Illimitable Until Death v4c279

The sky has gradually begun to darken.

On the street, street lights started to light up.

Among the buildings, the lights are beginning to shine.

In this day and age, the night has long been conquered by human, so that the darkness of the metropolis are expelled by lights, so that the academy battle city looks like a gorgeous starry sky floating on the water, dotted with stars, unusually kind and pleasing to the eye.

However, in such an Aquatic city, there are still places where the light does not shine.

In one of the corners of such a place, Houri looked around and was somewhat speechless.

“Where is this place?”


Houri was lost.

It was on the way back to Jielong.

After the concert, Houri and Zhao Hufeng were walking together and were going straight back to the academy.

But halfway there, the limousine that Sylvia was supposedly in passed by the road, causing a riot among the fans, who had just come out of the concert venue to burst out in cheers and fanfare.

As a result, Houri, who was in the crowd, was naturally squeezed directly into a persimmon pie and ended up not even being able to distinguish the direction and almost couldn’t even catch his breath.

In such a situation, Houri managed to find a nearby alley, pushed through the crowd and rushed in, which was able to get rid of the crowd.

However, this was the beginning of the tragedy.

Houri walked into the alley because he couldn’t get out, so he had to walk back and forth along the dimly lit road in an attempt to get out of the alley.

In this way, Houri will also get lost.

After all, Houri has been training in Oushinden since he came to this world, and only today did he ask Fan Xinglu for leave to go out for a stroll.

“It’s just that Zhao shixiong seems to have followed the crowd and rushed out, not paying any attention to me.”

Houri sighed and took out his cell phone from his arms.

Speaking of cell phone, what appeared in Houri’s hand was nothing more than a palm-sized terminal.

This is the cell phone of this world.

Nowadays, the use and application of video transmission are not a difficult thing. A small terminal can also play the role of a cell phone.

If it is a person who is more proficient in the use, that even if the phone is close to the pocket, can use actions to call up the screen-like space window, like a game, by manipulating the space window to achieve the purpose of communication and access.

Houri is still not very used to using the cell phone in this world, so he often subconsciously takes it out when using it, only to remember that this step is completely unnecessary and can’t help but bitter smile.

However, this did expose the pendant on Houri’s phone.

That is Sylvia Lyyneheym’s peripheral product.

The body of the pendant is a cartoonish diva.

Zhao Hufeng is a fan of Sylvia, so he bought a lot of peripheral products, while Houri was only encouraged by Zhao Hufeng to buy a pendant symbolically and attach it to his phone.

Holding such a phone, Houri lifted his hand.

The next moment, in the space in front of Houri, a window popped open.

Houri opened the map, checked it, and then realized helplessly.

“Did I actually come to the redevelopment district?”

The so-called redevelopment district refers to the ruined area located in the remote area of academy battle city.

Since this area has not been redeveloped, part of it has been completely turned into a slum. Students who cannot mix in the academy for various reasons and the criminal who escaped into Asterisk from outside are almost all hiding here, making it a dangerous gray area.

Therefore, Houri is surrounded by the dark ruins of an abandoned building, making it a place where even the signals are a bit messy, i.e., no communication is possible, and the maps are somewhat untrustworthy.

Not to mention, Houri does not know who to communicate with.

“I don’t even have a single person in my phone contacts at the moment…” Houri rubbed his temples.

“I guess I’ll just have to jump to a high place and see.”

Just as Houri murmured this, a voice suddenly sounded.

“In fact, you don’t have to worry so much. This is not the deepest part of the redevelopment district. It is not difficult to go out.”

This is a voice that is very pleasant to the ear.

With the sound of such a voice, a figure walked out from the side of an abandoned building and entered Houri’s field of vision.

It was a very young-looking shoujo.

The shoujo’s age seemed to be about the same as Houri’s, wearing very ordinary jeans and a loose smock, with a hat on her head that hid half of her face under the brim of the hat, making it a little hard to see her real face, with only a long chestnut hair that was very graceful hanging down her back.

However, such an incomparably plain shoujo has an incredible voice. It immediately becomes the focus of the whole scene the moment her voice comes out so that the atmosphere of the shoujo surrounding has become somewhat mysterious.

Such a shoujo just smiled faintly and said to Houri. “Do you need help?”

Hearing this, looking at this plain shoujo who hid half of her face under a hat, Houri spoke out with some surprise.

“So, you are…”

“I’m not a suspicious person?” The shoujo said this with a bit of mischief and walked towards Houri’s direction, saying. “Although a girl who hangs out in redevelopment district doesn’t look like a decent person, please trust me.”

She’s obviously just a very plain shoujo, but not only does she have a great voice, but she also has a natural ability to take the rhythm completely into her own hands.

When such a shoujo came to Houri’s side, she immediately saw Houri’s cell phone.

No, to be more precise, it should be said to see the pendant on Houri’s phone.

Looking at the cartoon version of Sylvia on the pendant, the shoujo blinked and said in a daze. “Did you just go to a nearby concert and get lost here?”

“Sort of,” Houri said with a nod, although he was a little uncomfortable with the shoujo’s familiarity. “Are you, too?”

“Sort of.” The shoujo said playfully with the exact same answer as Houri. “If that’s the case, then I can’t leave you alone.”

Houri was puzzled. “Why?”

“Because I have to be responsible.” The shoujo seemed happy and laughed. “Anyway, just follow me…”

Before she could finish her sentence, the shoujo stopped.

Houri likewise raised his brows, shrugged his shoulders and said. “Looks like we can’t leave for a while.”

In the surrounding abandoned buildings, many figures began to gather around.

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