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Seeing the pavilion as if the moon in the water, the flower in the mirror disappeared without a trace, all the students present opened their eyes slightly, such as being strangled, silence reigns.

Houri also looked at this scene with a stony face and murmured.

“Is that seisenjutsu?”


It is a technique unique to the Jielong Seventh Institute, a technique of sensing mana and then stereotyping it with the help of handprint, charm, and language, and then triggering the phenomenon.

In short, it is a simplification of Strega and Dante.

In this world, Genestellar is still very rare.

Among the Genestellar, the Strega and Dante with supernatural powers are even rarer. It is possible that one out of a hundred Genestellar cannot be found.

Seisenjutsu is a technology that generalizes and systematizes the abilities of Strega and Dante, allowing Genestellar to use their abilities similar to Strega and Dante.

Those who possess this skill are called ‘Daoshi’.

In order to learn seisenjutsu, one must go through a special adjustment of Prana flow, therefore, there are very few instructors who can teach seisenjutsu. In addition to the twelve disciples of the first generation ‘Banyuu Tenra’ and the seven disciples of the second generation ‘Banyuu Tenra’, there are only twenty people left in Jielong, including the current third-generation ‘Banyuu Tenra’, who can teach it.

Therefore, this technique is only possessed by the people of Jielong, and no one in the rest of the academy has this technique.

Just now, that incredible scene was probably created by Fan Xinglu with the seisenjutsu technique, right?

No, it is possible that it was Fan Xinglu’s own ability.

After all, no one can be sure whether Fan Xinglu is an authentic Strega or not.

“Is that why it’s unfathomable?”

Amidst Houri’s murmur, Fan Xinglu, as if satisfied with the crowd’s reaction, nodded her head while declaring so in a childish but sophisticated voice.

“To become my disciple is actually very simple.”

“I don’t require you all to defeat me right now, because that would be too much of an imposition.”

“So, I have lowered the requirements to give you guys a chance to pass the test.”

Saying this, Fan Xinglu jumped and stood on the throne, with an innocent and romantic smile, said.

“There is no time limit, as long as you can touch me before you fall down, then I will take you as disciples and teach you techniques.”

Once the words came out, all people present looked at each other.

Only Houri who was silently observing Fan Xinglu finally discovered something.

In that small and tender body under, a stream of Prana is flowing.

It was as if the dark night was deep and the sky was distant as if the heat of the sun was compressed into it, and at any moment it could burst out and swallow everything.

What’s even more frightening is that this Prana is also like a flash, after being vaguely felt by Houri, immediately disappeared again, leaving no trace.

Now, even Houri’s body tensed up a bit.

“Fan Xinglu is definitely not just a Tier 4.”

In other words, Fan Xinglu is most likely a Tier 3 existence.

Or even, higher.

“What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to come over?”

On the other hand, Fan Xinglu was looking at the students in the corridor and said slyly. “If you don’t plan to be my disciple, let alone Page One, it would be hard for you to enter the Ranker?”

These words made the group of students’ eyes start to shine.

The air became depressing all of a sudden.

“Let’s go!”

In the next instant, as one of the students suddenly shouting this, the oppressive air was instantly detonated.


With a loud shout, the students began to leap up and take advantage of the jumping platform to dash in the direction of Fan Xinglu.

In such a situation, in the corridors, many figures seemed to be transformed into superhumans, jumping out from the corridors in all directions and rushing towards the center with an amazing speed, like arrows.

That is Genestellar.

Even the most ordinary person has such a superhuman physique.

Even Tohyama Kinji, who entered Hysteria mode, could only be a moderate existence in such a crowd, right?

This shows the power of Genestellar.

However, in the face of such an overwhelming crowd of students rushing towards her direction, Fan Xinglu only gave a pleasant smile.


In the next second, Fan Xinglu’s figure suddenly disappeared.

Houri’s pupils suddenly shrink.

Because, as an absolute speed type existence, Houri was not able to see Fan Xinglu’s movements at all.

“What kind of speed is that?”

Even Houri was like that, let alone the students.

“Wha-what happened?”


“Where did she go?”

“I can’t find her!”

The students all stopped at the top of the jumping platform, panicking and looking to the right and left.

It was only after a while that Fan Xinglu’s voice rang out.

“What’s wrong? Can’t even handle this?”

With such a voice, the crowd finally saw it.

In mid-air, Fan Xinglu has as completely ignored gravity, standing on her feet and smiling at everyone.

“If you don’t hurry up and grab me, I’m not going to play anymore?”

The feeling is that for Fan Xinglu, this is just a game.

This made the group of new students furious, all of them jumped to the sky and rushed in Fan Xinglu’s direction.

However, the next moment, Fan Xinglu’s figure also moved.


In a dull sonic boom, Fan Xinglu’s body darted out and rushed to another direction.

Bang– Bang– Bang– Bang– Bang–!

With a sonic boom sound, Fan Xinglu as if stomping hard on the air, her body turned into a laser, flying back and forth in mid-air, so fast that it was impossible to catch.

Genestellars that jumped up did not even have time to be shocked, they were all thrown away, and even if the sky was covered, they still could not touch a single hair of Fan Xinglu.

“Oh, it seems that this time also failed to discover a good seedling.”

With such a disappointing sigh, Fan Xinglu’s figure gradually slowed down and stopped at a corner in mid-air.

In this moment, the wind suddenly rose.


With the sound of air splitting, a figure shot out violently.

Speed ​​is like lightning.

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