Illimitable Until Death v4c275

In the following period of time, Houri no longer stayed in the Star room, but under the arrangement of Fan Xinglu, undertook a period of severe training.

“Although you are proficient in assassination arts, your use of the body is not so good. The way of exerting force is not perfect, the link of movement is not smooth enough. It’s obvious that no one has taught you, your combat technique should be self-taught.”

To this end, Fan Xinglu has prepared two sage tools for Houri.

As before, it’s still a giant.

But this time, Fan Xinglu forbade Houri to use death perception mystic eyes, and could only use his own techniques to deal with the two sage tools.

After the battle, Houri realized that the two sage tools could not be defeated by any means, but only by using a fixed force to attack, which can cause a blow to the sage tool.

Moreover, the value of the force that can cause a blow is still changing with the passage of time.

This caused Houri to constantly observe the giant’s movements, then control his own power in the battle, change the force at any time, plus also have to dodge the giant’s attack, the use of the body and the fluidity of movement was refined little by little.

This is Houri’s morning training.

“You are extremely qualified in martial arts, in seisenjutsu also do not have the right talent, so I will not teach you martial arts and seisenjutsu. You will use your strengths and continue to exercise the skills of killing techniques. This is your only talent, abandoning it would be too stupid.”

To this end, Fan Xinglu gave Houri a scroll.

In that scroll, there are many subtle combat techniques for the purpose of killing, as well as the essence of various killing techniques.

This is not a strange thing.

Although in today’s world, people advocate human rights and do not advocate learning techniques aimed at killing people, it does not mean that these techniques do not exist.

Like the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, which also secretly trains combat groups responsible for dirty and dark work, the techniques these people learn are naturally combat-oriented techniques.

Not to mention, in the old days, the purpose of martial arts was not so pure.

So as a fairy who has lived for thousands of years, Fan Xinglu is also proficient in a variety of lethal combat techniques, there is no need to worry about not being taught.

Houri’s lunchtime training is to familiarize, use and improve the content of the scroll, to supplement his lack of knowledge.

“Of course, just by training is absolutely not enough. You can only become strong through actual combat. Depending on your situation, I will give you an opponent. No need to hold back, just kill the target.”

To this end, Fan Xinglu would send Houri to one of the rooms in Oushinden almost every day.

Each time Houri enters this room, he is transported to a different place, where he meets a terrible opponent and fights to the death.

These opponents, some are terrible beasts living in the deep forest, some are vicious criminals imprisoned in unknown places, some are terrorists active in the battlefield, some are a powerful sage tool that sleeps in Oushinden, everything, so Houri almost every day hovering between life and death with a real possibility of direct death if he’s careless.

What’s more, this is for training, not for defeating opponents. Fan Xinglu still strictly forbids Houri to use death perception mystic eyes, so Houri is under great pressure to fight.

However, Houri also understands that it is this pressure that motivates people to gain experience and refinement in actual combat, so he has always put himself into it with a level of ruthlessness that makes Fan Xinglu all surprised and appalled.

This was Houri’s afternoon training.

“Originally, in the practice, the most indispensable is to improve the physical quality. In addition to the technique, the physical ability must also be refined. But your physique seems to be very special, not by exercise can be improved. In this case, it’s better for you to temper Prana improve the use of Prana.”

For this reason, the Star room was completely transformed into Houri’s personal room.

Houri simply moved one of his own beds into the Star room, and according to the teachings of Fan Xinglu, he adjusted his breathing while sleeping, so that his body could unconsciously remember the rhythm of his breathing even while he was sleeping.

According to Fan Xinglu, this practice has the same effect as contemplation and meditation, making the flow of Prana in the body smoother and more comfortable, somewhat similar to the Eastern internal gong.

However, Fan Xinglu is an immortal of Eastern origin, which is not surprising at all.

Of course, this training is much more difficult than Houri’s amazing talent for killing skills, which he was born with due to his special nature.

The good thing is that Houri comes from the same country as Fan Xinglu, and in his previous life, he had been exposed to this concept. Coupled with the assistance of the Star room, Houri can adjust the flow of Prana at all times, and thus adjust his breathing, so his progress is also considerable.

In this way, Houri’s days in Jielong were spent in the midst of a full training program in which he was asked by Fan Xinglu to chop wood, collect water and cook rice, all on his own.

It took a whole month.

Oushinden, Tortoise room.

This is a vast and dimly lit room.

Countless stone pillars are erected in the room.

The ceiling is unusually high.

The floor seems to have been trampled countless times and trampled extremely hard.

The deep room could not be seen, only the lights attached to the stone pillars illuminated the dim corner.

This is one of Fan Xinglu’s favorite workout rooms.

And in this room, there were two figures engaged in a fierce battle.

One is Houri.

The other one is Zhao Hufeng.

At this moment, the two speed-type Genestellar were fighting with a body technique like the staggering of auroras, causing residual shadows to flash in almost every corner of the room.


With a shout, Zhao Hufeng charged forward like the wind and attacked Houri.

Punches, kicks, elbows, and palm strikes.

Zhao Hufeng almost used his martial arts to the fullest extent, making a storm of attacks enveloping Houri, each blow having the power to make the air tremble.

In the face of this stormy attack, Houri calmly meet the attack and took Zhao Hufeng’s attacks one by one.

Bang Bang Bang–!

The muffled hit sound resounded incessantly in this space.

Houri and Zhao Hufeng kept their high-speed combos and speeds in this way, and each attack caused the wind to shake and the dust to fly.

Next to them, Fan Xinglu has been quietly watching, the innocent smile on her face has not stopped.

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