Illimitable Until Death v4c278

“That upright Zhao shixiong actually has such a side…”

As his words fell, the light of the entire venue suddenly dimmed.

On the stage in front, a shoujo slowly appeared as the elevator rose.

In this instant, all the light seemed to converge on the body of that one shoujo, causing the listeners in the entire concert to cheer loudly.

The bright purple long hair was as gorgeous as the dawn sky.

The breathtakingly pretty face is as beautiful as a celestial fairy.

The overwhelming presence is bright and gorgeous.

That is the highest diva, the top idol, that everyone knows in the whole Asterisk and even in the whole world.

“Sylvia Lyyneheym…”

Under Houri’s whispering voice, on the stage, the shoujo named Sylvia smiled perfectly at the whole listeners and opened her arms wide as if she was stretching her wings.

The lights became dazzling.

The next second, shoujo lightly opened her red lips, causing her singing voice to burst into song.

“– In my eye and in my way–“

“– In the sky so far away–“

“– Are you hiding in the grey–“

“– I am on my way to find you–“

“– In the shadow where you lay–“

“– In the darkness I’ll be praying–“

“– One by one–“

“– In a lonely lullaby–“

“– Dancing like a lonely feather–“

“– In the windy weather–“

“– Looking for a beacon and some clarity–“

“– Long to fly again together–“

“– And I wonder whether–“

“– We will ever find our melody–“

“– Over mountain and below the stars–“

“– Light my way so I know where you are–“

“– And find me–“

“– Anywhere and anytime I sing my song for you–“

“– My tomorrow my today–“

“– It is time for you to find your way–“

The song was soft and beautiful.

It was like intoxicating alcohol.

It was like a sinking spell.

All the listeners seemed to be enchanted, and all of them closed their eyes subconsciously as if entering a beautiful dream, with an intoxicated expression on their faces.

Even Zhao Hufeng, this moment seems to have turned into a handless mortal, with closed eyes and a happy smile.

Only Houri, looking at the beautiful shoujo singing on the stage, had his heart melted, i.e. peaceful and comforting.

As a Strega, Sylvia naturally possesses an ability.


That is the ability to use the song as a medium, through singing to transform impressions into various things.

As long as Prana is enough and she can sing, Sylvia can use any kind of abilities in her impressions, with the exception of healing.

Of course, the ability of mind type is also included in the list.

Therefore, when Sylvia gained huge popularity right after her debut, some of the malicious slanderers were saying that Sylvia was using her mind-type ability to control the listener’s mind, and that’s why she was so popular.

However, Houri can say with certainty.

“This song is definitely the real deal…”

The name of the world’s top diva is true to its name.

Looking at the beautiful shoujo singing on the stage, Houri smiled slightly and finally closed his eyes to enjoy the beautiful song.

The time passed by just like that.

The concert lasted until late afternoon before the end was announced.

Inside the dome-type venue, a huge crowd of people came back out from inside, each with a satisfied and uplifting expression, talking about the concert just now.

“Miss Sylvia’s song is really beautiful…”

Zhao Hufeng was also walking with a satisfied look on his face, holding a pile of Sylvia’s peripherals products that he had just bought in his hands, not looking like the martial artist he usually is.

But Houri also more or less understands Zhao Hufeng’s feelings, said with a smile. “I finally understand why that diva is so popular, let’s come together next time, Zhao Shixiong.”

“No problem.” Zhao Hufeng seemed to have completely forgotten the competition between him and Houri and showed a smile that made people feel close to him.

Unfortunately, after a while, Houri would not think so anymore.

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