

In the early days of Jielong, the first generation of student council president was called ‘Banyuu Tenra’.

Therefore, in Jielong, this title has a very special meaning, and so far only three people have it.

These three people are all student council presidents who have commanded Jielong, and their status is equivalent to that of an emperor.

Today, the third generation of ‘Banyuu Tenra’ is in this academy.

It lives in Oushinden.

At this moment, countless students are aiming at Oushinden and are swarming towards the entrance of the Oushinden hall.

Houri blended in with the crowd and followed them through the old-fashioned corridors of Oushinden, and soon came to the entrance of the hall.

There is not just one entrance to the Oushinden Hall.

So, apart from here, there were people pouring into the hall from other directions to get inside.

Upon entering the hall, Houri immediately saw a rather peculiar place.

Around the Oushinden hall, there was a corridor that stretched up the periphery in a cascading manner, making the central courtyard of the hall.

However, this courtyard is not planted with flowers and trees but is like a dry pool, sunken down.

Inside, a column is located in it, like a jumping platform, around the center of a small pavilion.

In the small pavilion, at the stone table, a young girl is sitting there.

Her long black hair was knotted in a circle like a butterfly.

She was wearing a classical style uniform of Jielong, a luxurious white coat outside, and a hagoromo floating around her.

Although the look is very cute, but it is too young, it looks a little like a child playing games with adults.

However, looking at this child, students in Oushinden’s corridors whispered to each other.

“That’s the student council president?”

“The contemporary ‘Banyuu Tenra’ Fan Xinglu?”

Yes, that’s right.

This young girl in front of their eyes is Jielong’s student council president, the contemporary ‘Banyuu Tenra’.

Only nine years old, but three years ago she became the strongest student in Jielong, inheriting the name ‘Banyuu Tenra’, and her strength is unpredictable.

In the Academy Battle City Asterisk, each great academy has a ranking system.

Although the detailed rules of each academy are different, no matter which academy, there is a ranking that can clearly distinguish the strength of students.

That ranking, called ‘Named Charts’, the total number of places is only seventy-two.

The students who can enter the ranking are called ‘Ranker’.

In this ranking, the names of the top twelve students are recorded on the first page of the list, so they are called ‘Page One’.

Fan Xinglu has about fifty direct disciples.

Moreover, every one of them is in the Ranker.

There are even eleven of Fan Xinglu’s disciples who have become members of Page One.

In other words, among the twelve people in the Page One, Fan Xinglu’s disciples took up eleven of them.

As for Fan Xinglu, she was the strongest person who ranked first.

Therefore, countless people expect to become Fan Xinglu’s disciple and be taught by her.

But to become Fan Xinglu’s disciple, one must pass a test.

Houri raised his head and looked in the direction of the pavilion.

There, Fan Xinglu seemed to be dozing off, sitting on a stone chair while nodding her head in a drowsy manner.

Looking at Fan Xinglu like this, Houri somewhat lost his smile.

“Obviously it is impossible not to notice that so many people are gathered here…”

This is not because Houri discovered something, but Houri clearly knows how powerful this young girl named Fan Xinglu is.

In academy battle city, there is a rumor.

Legend has it that Fan Xinglu, the student council president of Jielong, is an immortal who has lived for more than a thousand years.

This legend is probably treated as a joke by everyone, right?

However, Houri knew that it was a fact.

The girl in front of him had really lived for at least a thousand years and was a true fairy.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she had lived for so many years, even if she had great strength, she wouldn’t have been able to teach so many excellent disciples.

Therefore, Houri just gazed at Fan Xinglu and was more or less pondered in his heart.

As for the surrounding students, they started to stir under Fan Xinglu’s drowsy performance.

“Is that really the number one ranked student council president in Jielong?”

“It’s really just a rumor, isn’t it?”

“Isn’t the test for accepting students started on the day of admission?”

“Are they still testing or not?”

With the commotion of the students, the whole Oushinden became noisy.

Among the students present, many of them were freshmen like Houri.

As for Fan Xinglu, they had only heard rumors about her and did not know much about it yet.

So, the students started to make a lot of comments, making Oushinden full of noise.

Until a certain moment…

“Really, do young people nowadays have no patience at all?”

It was a very childish and light-hearted voice.

However, this voice carried an extremely strong sense of sophistication.

Under such a voice, the girl who was napping in the pavilion slowly raised her head and gave a lovely yawn.

Immediately after, the other party turned her head, looking at each and every student gathered in the cloister, an innocent smile appeared on her face.

“There are a lot of people this year, I hope I can find some good seedlings from among you to cultivate.”

Saying this, Fan Xinglu then stood up from the pavilion garden.

The next second, something incredible happened.


With a trembling sound, the pavilion around Fan Xinglu was like a scattered butterfly, which started to disappear like an illusion and turned into a throne.

Fan Xinglu sat on it, looked at everyone present, and opened her hands wide.

“Then, let’s the test begins.”

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