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Fan Xinglu said that she was going to take Houri for a walk in Oushinden so that he wouldn’t get lost.

This is not a casual statement.

Oushinden does have the ability to make people get lost.

In Oushinden, there are different kinds of spaces.

These spaces are not just rooms, but like other spaces that open up in various corners, even places that are not part of this world.

Moreover, these spaces are constantly distorted, and they are not places to walk around at all.

At least, under the leadership of Fan Xinglu, Houri has already walked a long distance in Oushinden, but the corridor under his feet still can not see the end, as if extending out indefinitely.

Houri looked around and saw the side of the room by side on the sides of the corridor.

The number of these rooms is obviously more than the size of Oushinden can accommodate.

When Houri heard that Fan Xinglu had held the disciple test, he followed the large group from outside to this Oushinden, so he also saw the appearance of Oushinden.

However, the size of the exterior of Oushinden was not proportional to the size of the space inside, giving the impression of entering another world where the interior is much larger than the exterior.

No one knows what kind of technology or ability was used to build such an incredible place.

However, the person who built Oushinden is the first generation of ‘Banyuu Tenra’.

Moreover, it is said that it took only one night to build this Oushinden alone.

The only person who is qualified to open the Oushinden gate is the person who inherited the title of ‘Banyuu Tenra’.

The first generation ‘Banyuu Tenra’ was a person in Asterisk’s infancy who brought the mana-sensing power universalization technology ‘seisenjutsu’ and is considered to be the founder of Jielong.

She built Oushinden, trained the trainer of seisenjutsu, laid the foundation for Jielong, and privately entered into many private contracts with the Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

When she left Jielong, the first generation named the ‘Oushinden gate opener’ as his successor and challenged many students to open the gate, but no successor emerged.

It was not until more than ten years later that the second generation ‘Banyuu Tenra’ opened the Oushinden gate, which only responds to a specific Prana, and left behind countless legends, and after graduating, served as a teacher and worked hard to nurture the next generation, known as the grandfather of Jielong Zhongxing.

When the second generation left Jielong, she and the first generation left the condition that the person who opens the Oushinden gate will inherit the name ‘Banyuu Tenra’.

Under such circumstances, Fan Xinglu appeared in this academy three years ago and opened the door of Oushinden as a matter of course, inherited the title of ‘Banyuu Tenra’, became the master of Oushinden, and became the strongest person in Jielong.

Such a young girl not only knew the structure of Oushinden well, but also had a demeanor and knowledge that did not match her age, and coupled with her strong martial arts skills, this caused rumors to spread that Fan Xinglu was an immortal who had lived for more than a thousand years.

Of course, Houri knew that it was a fact that the first and second generations were actually Fan Xinglu herself.

That’s why Fan Xinglu knew the structure of Oushinden like the back of her hand, and rightfully opened the door to Oushinden and inherited the name ‘Banyuu Tenra’.

“As my direct disciple, you have the right to enter and leave Oushinden at will, as long as you don’t go into rooms you don’t know, you won’t get into trouble, otherwise you might be exiled to the middle of nowhere.”

In the corridor of Oushinden, Fan Xinglu walks forward while addressing Houri with words like these that can scare people to death.

“I will not care what you do, I will only teach you martial arts, and if you can improve, then I will be very happy. As long as I can make you stronger, then I will teach you anything.”

This is not for others, but for herself.

Basically, Fan Xinglu is a person whose personality is quite self-centered, who takes her own mood as the principle of everything, and can throw away everything else, and is quite reckless, often acting on the principle of ‘fun’.

To paraphrase Fan Xinglu’s words.

“As long as you can satisfy me.”

With that, Fan Xinglu suddenly turned around and pushed open the door of a nearby room.

Houri was slightly stunned, then raised his head and looked in.

Behind the door of the room appeared a place that looked like a practice room.

After pushing open the door, Fan Xinglu walked into the room very naturally.

Seeing this, Houri subconsciously followed her in.

But at this moment, an accident happened.


As if the entire space suddenly collapsed, a terrifying gravity crushed Houri’s body. The blood in Houri’s body was pulsating, and he was suddenly pinned down with pain.

“Kuh…!” Houri suddenly squeezed out a muffled hum from his throat, raised his head with difficulty, and looked ahead.

There, Fan Xinglu seemed to feel nothing and stood there naturally, looking at Houri who was pinned to the ground, with a mischievous smile.

“How is it? The gravity of this Star room is enough to crush a rock?”

In other words, if it was not Genestellar, it would be crushed by the terrible gravity as soon as it entered the room.

“Of course, if ordinary people come in, it will not trigger any phenomenon.” Fan Xinglu in a childish voice, said. “This place will only work on Genestellar with Prana, except for those who can fully control the flow of Prana and control Prana freely, so that they can avoid triggering the gravity of Stars room.”

Hearing this, Houri instantly understood what Fan Xinglu meant.

“Yes, this is the place to exercise Prana’s control technique.” Fan Xinglu snorted and said directly. “You are indeed a good seedling, but the control of Prana is really too rough. Not to mention using it carefully, it’s not even possible to concentrate the flow, Prana is losing out all the time, wasting an unknown amount of power for nothing. I really wonder if you are a newborn baby.”

Hearing this, Houri smiled a little bitterly in his heart.

In fact, in Genestellar terms, Houri had just been born.

“There’s an effect on the flow of Prana, and only when you have control of Prana will the gravity decrease little by little,” Fan Xinglu said. “So, for the time being, you will stay here and exercise your own Prana.”

Leaving these words, Fan Xinglu left directly.

Houri was left with the amazing gravity and sighed softly.

“It seems that there will not even be time to rest.”

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