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Now, Houri has more or less understood the level of strength of this world.

There is no doubt that in terms of combat power alone, this world is much higher than the world Houri has experienced before.

After all, in this world there are existences called Genestellar, each one is born superhuman.

Taking Houri as an example, when transferring to Genestellar, all attributes have been improved by a full 20 points. In terms of comprehensive attributes, with 20 points for every four attributes, that is a full 80 points.

And the limit of Tier 5 comprehensive attributes is 100 points.

In other words, the comprehensive attributes of each Genestellar are almost close to the Tier 5 limit.

This still refers to Genestellar.

If it’s those Genestellar who have trained themselves from small and are gifted, then it’s not at all strange to reach the Tier 5 limit, or even the Tier 4.

Therefore, after more than a month of life, Houri has roughly understood the strength of Genestellar in this world.

In the academic battle city, of the six great academies, the Genestellar that can be listed on Page One is all the existence of Tier 4.

Jielong Seventh Institute, which is the largest and exceptionally militaristic, has much high-end combat power under the guidance of Fan Xinglu, even those students in the top 30 are Tier 4.

It is conceivable how powerful Hufeng Zhao, who stood out among these students and was ranked in fifth place on Page One, is.

What’s more, Zhao Hufeng is also proficient in martial arts and is a master of physical arts, not just rank.

In such a case, Houri is nothing more than Tier 5 and will of course be suppressed.

However, Houri also has his own advantages.

“Unlike the main character, in addition to its own attributes, MainGod envoy has skills, equipment, titles, and profession bonuses.”

Therefore, in the MainGod space, the MainGod envoy of the same level is generally much more powerful than the story character.

Even those MainGod envoys who are standing at the limit of the level, if the skills, equipment, titles and professions are better, the power will never be weaker than the story character that is higher than their own level.

If not, then MainGod space’s Promotion Mission would not require MainGod envoy to defeat an opponent one level higher than themselves, much less require MainGod envoy to perform a Transcript Mission of a higher difficulty.

Unfortunately, Houri belongs to MainGod envoy, which is particularly prominent in this part.

In view of this, Houri will not be weaker than Zhao Hufeng in terms of physical ability alone, and even more so in terms of speed, and Prana will not be weaker than Zhao Hufeng in terms of hardware.

“In that case, that only leaves the technical gap.”

So, is Houri’s technique weaker than Zhao Hufeng’s?

Perhaps, a month ago, that was a little hard to say.

But after a month of training, with Houri’s talent of being able to understand the Nanaya assassination arts through self-learning, and specializing in killing technique training, what level would it reach?

Of course, definitely not weaker than Zhao Hufeng.


“It’s not the first time I’ve fought Tier 4 opponents!”

As soon as the words came down, Houri jerked his body and retreated. But during his retreat, his body suddenly stalled without any warning, with a step, he rushed to Zhao Hufeng’s direction.

“Flash Step Six Fishes!”

Houri suddenly spun around in mid-air and unleashed a meteor-like upper kick in the direction of Zhao Hufeng.

With a muffled hit sound, Houri’s upper kick landed on Zhao Hufeng’s temporarily erected arm, creating a strong wind that disturbed the atmosphere around him.

Zhao Hufeng had clearly focused his Prana on defense, making Houri’s kick feel like it was on a piece of steel, heavy and hard.

However, the blow still managed to throw Zhao Hufeng into mid-air.

In such a situation, as soon as Houri’s sole landed on the ground, he immediately turned into a phantom and during a flash, he scurried behind Zhao Hufeng who was flying into the air.

“Flash Step Six Rabbits!”

This time it was a meteorite-like dropkick.

The downward kick with its incredible power created a strong wind that surrounded the bottom of Houri’s feet, like a mountain peak, and kicked away heavily.


Zhao Hufeng’s face changed and he shouted.


A powerful Prana erupted in Zhao Hufeng’s body at once.

Under the envelope of the starlight like star fragments, Zhao Hufeng’s explosive power increased greatly and he spun around, like Houri just now, meeting the attack, turning defense into attack with a roundhouse kick, carrying a strong wind, and kicked up against the downward kick that came down from the sky without showing any weakness.


With a thunderous sound, a blast of strong wind expanded from mid-air and swept through the entire exercise room.

The powerful kicks collided with each other, causing Houri’s body to hang in mid-air, while Zhao Hufeng shot backward from mid-air like a bullet, and only managed to adjust his body when he was about to hit the ground, landing on the ground with a backflip.

At the same time, Houri also fell from mid-air and stood firmly on the ground.

Just in time, it formed a confrontation with Zhao Hufeng.


Fan Xinglu clapped her hands while laughing happily just as the two were about to resume their stance. “This is the end of the sparring session, thank you both for your hard work.”

Hearing this, Houri and Zhao Hufeng looked at each other, and then cupped fist and saluted at the same time.

“Thank you for your guidance.”

After the salute, Zhao Hufeng gave another salute to Fan Xinglu and said. “Then, Shifu, if there is nothing else, I will go to work first.”

“Go ahead.” Fan Xinglu waved her hand without care.

Zhao Hufeng slightly cupped his fist and then left.

Houri stood still, with a somewhat helpless expression.

Because, before Zhao Hufeng left, his expression was obviously not very relieved.

Before Houri came to Jielong, Zhao Hufeng was known as the fastest student in the six academies.

But just now, Houri’s speed was clearly a step ahead of Zhao Hufeng’s.

This seems to make Zhao Hufeng somewhat uncomfortable.

“It seems like that kid really wants to win against you.” Fan Xinglu seemed to have seen through the whole situation but just smiled like schadenfreude. “What are you going to do? I wouldn’t mind if you two really fought?”

Hearing this, Houri ignored Fan Xinglu’s schadenfreude, but rubbed his chin, pondered for a moment, and then said. “Shifu, can I take a day off tomorrow?”

“Oh?” Fan Xinglu immediately craned forward and asked with great interest. “What are you going to do?”

“Nothing much.” Houri gave a meaningful smile.

“I just want to invite Zhao Shixiong to a concert.”

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