Illimitable Until Death v4c280

Rustle… Rustle…”

With the sound of light footsteps, men with fierce faces began to emerge from the surrounding abandoned buildings and slowly gathered around Houri and the shoujo.

Houri looked at the scene around him and instantly grasped a lot of the situation.

“Criminals operating in the redevelopment district?”

“How can you be so sure that these people are criminals?” The shoujo asked curiously. “There are not only criminals in the redevelopment district, but also various yakuza and unscrupulous groups, right?”

“Maybe,” Houri said with a calm face. “But how can yakuza and delinquent groups carry a murderous aura like these people?”

Just as Houri said.

The people surrounding them, each carrying more or less murderous aura, told others that these people could not be yakuza or delinquent groups.

What’s more, in addition to the murderous aura, these people also have a considerable amount of Prana, all of which are Genestellar.

“This is a bit of a problem.”

It is clear that the scene can make any weak shoujo timid, but the shoujo in front of him didn’t show any fear at all, but as if used to it, said in a leisurely tone. “Hou-san, can we escape?”

Hearing this, Houri replied directly. “Probably not.”

“Oh?” Shoujo asked, curious again. “And why is that?”

“It’s simple.” Houri suddenly smiled and said. “Because I’m not happy.”

This statement made even shoujo distracted, followed by a ‘Puchi’, laughing out.

“You are really an interesting person.”

The shoujo’s somewhat happy laughter and pleasant voice slowed down the tension in the surrounding area.
But their undaunted appearance angered the surrounding criminals.

“Catch them.” The criminal leader ordered in a low voice, looking at Houri and the shoujo with greed in his eyes.

“Sell these two Genestellar, and we’ll be able to enjoy the glory and wealth for a period of time.”

After all, in today’s world, there are many mad scientists who are willing to conduct inhumane experiments in order to study the physiology of Genestellar.

So, the surrounding criminals successively revealed greedy eyes and took out a piece of machinery.

Those machines, some like weapons handles, some like small instruments, but all are inlaid with green crystals.

Those crystals are Manadyte.

In other words, these are launchers.

The mana is used as the material to create the launcher of Lux, which can be activated to create a weapon.


In the next second, under a unified humming sound, each of the launchers in the hands of each criminal emerged with the light of mana and formed weapons.

These weapons, some are light-bladed swords, some are light-bladed guns and axes, and some are simply machine guns and submachine guns, everything.

Immediately afterward, the criminals holding the guns aimed the muzzle forward and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

Bang Bang–!

With the sound of the gunshot, what comes out of the muzzle are not solid bullets, but light bullets formed by mana.

The power of these light bullets is definitely not inferior to that of the bullets, but even more so, depending on the power of the adjustment, some of them even surpass the bullets, which even Genestellar dare not underestimate.

However, Houri and the shoujo, who were targeted by the muzzle, did not panic at all and evaded the incoming light bullets.

But at the same time, those criminals holding melee weapons also shone with the light of Prana and attacked.

In the face of those fierce criminals, Houri just smiled a little, while dodging the incoming gunfire, while moving forward and unleashing powerful kicks on the incoming criminals.

Bam– Bam– Bam– Bam– Bam–!

Under a muffled hit sound, one criminal one after another was kicked flying by Houri and crashed heavily into the wall of an abandoned building, losing consciousness with head crooked.

Although they are criminal and Genestellar, these guys hiding in the redevelopment district are not any upstage characters at all, compared to the vicious existences Houri has faced so far under the arrangement of Fan Xinglu, it is a piece of cake.

“Damn!” The criminal leader’s face twisted as he yelled at the people around him. “Shoot! Shoot more accurately!”

However, the criminal leader’s words not only did not bring results but also made the light bullets in the shooting stop.

“What are you doing?!” The criminal leader shouted in anger.

However, when he looked clearly at the surrounding situation, the criminal leader was completely dumbfounded.

The criminals who were using guns were all lying on the ground, knocked unconscious.

“Well.” The shoujo clapped her hands, as if she had done something insignificant, and said. “That’s all.”

“You…” The criminal leader had a stunned face.

In response, the shoujo just gave him a cute smile and pointed aside.

The criminal leader subconsciously turned his head and looked ahead.

What caught his eyes was a face.

A face with a faint smile expression.


Before the criminal leader could react, a knee slammed into his abdomen, causing his body to bend, his eyes rolled over, and he fell down with vomited saliva.

“Ohhhh!” The shoujo immediately clapped her hands and said admiringly. “What a merciless blow, I don’t think he’d wake up until tomorrow.”

“No, it was merciful.” Houri glanced at the criminal, pursed his lips beside the shoujo, and said. “You’re not so bad, miss.”

“Well, don’t look at me like this, but I’ve actually been through quite a bit of exercise.” The shoujo smiled sweetly and walked in the direction of Houri.

“So, we should get out from here.”

Saying this, the shoujo just came to Houri’s side, one of her hands was caught before she could walk.

The shoujo was stunned slightly, raised her head, and looked aside.

There, Houri tightly gripped the shoujo’s hand and said while looking at her. “Who are you?”

Hearing these words, the shoujo smiled wryly and said. “Can’t you treat me like a passerby?”

“Passers-by are not as good as you.” Houri looked straight at the shoujo.

“And you just called my name very clearly.”

“Call me Hou-san.”

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