Illimitable Until Death v4c277

The city district of Academy Battle City Asterisk is mainly divided into the outer residential district and the central district.

As the name implies, the residential district is where the citizens of the city live, with residents’ mansions forming a strip of the residential district, and the main means of transportation is the light rail trolley, which connects the edge part of the harbor area and the residential area, and even the six great academies.

The central district is designed with the subway as the main means of transportation, seemingly to prevent students from sudden duels that would affect traffic.

The central district is further divided into commercial and administrative districts, where a stage is scattered.

These stages were originally designed to provide a place for students to duel, but in a sudden encounter and duel on the street, students naturally do not have any emotion to go to the stage for a duel, and it can be done anytime and anywhere.

In view of this, the main means of transportation in the central district is still the subway, and usually even vehicles are not driven casually in this area to avoid being involved in sudden dueling and causing disasters.

Under such circumstances, the streets of the central district are basically pedestrianized, and it is very difficult to see the appearance of vehicles.

Of course, difficult does not mean that it does not exist.

Today happens to be a holiday, so the usual sparse vehicles inevitably become a little more today.

Only, compared to the vehicles, the flow of people here is undoubtedly denser.

Moreover, in one of the streets, the density of the flow of people even to the point where it can be called a sea of people.

They were all holding glow sticks and products related to the stars in their hands and were talking happily while heading towards a dome-shaped stage.

This is because a concert is being held there.

In other words, all the people here were planning to go to the concert to gather on this scale.

In the midst of such a crowd, Houri just happened to be inside.

Beside him, there was another person.

It was Zhao Hufeng.

“… What the hell is going on?”

In the crowd, Zhao Hufeng frowned and looked at Houri, who was walking leisurely next to him, with confusion and disbelief. “Why did you suddenly invite me to come to the concert with you?”

“Is it strange?” Houri said naturally while walking leisurely. “I’ve only been in the city for a short time and I’ve wanted to visit this place for a long time, but I’ve been practicing for a long time, so today is a rare opportunity and there’s a concert nearby, wouldn’t it be a pity not to come?”

“In other words, you want me to show you the way?” Zhao Hufeng’s frown grew deeper and deeper, and his tone became somewhat dissatisfied, saying. “I am very busy, not only responsible for Shifu’s secretary work but also have to lead Wood faction’s fist-fighter to practice, you actually called me out to be your guide, you have no respect for shixiong.”

“Is that so?” Houri looked at Zhao Hufeng with a faint smile and then said with a stifled laugh. “But you seem to be happy.”

Taking a closer look, although Zhao Hufeng is still wearing Jielong’s uniform, which looks a bit out of place with the surrounding crowd, he also holds two light sticks in his hand.

In response, Zhao Hufeng stuttered with an embarrassed blush on his face. “B-but this is Sylvia’s concert! It would be too rude not to go!”

Hearing this, Houri couldn’t help but raised his head and looked at the huge space window hovering above the giant egg-shaped stage in front of him.

On it, there was an oversized poster.

On the poster was a shoujo.

A shoujo dressed in an academy uniform.

That is the uniform of Queenvail Girls Academy.

The shoujo is a student at Queenvail Girls Academy.

–Sylvia Lyyneheym.

Queenvail Girls Academy’s student council president ranked first place in the sequence, known as the world’s most famous diva and Strega, is both a student and an icon in her own right.

This is not so strange.

Queenvail Girls Academy is an academy, but the academy itself only admits female students with good looks, plus the operating parent is the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, which has been running an acting business.

For the students in this academy, the academy itself is equivalent to a stage, and if they perform well, it is a common thing to be discovered by the academy’s scouts and debut as an idol.

Sylvia Lyyneheym is one of the best of these people, not only the first place in the sequence ranking but also a world-class idol, known for her dreamy voice, stunning beauty and powerful strength, known as ‘Sigrdrifa’.

There is no idol in the world more famous than Sylvia, and there is no idol more popular than Sylvia.

In terms of a star, this Strega is undoubtedly the number one in the world today.

Therefore, it is not even necessary to think about how many fans this idol has.

As it happens, Hufeng Zhao is a fan of Sylvia.

It was because he knew about this that Houri invited Zhao Hufeng to come to Sylvia’s concert with him.

As for the reason for doing so, it is also very simple.

“I also like the ‘Sigrdrifa’ song,” Houri said with great frankness. “Now that I have the opportunity to listen to it once, of course I have to seize it. It just so happened that shixiong is a fan of Miss Sylvia, and I got two tickets to the concert, so you can just come along.”

Although Houri is always training in Jielong, as a pastime, Houri still uses his phone to browse various interesting web pages during his breaks.

Not long ago, Houri stumbled upon the news that Sylvia Lyyneheym was planning to hold a concert in Academy Battle City, so he bought two tickets for the concert.

Moreover, Fan Xinglu’s money was used.

At that time, Fan Xinglu was very surprised to learn about this and seemed to not expect that Houri, who was keen on training, would suddenly buy tickets for the concert, but then paid for it because she found it interesting.

Otherwise, Houri really can’t afford to buy concert tickets.

“Of course, I also hold some small ideas for inviting shixiong.” Houri smiled slightly and said. “I don’t want shixiong to hold a grudge because of what happened during the sparring session.”

“I’m not that small-minded!” Zhao Hufeng immediately retorted but followed up by saying provocatively. “However, I do want to win against you in a dignified manner.”

“If you have the chance.” Houri smiled.

It must be said that the atmosphere between Houri and Zhao Hufeng had finally eased up a bit, and was not as tense as before.

In this way, the two entered the concert venue with the crowd.

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