Illimitable Until Death v4c271

Oushinden, Star room.

In the center of this room, which is like a practice room, Houri is sitting on the floor with his eyes closed, as if he is in a state of meditation, with only his breathing rising and falling in rhythm.

A closer look at Houri’s body, starlight like a star fragment is slowly rising up, like particles of light hovering around Houri’s body, looking a little dreamy.

These starlights, sometimes gathered on the surface of Houri’s body, sometimes gathered between Houri’s hands, sometimes gathered in the soles of Houri’s feet, and sometimes flowed in Houri’s whole body, so that the exceptionally dazzling light like phosphorus fire illuminated the surrounding, very gorgeous.

Until a certain moment, these starlights began to converge back into Houri’s body, and finally completely concealed, never to be seen again.


With a long breath, Houri opened his eyes.

Feeling the slow flow of Prana inside his body, Houri smiled slightly.

“Finally, I am able to control it more or less skillfully.”

After that, ten days had passed.

During these days, Houri has been honing his control of Prana in the Star room.

The Star room is really a good place.

Although Fan Xinglu said it rather casually, Houri had already understood ten days ago that this place had an extraordinary effect on the training of Prana’s control technique.

Because, as long as the Prana control is not perfect, a little leakage, the gravity that works against the Prana will immediately come down and suppress the disorder.

In this way, it is like having a mentor watching over all the time, in the event of a mistake, it will remind, once the control is intact, it will be silent.

Like water, only in the open waterway can flow smoothly, if it is in the flat, it will only accumulate into puddles.

The role of the Star room is equivalent to helping Houri to open a water channel when Houri controls Prana, and tells Houri the correct way for the water named Prana to flow.

Not only that.

The gravity of the Star room is for Prana.

That is, the gravity is not actually suppressing Houri, but the Prana in his body.

The effect of exercising under heavy pressure is certainly surprising, as evidenced in a world where stars explode without moving.

Therefore, even though Houri’s time of getting Prana is still very short, he still managed to control Prana under the pressure of Star room.

At least, as Fan Xinglu said, he won’t be losing Prana all the time because of improper control.

“Now, should I try it?”

Houri thought so and immediately stood up.


With a slight vibration of the surrounding air, shard-like starlight reared up on Houri’s body, hovering like a blue spark.

Houri gathered Prana under his feet, and then, stepped forward.


The sound of wind rang out.

Houri’s figure flashed forward, so fast that it left a residual shadow in place.

The range of Star room was not very wide.

Therefore, Houri was charging at such an amazing speed, it would take barely a second to hit the wall.

However, at the moment when he was about to hit the wall, Houri’s body suddenly spun, spinning in the air like a gyro, and the bottom of his feet landed heavily on the wall and shot out like a sharp arrow with a ‘stomp’ sound.

At this moment, the whole Star room seemed to become a running field, whether it was the floor, the walls or the ceiling, all became Houri’s landing place, allowing Houri’s figure to flash back and forth.

Using the surrounding environment, Houri is able to do an extraordinary walk.

That is the footwork of Nanaya assassination arts.


It was only when such a loud sound was heard that Houri’s figure finally landed back on the ground, with an expression that was more or less overjoyed.

“Finally, I was able to use Prana to strengthen my speed.”

Although it is more difficult to strengthen speed with Prana than with attack and defense, Houri managed to control Prana with the help of Star room and managed to strengthen speed in turn.

“Prana in the defense is the easiest to strengthen. It can be done even if the control of Prana is rough, followed by the attack, and speed is the most difficult.”

“And my order is a little different, defense is still the easiest, followed by speed, and then in turn, attack.”

After all, Houri’s Nanaya assassination arts were already known for their unexpected body technique in particular, even being able to ignore inertia and stop at breakneck speed or accelerate to the limit at a standstill.

Prana’s enhancement of speed is mainly troublesome in areas that are not easy to control. But even if it is fast, Houri can use Nanaya assassination arts’ body technique to stop immediately and gradually get used to it with no effort at all.

“Okay, time to get out.”

Houri lifted his stride and walked in the direction of the door.

But, at that moment, a huge black shadow suddenly fell from mid-air, like a huge rock, descending from Houri’s head.


Houri’s footsteps suddenly paused and retreated without any hesitation.


The sound of impact resounded.

The huge black shadow landed heavily on the ground, stirring up dense sand and dust, making the whole Star room tremble slightly.

“What’s that?”

Houri leaped a few feet away, widening the distance. When he see the dark shadows in the dust, he couldn’t help but be stunned.


Under the sound of heavy footsteps, a giant came out of the sand and dust.

It was a giant with the appearance of a wooden carving.

The giant is at least four meters tall and has a very stout body. Although there are traces of wooden carvings on the body, it looks like a real giant, with an unusual sense of oppression.

Such a giant just came out of the sand and dust, looking at Houri, a pair of eyes clearly is artificial, but flashed a red light.

Immediately, the giant raised its fist high and blasted out in the direction of Houri.

The strong wind was instantly stirred up by the huge fist.

That force, even Genestellar, it is definitely not the level that can be taken head-on.

So, without any hesitation, Houri’s body flashed and disappeared in the spot.


Under the sound like an explosion, the giant’s fist fell heavily, shattering the ground.

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