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Oushinden, the audience room.

This is where Fan Xinglu usually works.

As the student council president of Jielong, Fan Xinglu needs to deal with a lot of work. Although it is all mundane, Fan Xinglu is quite happy with it.

At this moment, in the audience room, there is already a person waiting there.

It was a student wearing a Jielong uniform.

The figure is slightly petite, has a soft and decent appearance and long hair, also looks quite pretty, looks like a cute girl.

However, this student is a man and was once called Qilin.

–Hufeng Zhao.

Alias ‘Tenka Musou’, Jielong Seventh Institute ranking Fifth place, is the third disciple of Fan Xinglu, short in stature, looks like a cute girl, but in fact has high strength.

In academy battle city, Zhao Hufeng is said to have the best speed in six academies.

Moreover, Fan Xinglu’s disciples are roughly divided into two factions.

One faction is the Wood faction that focuses on physical arts forging.

The other faction is the Water faction, which is centered on seisenjutsu.

Zhao Hufeng is the leader of the Wood faction. Among the disciples of Fan Xinglu, apart from the number one disciple, he is the strongest in physical skills and sometimes even replaces Fan Xinglu to guide the Wood faction disciples under Fan Xinglu’s tutelage.

Therefore, in Jielong, Zhao Hufeng in most cases is responsible for Fan Xinglu’s secretary work, has a serious attitude, and cares about Shifu’s willful self.

Under such circumstances, Zhao Hufeng quietly waited for Fan Xinglu’s arrival in the audience room.

After a short time, Fan Xinglu finally came late.


Zhao Hufeng immediately knelt down on one knee and performed the cupped fist salute to Fan Xinglu, full of Chinese style.

“Hufeng, have you come already?” Fan Xinglu said to Zhao Hufeng with an innocent smile. “Sorry sorry, I’m late.”

“I’ve heard about it.” Zhao Hufeng said in a respectful tone. “Shifu seems to have accepted another challenge from a student who wants to become a student, right?”

“That’s right.” Fan Xinglu nodded her head and said as a matter of course. “Today is the beginning of the school year, and there are a lot of new students in the first year, so there might be some good material in there, so when I thought of that, I couldn’t wait to start spreading the word for the new students to challenge me.”

“But it’s unlikely that any of the new students will succeed in the challenge, right?” Zhao Hufeng said. “Not many seniors have passed the challenge, so it’s too hard for a freshman to come up against Shifu.”

As Fan Xinglu’s number three disciple, and known as the fastest student in the six academies, Zhao Hufeng believes that if Fan Xinglu really gets serious, even he can’t touch.

Other than that, Fan Xinglu has a spell called Shukuchijutsu, which is able to distort space to a certain extent, so if she really exerts herself to the fullest, Zhao Hufeng will not be able to touch Fan Xinglu.

Because of this, Fan Xinglu had only about fifty disciples, which is pitifully small compared to the number of students in Jielong’s six academies, which are the largest in size.

However, there is no doubt that those who are able to become disciples of Fan Xinglu are rare geniuses, and all of them are brilliant after a certain amount of training.

In this regard, people who want to challenge Fan Xinglu have always been endless, but there are almost no people who can pass, only about fifty people have appeared in three years, which can be seen.

Therefore, Zhao Hufeng had already gotten used to the result of the challenge being a total failure.

However, after Zhao Hufeng said this, Fan Xinglu showed a pleasant smile.

“No, this time one person passed.”

“Someone passed?” Zhao Hufeng first froze, and then uttered in surprise. “In other words, did Shifu accept a new disciple?”

“Yes.” Fan Xinglu happily walked up to the throne-like chair in the audience room, jumped on it, sat down, and laughed happily. “That is a very peculiar material, trained well and it may be able to catch up with Xiaofei.”

“Wha…?!” Zhao Hufeng couldn’t help showing his surprise.

This couldn’t be.

This was Zhao Hufeng’s first thought.

There was no other reason, as Fan Xinglu’s disciple, Zhao Hufeng knew who the person Fan Xinglu mentioned really was.

–Wu Xiaofei.

Fan Xinglu’s number one disciple.

Jielong, the only one who can serve as Fan Xinglu’s practice opponent.

Even Zhao Hufeng does not think that he can beat this dashixiong now.

Of course, it is also impossible for others.

Except for Fan Xinglu, there is no one in Jielong who is a match for Wu Xiaofei.

“Able to catch up with dashixiong?” Zhao Hufeng hastily asked. “Is it a rare genius?”

Hearing this, Fan Xinglu shook her head directly and said. “No, that kid definitely can’t be called a genius.”

“Eh?” Zhao Hufeng was once again stunned.

“His qualifications are quite good, and his roots are not good. His talents, although can’t be said to be low, are quite mediocre. If he practices martial arts, even if he practices for ten or eight years, won’t be a match against you, let alone catch up with Xiaofei.”

“Then… Then how did Shifu take him as a disciple?” Zhao Hufeng was confused and then shook his head. “No, no, it’s more strange that someone with such qualifications could pass Shifu’s challenge?”

“That’s what’s strange.” Fan Xinglu said with great interest. “The Prana control technique is a mess, but the amount of Prana is also surprisingly thick. Especially his speed, which is quite outstanding, and is probably faster than you, Hufeng.”

“Faster than me?” Zhao Hufeng’s brow raised.

Fan Xinglu continued to speak incessantly. “More strange is that kid’s body technique, that seems to be some kind of very subtle assassination arts technique. That subtle body technique, as a rule a person with such qualifications should not be able to learn to be proficient, but he used it almost reach perfection, it’s almost like he was born to exist for this path.”

“If you learn martial arts, that kid probably will never get ahead in life.” Fan Xinglu concluded.

“But if it’s only about killing skills, he’s the outstanding genius.”

After only meeting for less than an hour, and without even a direct fight, Fan Xinglu was able to completely see-through Houri’s character.

“I’m really looking forward to it.” Fan Xinglu smiled happily.

“How far can this disciple of mine go?”

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