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As Zhao Hufeng’s words came out, the surrounding atmosphere quietly changed.

The burning heat in Fan Xinglu’s eyes began to fade little by little as if she knew what Zhao Hufeng wanted to say and said knowingly. “Why do you say that?”

“Shifu, don’t you understand?” Zhao Hufeng gritted his teeth and said in a low voice. “This person not only has the mystic eyes that can directly see death, is proficient in killing technique, clearly has very high qualifications in other aspects, but he has been strengthened in this area. It’s almost… like…”

It’s almost like he was born to kill people.

Thinking of this, Zhao Hufeng’s heart could not help but rise up a chill, looking to Houri’s eyes like looking at some dangerous person, said. “The reason why we practice martial arts, that is to strengthen our bodies and strive for advancement, not to inflict violence on others, but his talent is destined to hurt others.”

“So, Shifu, please allow me to make a bold request.” Zhao Hufeng half-kneeled on the ground, cupped fist toward Fan Xinglu and said resolutely. “Please Shifu take back the proposal of accepting him as a disciple, absolutely cannot let such a dangerous person grow.”

As soon as his words fell, the atmosphere of the entire Star room became extremely heavy and tense.

Fan Xinglu did not say anything but seemed to be considering something, with a smile of deep meaning on her face.

Houri also did not say anything, but in his heart, he did not feel any dissatisfaction with Zhao Hufeng’s words.

Because Zhao Hufeng has no reason to target Houri.

This martial artist is purely carrying out his will with integrity in his heart.

A martial artist should not practice martial arts in order to inflict violence but to strengthen the body and strive for advancement.

With such a will, Zhao Hufeng naturally could not ignore the danger of Houri.

After all, Zhao Hufeng is right, Houri is clearly qualified, yet he has such mystic eyes and terrifying assassination arts skills that he is indeed like a demon who exists to kill.

It is impossible for such a person not to be dangerous.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Houri is willing to be judged.

At that moment, Houri said to Zhao Hufeng. “This shixiong, I’m sorry, I can’t agree with your point of view.”

“… I don’t need your approval.” Zhao Hufeng did not look up but simply said. “I only need Shifu’s approval.”

“If that’s the case, then it’s even more impossible for people to approve.” Houri looked at Zhao Hufeng, suddenly smiled, and said. “Because shixiong should be clearer than me. Compared to me, Shifu is in fact the most dangerous person, right?”

“What are you saying?” Zhao Hufeng finally raised his head and stared at Houri.

“Oh?” Fan Xinglu seemed to have not expected Houri to say that and showed an interesting expression.

In response, Houri simply said.

“Shixiong, you can’t possibly not know that the reason why Shifu will accept disciples in Jielong and teach martial arts to those who are gifted and talented is to develop opponents who can fight with her and satisfy her own desires, so she constantly searching for available talents.”

“This practice, to put it nicely, is called magnanimity, but to put it bluntly, isn’t it like raising livestock and then eating it when it’s fattened up?”

“You…!” Zhao Hufeng stood up violently, but his face changed dramatically.

Because, as Fan Xinglu’s number three disciple, Zhao Hufeng couldn’t understand it better.

Fan Xinglu was indeed dangerous.

If it was to satisfy herself, even if it would make the sky fall down, this fairy would not hesitate to do it.

Even Houri, who was just starting out, had experienced more than once the terrifying look of Fan Xinglu as if she was staring at her prey, not to mention Zhao Hufeng.

So, Houri is right.

Compared with the degree of danger, Fan Xinglu is definitely only stronger than weak.

As long as the opponent is worth a fight, no matter what kind of person it is, Fan Xinglu will find a way to fight with it.

And with Fan Xinglu’s strength, it wouldn’t surprising if she would break the blooming buds.

“I didn’t expect that you would dare to say such words in front of me.”

Fan Xinglu couldn’t help but laugh out loud, but there was no hint of reproach in her tone, instead, she looked somewhat appreciative.

Then, Fan Xinglu’s eyes became dangerous.

“That’s right, I’m not a compassionate martial artist. All I do is to fight with the strong, that’s why I teach you martial arts. I don’t care about anything else, whether he’s a dangerous person or not, as long as he can become strong enough to fight me, then I definitely won’t begrudge taking him as a disciple.”

It is because of this that Fan Xinglu’s disciples are divided into Wood faction and Water faction, and they are incompatible with each other, always fighting.

In this regard, Fan Xinglu, the Shifu, did not care at all and just let them be.

Therefore, the only obligation to be a disciple of Fan Xinglu is to become stronger.

Other than that, nothing is needed, absolutely free.

“Shifu…” Zhao Hufeng opened his mouth, but he didn’t know what to say.

On the contrary, Houri, glancing at Zhao Hufeng, said. “Besides, shixiong, people like you who practice martial arts are indeed upright and will not inflict violence on the weak, but it is a fact that you have the power, and you can hurt others as well if you want.”

“I… I won’t do that!” Zhao Hufeng retorted loudly.

“That’s right, shixiong you wouldn’t do that,” Houri said with a faint smile. “So, how are you sure that I would do that?”

Zhao Hufeng was immediately stunned.

“It’s not wrong to have power. How to use it is the key.” Houri looked straight at Zhao Hufeng and said calmly. “I don’t hate killing people, but that doesn’t mean I like it either.”

Zhao Hufeng was left speechless.

“Nothing more to say, Hufeng?” Fan Xinglu laughed cheerfully. “This bit of reasoning, since even your xiao shidi understands, as shixiong, if you are still so rigid, then you can really be a bit out of shape.”

“… I know, Shifu, it’s true that I’m too narrow-minded.” Zhao Hufeng saying this, turned around and said to Houri cupped fist. “Really rude of me, xiao shidi, I just offended you, please forgive me.”

“Shixiong is too serious.” Houri shrugged his shoulders and laughed meaningfully. “I also said that I don’t like killing people, but I don’t hate it either?”

With one sentence, Zhao Hufeng fell into silence once again.

“It seems that shixiongdi quarrel ends here.”

Fan Xinglu seems to be fully satisfied, a look of contentment.

“I thought I had just found a prodigy, but I did not expect such a surprise.”

“It is because of this that this era is so interesting.”

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