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“Ohhhh, it’s starting.”

In the Oushinden audience room, Fan Xinglu looked at a screen suspended in mid-air and clapped her hands with great excitement.

On that screen, the battle in the Star room was being shown.

In the Star room, which is not particularly wide, the giant is waving its huge fist and blasting the ground all around, causing the ground to be shattered and the sand and dust to fly up everywhere, which is very powerful.

In the surroundings of the giant, Houri with fast and slow body technique flickering back and forth, extremely flexible to avoid the heavy fist, hovering around the giant’s body.

Watching this scene, Fan Xinglu smiled with great satisfaction. “Very good, Prana’s control has been fully mastered, and the body technique is as exquisite as before, but it won’t be that easy to defeat this opponent?”

Hearing Fan Xinglu, Zhao Hufeng at the side sighed and said.

“Shifu, since you are so clear, why did you take out the sage tool as a sparring exercise for xiao shidi? Xiao shidi does not even seem to carry Lux?”

In today’s world, the most common source of energy is either something else or mana.

After Invertia attacked the earth and brought mana, the study of mana and Invertia meteorite became the topic of the world.

This research is collectively known as meteor engineering.

Although there are still many unknowns about the operation of mana, the research of meteor engineering has made considerable progress and has been widely practiced by using the rare metals contained in the meteorite brought by Invertia.

Those rare metals are the Manadyte, a special ore produced after the crystallization of mana.

The part of Manadyte that possesses the highest purity is called Urm-Manadyte, which is very rare.

There is no doubt that both Manadyte and Urm-Manadyte, these special ores did not exist on Earth originally, but were excavated from meteorites that fell to Earth during the Invertia era.

These ores are now widely used as valuable resources in industrial products developed through meteor engineering.

Among them is the armament developed by using Manadyte as the core.

That is Lux.

Manadyte as the core, the mana is transformed to form an energy weapon.

This weapon can be materialized from the ‘shell’ called launcher by making the Manadyte remember the elemental mode.

By coalescing the surrounding mana, Lux can generate beam-like blades or bullets, the power of which can be adjusted.

Therefore, the real Lux for combat is more powerful than the solid weapons and now has been commonly used as the main weapon of Genestellar.

Of course, it is only the Lux that uses the Manadyte as its core.

Since the Manadyte has a very pure Urm-Manadyte in it, the Lux that uses the Urm-Manadyte as its core also exists.
However, this armament is no longer just Lux but is called Orga Lux.

And Orga Lux not only has the amount of energy that ordinary Lux can not compete with but also all have a special ability.

However, Orga Lux is extremely difficult to use, and the power that can be triggered by different users varies greatly.

It is said that Orga Lux itself also has something similar to consciousness, will choose their own users.

If not chosen by Orga Lux, even the most powerful people can not use this weapon.

However, within the Jielong, there exists another kind of apparatus.

That is the sage tool that Zhao Hufeng has spoken of.

“I know, the generations of ‘Banyuu Tenra’ are good at pyrotechnics, know how to build all kinds of martial arts weapon, this kind of martial arts tool is the so-called sage tool.”

Zhao Hufeng glanced at the space window suspended in mid-air, with a very certain tone, said. “That giant is the sage tool of Shifu refining, right?”

“Who knows?” Fan Xinglu like feign ignorance changed the subject. “I just happened to be looking at the progress of my disciples, but didn’t do so many strange things?”

“Not at all convincing.” Zhao Hufeng said nonchalantly. “That was definitely Shifu’s doing.”

“… You are really blunt.” Fan Xinglu whispered this but also said without concern. “It’s nothing, I just want to see the specific strength of that boy, this is also a part of the training, haven’t you experienced a similar training?”

“It’s because of this that I want to say a few words.” Zhao Hufeng sighed again and then said. “But that sage tool seems to be quite powerful, would xiao shidi be okay?”

“It’s okay, it’s okay… ohh!”

Fan Xinglu first replied carelessly, and then she made a surprised sound.

Zhao Hufeng also saw the battle in the space window.

There, the battle situation changed abruptly.


Under explosive heavy sound, the giant’s fist once again landed on the ground, shattering the ground, raising sand and dust, so that the strong shock wave shocked in the surrounding area, the power of the attack is unusually amazing.

“Even with Prana’s defense, being hit by a punch like that wouldn’t be okay, would it?”

Houri dodged the terrifying blow with a wind-like body technique, and then dashed forward to the giant’s body and unleashed a fierce kick to the giant’s chest.


The strong and powerful kick landed on the giant’s chest, causing the giant like being struck by lightning and retreat several steps with heavy footsteps.

But other than that, the giant was not affected in any way.

“That’s tough.” Houri couldn’t help but whisper.

The same scene had happened quite a few times.

The giant in front of him was not only incredibly powerful in attack, but the body was also harder than normal and could withstand Houri’s kick without any difficulty.

“No other choice.”

Houri jumped and took a step back, standing still.


With the sound of strong wind, the giant stepped forward again and delivered a terrifying blow.

But Houri did not dodge this time.

Looking at the huge fist that came at him, Houri’s eyes turned into ice blue mystic eyes.

Then, the sharp dagger fell into his palm.

In the next second, blade light burst forth.


A tearing sound like cutting the human body rang out.

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