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With a slight sound of landing, Houri, who had fallen from mid-air, stood on a diving platform with his back turned to everyone.

At this moment, all the students who had been pouncing on Fan Xinglu’s direction in the previous second fell down and stood around, dazedly looking at Houri.

In mid-air, Fan Xinglu also lowered her head, looked at Houri, and a smile spread across her tender face.

That smile was full of surprise and happiness.

The surrounding area became silent.

Houri also slowly turned around and faced Fan Xinglu, who was floating incredibly in mid-air, and raised his clenched hand and spread his palm.

In Houri’s hand, there was a school badge lying on it.

It was Fan Xinglu’s school badge.

Looking at this scene, all the students were dumbfounded and stood in place.


Fan Xinglu, on the other hand, was like a child, letting out an innocent laugh, clapping her hands while saying happily. “I didn’t expect that someone here would be able to take my school badge, what an unexpected pleasure.”

In academy battle city, the significance of the school badge is very big.

The hardened school badge is not only a small device with internal information processing functions, but it can also apply for and rule on a duel, or transmit the data of the fight to the computer’s mainframe, and other functions.

This is to prevent people from cheating as much as possible.

In the academy battle city, status can be changed by dueling.

If students belong to the same academy, the result of the duel will change the ranking once the winner is determined in the presence of a school badge.

However, in the academy battle city, all duels have a condition to determine the winner.

That is to destroy the school badge.

Once the school badge is destroyed, no matter how favorable the duel is, or how much stronger the duel is than the opponent, the duel will be judged as a defeat.

Now, Fan Xinglu’s school badge was taken away by Houri.

What does this mean?

It means that if this is a duel, Fan Xinglu has already lost.

Of course, it couldn’t have been a duel.

If it was a duel, there would not have been so many people helping Houri to hold Fan Xinglu back, causing Fan Xinglu’s attention not to be on Houri, who was standing still, and finally Houri found an opportunity to break out and take the school badge in one fell swoop.

At that moment, Fan Xinglu slowly floated down from mid-air, landed on the central throne, looked at Houri, seemingly curious and pleasant, asked this sentence.

“What’s your name?”

Looking at Fan Xinglu’s cute smile with happiness, Houri couldn’t treat her like a child and nodding his head in the way of facing his elders.

“My name is Houri.”

“Houri?” Fan Xinglu nodded with satisfaction and said. “It was a good performance, although Prana’s flow was messy, just like a newborn baby, the body technique was very good and probably faster than Hufeng. Plus that last move is also a bit of a difference, it’s almost like a gem that hasn’t been sculpted yet. Good seedling, good seedling.”

Saying this, Fan Xinglu clapped her hands and declared.

“Very good, you have passed. From today, you are the fifty-second direct disciple under my discipline.”

At this point, Fan Xinglu looked at Houri’s eyes as if she was staring at her prey and suddenly said in an innocent tone.

“Become my disciple, you only need to remember one thing.”

“One day, you must satisfy my desire to experience the joy of fighting.”

With these words, Fan Xinglu’s body began to rise with a sense of violent oppression.

The sense of oppression was like a fierce beast, like a heavy mountain, enveloping the whole hall.

All around, each and every student’s face turned white and their bodies began to tremble.

Even Houri felt that his body suddenly became much heavier, causing his breath to be slightly choked.

However, Houri was not surprised by Fan Xinglu.

This fairy, who has lived for many years, has no desires whatsoever.

The reason why she studied in Jielong and became the student council president, accepting disciples, is only one reason.

That is to cultivate an opponent who can fight with herself.

It is not polite to say that in this world, Fan Xinglu is definitely an existence standing at the top.

Having lived for thousands of years, and with enough power to overturn mountains and seas, the thing Fan Xinglu wants to do most is to fight with people.

Only fighting can satisfy this fairy.

Therefore, Fan Xinglu takes disciples, absolutely will not have any control over the disciple, not to mention any interference, only responsible for one thing.

That is to teach martial arts and train an opponent worth fighting.

Other than that, everything else didn’t matter.

With this in mind, those who become disciples of Fan Xinglu have absolute freedom.

But there is only one obligation to fulfill.

To fight Fan Xinglu.

Thinking of this, Houri took a deep breath, raised his head, and said this under the terrifying feeling of oppression like a heavy mountain.


Just after he spoke, the terrifying oppressive feeling that enveloped the entire hall disappeared without a trace.

“Very good.” Fan Xinglu’s eyes were narrowed like a crescent moon, and then she looked at the students who were shocked in place, seemingly completely lost interest, and said. “This is the end of today’s test, next time you all are welcome to challenge.”

After saying that, Fan Xinglu raised one hand and waved it slightly in mid-air.


The entire space of the hall suddenly twisted and turned back and forth as if it had turned into the inside of the flowers mirror.

Under such circumstances, the students wearing Jielong uniforms did not even have time to react but were actually sucked into the distorted space one by one and disappeared.

By the time the space in the hall was restored to its original state, only Fan Xinglu and Houri were left on the scene.

“I’m so happy today.” Fan Xinglu, as if she had done something inconspicuous, turned around while waving at Houri.

“Come here, I’ll show you around this Oushinden, don’t accidentally get lost in the future.”

After saying that, Fan Xinglu left straight away.

Looking at Fan Xinglu that humming ditty, while lightly jumping on a jumping platform, gradually leaving, Houri was just speechless and sighed after a long while.

“Distorting space is like playing, is this fairy?”

With such a sigh, Houri followed Fan Xinglu’s side and left the hall.

The hall was once again returned to silence.

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