Illimitable Until Death v4c273

In that moment, a light shone from the entire Star room.

Under the fist that carried the powerful wind of violence, Houri suddenly swung his blade with great speed.

The blade light just lit up in the space.

Like a moon arc, the blade swept through the giant’s body, passed in front of the giant’s body, and then scurried out of the giant’s back, as if the giant had been divided into two halves, fiercely crossed.


The strong wind carried by the thick fist hit Houri’s body, causing the bangs in front of Houri’s forehead to fly up.

But that heavy fist, when it reached Houri’s face, suddenly stopped without any warning.

The giant’s body solidified as if frozen in place.

Houri is maintaining the posture of swinging his sword, standing in front of the giant’s fist.

Time stopped just like that.

Houri’s pair of eyes, ice blue mystic eyes quietly disappeared.

It wasn’t until after a while that time resumed so that there was movement in the Star room.

Only, it was the giant that moved.


Under a very crisp sound, the giant’s body broke off, like a mirror that was neatly cut open, the lower part still standing in place, the upper part was sliding down and landed heavily on the ground.


With a heavy sound, a blast of sand and dust was agitated under the giant’s upper body, mixed with the impact, expanding in all directions.

Before that, Houri had already jumped away from the spot, avoiding the falling giant’s upper body and the incoming impact wind, and landed in the corner of Star room.

“That should be the end of it?”

Houri let out a sigh of relief.

But at that moment, the entire Star room space suddenly distorted.

The distortion was only for a moment.

However, after the distortion was over, two figures appeared in front of the giant that was broken into two pieces.
It was Fan Xinglu and Zhao Hufeng.

However, these two people behaved completely differently.

Zhao Hufeng was looking at the broken giant as if he did not want to believe the facts in front of him, a look of disbelief.

Fan Xinglu, on the other hand, was staring intently at Houri, with an unprecedented sparkle in her eyes.

The air around Houri seemed to be heavy with Fan Xinglu’s stare, making it difficult for him to breathe.

However, Houri also understood.

This sudden appearance of the giant was a sparring session arranged by Fan Xinglu for himself.

Without waiting for Houri to speak, Fan Xinglu said.

“Did you just use some strange spell?”

The voice was still as cute and innocent as ever.

However, in this moment, Fan Xinglu’s voice was full of joy.

It was the emotion generated by the reignited old passion.

Obviously, Houri’s performance just now completely aroused Fan Xinglu’s heart’s desire for fighting.

In other words, Houri aroused Fan Xinglu’s battle intent.

In such a situation, Fan Xinglu’s eyes, which were fixed on Houri’s, shone with a brilliant light, as if they could penetrate the human body, and were firmly fixed on Houri’s body.

Facing such a Fan Xinglu, anyone would feel the pressure, right?

However, Houri is just the opposite.

The more dangerous the situation is, the more Houri will remain calm.

Because, the more dangerous it is, the closer Houri is to death.

Unfortunately, that is the factor that Houri is least afraid of.

So, Houri ignored Fan Xinglu’s reignited old passion-filled gaze and replied.

“I’m not using any peculiar method.”

The first person to react to Houri’s statement was not Fan Xinglu, but Zhao Hufeng.

“Liar!” Zhao Hufeng said with a bit of emotion. “Without using any peculiar method, there is no way you can split Shifu refined sage tool in half with a dagger!”

How could Fan Xinglu refining’s sage tool be destroyed so easily?

At least, Zhao Hufeng believes that even if he is on the field and played at full strength, he could only slowly grind the giant to death, and it is impossible to kill it in one blow.

In Jielong, except for Fan Xinglu, only Wu Xiaofei has the ability to defeat the giant in one blow.

Can Houri be better than Wu Xiaofei?

The answer is naturally negative.

“Indeed, your speed is amazing and your body technique is superb.” Zhao Hufeng said. “But your attack was not enough to defeat Shifu’s sage tool in one hit. You must have used some spell.”

Hearing this, Houri smiled a little, said unconcernedly. ” Shixiong, you are wrong, I really did not use any spells, just my eyes are a little special.”

“Special eyes?” Zhao Hufeng was stunned.

“Oh?” Fan Xinglu’s eyes, on the other hand, lit up and said. “Do you have any special eyes technique?”

In this world, there are occasionally people with special eyesight.

Some are able to see through the scenes from a distance.

Some are able to see through the heart of a person.

Some are able to see the flow of mana within an object.

Some are able to see the subtle changes in human muscles and even the movement of organisms at the cellular level.

It is said that this is the same talent that began to appear in the world one after another under the influence of mana.

Some of them are born, some can be awakened later, but there is no doubt that they are all very special.

Therefore, Houri did not hide anything and answered truthfully. “Yes, my eyes can see through the weakness of everything and ignore the defense, directly attacking the weakness and knocking the opponent down compulsively.”

“See through the weaknesses of everything?” The light in Fan Xinglu’s eyes grew stronger and stronger, followed by a happy smile, said.

“No, not something so simple. You see more than just the weaknesses of everything, but the cause of death of everything, ignoring not the defense, but the process. As long as you can hit it, then you can lead the opponent unconditionally to death, as the so-called mystic eyes that look directly to death. Interesting, too interesting!”

Fan Xinglu’s words made Houri couldn’t help but be startled a little.

He didn’t expect that Fan Xinglu would see through the mystic eyes of death perception to such an extent with just this level of hint?

It is worthy of the fairy who has lived for thousands of years, like Sherlock that almost precognitive reasoning, this is an example of relying on extraordinary eyesight, terrible experience and amazing martial arts attainment to successfully see through things.

However, on the other side, Zhao Hufeng only felt a chill down his spine.

“Shifu!” Zhao Hufeng’s face was tense, and his eyes had changed as he looked at Houri.

“This person is just too dangerous!”

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