Illimitable Until Death v4c267

While the students in Jielong swarmed in the direction of Fan Xinglu, Houri stood silently, watching the battle in mid-air, with some burning emotion in his eyes.

Bang– Bang– Bang– Bang– Bang–!

Under Houri’s gaze, it was as if invisible bombs had been exploding in mid-air, causing clouds of air to explode one after another, causing strong wind pressure.

Of course, what really happened was not some invisible bombs were exploding.

Those movements are all the aftermaths of Fan Xinglu’s movement.

Although it was not very clear, Houri managed to catch Fan Xinglu’s figure this time.

It was as if Fan Xinglu was stepping on the air, her tiny feet stepping on the corners of the mid-air, causing a strong wind pressure, and riding on the turbulent airflow like a laser, weaving back and forth at an amazing speed.

“It’s not just because of the speed…”

Houri could vaguely feel that Fan Xinglu had gathered some Prana on the soles of her feet every time she moved, using Prana to strengthen her explosive power. That’s why she was able to achieve such an unimaginable speed and body technique.

“If it wasn’t for the Prana control technique to the limit, it wouldn’t be possible to do this, right?”

In other words, in this moment, Fan Xinglu has demonstrated her ability in three areas: speed, body technique and Prana’s control technique.

These are the things that attracted Houri.

“I am a speed-type MainGod envoy, and speed and body technique is most important to me.”

Prana can also be used to strengthen the speed and even the rest of the body. For Houri, who has just become Genestellar, the technique of controlling Prana is also very attractive.

“I guess I made the right choice to come to Jielong…”

One of the reasons why Houri chose Jielong Seventh Institute as his camp is that this academy militarism, not only is the scale far larger than the rest of the academy, even the quality of the students are stronger than the rest of the academy students.

In this academy, a variety of schools are established, so that the entire academy is filled with a strong atmosphere of martial arts practice, coupled with more people, naturally more militarism than the rest of the academy students.

Houri believes that Jielong can play a most important role in improving his strength than the other academies, which is why he gave up Seidoukan and chose Jielong.

The second reason is the existence of Fan Xinglu.

The fairy, who has lived for an unknown period of time, has taught numerous good disciples and has profound attainment in martial arts.

Houri chooses Jielong Seventh Institute, is to see if he can learn from Fan Xinglu, looking for opportunities to refine himself and enhance his strength.

Now, Fan Xinglu has taken the initiative to conduct a test to accept students, and also performed this skill, which instantly attracted Houri.

“Touch her to pass the test?”

Houri’s mind was instantly invigorated, and his eyes were fixed on the scene in mid-air, while his body was slowly tensing up.

To be honest, Houri was also not confident that he could touch Fan Xinglu.

Because Fan Xinglu’s speed is far above Houri.

Even though Houri is a speed-type MainGod envoy, after the skills, equipment, title and profession bonuses, speed has been higher than the Tier 5 MainGod envoy, but Houri is still only Tier 5.

Fan Xinglu’s level is more than one level higher than Houri.

So, Houri’s speed is no match for Fan Xinglu, just look at Fan Xinglu’s lightning speed.

“But it’s not like I don’t have a chance…”

Ice blue mystic eyes flash suddenly.

The world changed in Houri’s eyes.

Crack-like dead line spreads in every corner of the world so that the overwhelming student figures lunging in mid-air all look like they are cut in pieces, extremely horrible.

But Houri ignored all this and just stared at one figure.

More petite than anyone else, the dead line on the fairy figure was pitifully small.

However, the death perception mystic eyes successfully caught the dead line on Fan Xinglu’s body.

Therefore, Houri successfully saw through Fan Xinglu’s body technique.

However, just seeing through was not enough.

“Must keep up…”

Then, there was only one chance.

Only when Fan Xinglu took the initiative to stop without any precaution.

For this reason, Houri slowly raised the Prana in his body, and with an extremely slow speed, converged them to the soles of his feet.

For Houri, who had only just acquired the power of Prana and was unable to use it skillfully, he could only use this clumsy and time-consuming way to successfully increase his speed.

Of course, in a real battle, this does not work at all.

Unfortunately, it’s not a battle right now, giving Houri plenty of time to carry on.

“No need to deliberately control…”

Anyway, his speed is not faster than Fan Xinglu.

“No need for deliberate contain…”

It’s only one chance anyway.

“What I can do is simple…”

That is, to rush at the fastest speed at the moment when Fan Xinglu stopped.

That one moment came quickly.

“Gee, it seems that I wasn’t able to discover a good seedling this time either.”

When such a somewhat disappointed voice sounded from mid-air, Houri saw clearly.

Fan Xinglu’s figure, slowly came to a halt.

“It’s now!”

Houri’s Prana that was struggling to maintain at the bottom of his feet exploded violently.

“Flash Step Water Moon!”

With the explosion of a large amount of Prana, Houri’s body was like a meteor that shot up into the sky, swept through space and sprinted in the direction of Fan Xinglu.


A soft sound of air splitting passed through the air.


Fan Xinglu bewildered voice, suddenly turned her head and looked at the source of the sound.

In this instant, Houri’s figure was already scurrying to Fan Xinglu’s front, the ice blue mystic eyes were printed in Fan Xinglu’s eyes, making Fan Xinglu’s eyes widen slightly.

“Flash Sheath One Wind!”

He didn’t stop his figure.

It should be said that in mid-air, Houri could not stop his body, which had been heavily strengthened by Prana’s explosive power.

Maintaining a lightning-like speed, Houri suddenly reached out to Fan Xinglu who was close at hand.

The strike was as swift as thunder.


Fan Xinglu made a surprised voice.

In addition to the surprise, Fan Xinglu actually dodged Houri’s extremely fast strike like a breeze.

It was extremely easy.

Houri just brushed the distance of fewer than ten centimeters in front of Fan Xinglu and scampered up into the sky.

However, the corner of Houri’s mouth was gradually lifted up.

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