Illimitable Until Death v4c282

When Houri returned to Jielong and came to Oushinden, the first thing he saw was Zhao Hufeng standing in the doorway of the Star room with an embarrassed face.

“Zhao shixiong…”

“… What can I do for you?”

“I just want to ask, did you finally see Miss Sylvia?”

“… No.”

“Well, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

“… I’m sorry.”

“Very well.”

And so, the matter was settled.

Of course, Houri didn’t tell Zhao Hufeng that because of him, he had encountered an encounter after getting lost.

An encounter that would definitely make Zhao Hufeng envious.

If Zhao Hufeng knew about it, he would definitely regret it until his guts were blue, right?

Just as Houri was thinking this, Zhao Hufeng immediately coughed, his expression became serious and said. “Hou shidi, since you are back, then come with me to see Shifu.”

“Go to see Shifu?” Houri said with some surprise. “At this time?”

It was almost late at night.

According to Fan Xinglu’s past habits, Fan Xinglu should have rested by this time.

“Unfortunately, Shifu has always been unpredictable and self-willed, so this time she was probably impulsive and remembered something, so she suddenly summoned us, right?” Zhao Hufeng also seemed to have a headache. “In short, Shifu is already waiting for us in the audience room, besides us, there are several other shixiongdi, may as well meet them.”

“The rest of the shixiongdi?” Houri became curious.

Ever since he enrolled in Jielong, Houri had passed Fan Xinglu’s test and become a disciple of Fan Xinglu, he had been living in Oushinden for cultivation. He has not seen Fan Xinglu’s other disciples except Zhao Hufeng.

However, Houri is not unknown to the rest of Fan Xinglu’s disciples.

Especially Wu Xiaofei, for more than a month, Houri heard about him many times from Fan Xinglu and Zhao Hufeng’s mouth and knew that this dashixiong had extraordinary strength, even Zhao Hufeng was sincerely convinced.

“However, dashixiong should not be there.” Zhao Hufeng said as if he could see through Houri’s thoughts. “The dashixiong are in the depths of Oushinden for cultivation, and will not appear without Shifu’s order.”

“Is that so?” Houri nodded and said. “In that case, let’s go.”

“Okay.” Zhao Hufeng also nodded.

About five minutes later, Houri and Zhao Hufeng came to the audience room.

There, Fan Xinglu sat down on a wide chair and greeted Houri and Zhao Hufeng with gusto as they walked in through the door.

“Oh, you two are finally here, I’ve been waiting for you two for a long time.”

It can be seen that Fan Xinglu seems to be in a very good mood.

And if Fan Xinglu was behaving like this, it meant one thing.

That is something that can arouse Fan Xinglu’s interest is about to be announced.

In this regard, Zhao Hufeng seemed to sigh.

As for Houri, he was attracted by a few other people.

In the entire audience room, there were three other people besides Fan Xinglu.

Houri was first attracted by a woman.

It was a woman with long, wavy, light brown hair, decent features, deep contours, and a very conspicuous appearance, who seemed to be of European descent.

Asian students are the most common in Jielong, so a woman like this is not just her looks, but also the atmosphere is out of place in this academy.

However, she was wearing Jielong’s uniform, and it was quite revealing. Her beautiful body and white skin were very attractive, and she exuded a mature woman’s unique charm.

Only, her face with a hint of languid look seems to be very afraid of trouble.

Looking at the face of this languid shoujo, Houri murmured in a low voice.

“Cecily Wang…”

–Cecily Wang.

Jielong Seventh Institute ranked fourth place, Fan Xinglu’s second disciple, only under Wu Xiaofei shijie, is also the leader of the Water faction Daoshi, specializing in thunder seisenjutsu, so alias ‘Raigeki Senka’.

Although an extremely attractive woman, it is said that her personality is always the same, lazy and hated trouble. She doesn’t even like to tidy up her room diligently, and always tidies it up only when it is too messy, and she still asks Zhao Hufeng to tidy it up, so Zhao Hufeng has complained many times.

However, there is no doubt that among the disciples of Fan Xinglu, in addition to Wu Xiaofei, this languid-looking shoujo is the highest seniority and strongest existence.

Therefore, Houri also knows Cecily.

And in addition to Cecily, there is also a pair of male and female duo present.

That is a pair of looks, height or temperament are an almost identical duo.

Houri also knew this duo.

The man’s name was Li Shenyun.

The woman’s name was Li Shenhua.

As the name suggests, they are twin siblings.

The twins are also ranked ninth and tenth in the Jielong, making them the most famous on Page One.

The twins are also Daoshi of the Water faction and seisenjutsu of the illusion department.

However, looking at the twins, Zhao Hufeng showed his disgust in a very blatant way.

“… What are you guys doing here?”

Seeing Zhao Hufeng brows wrinkled while saying this, Lishi sibling’s face suddenly appeared exactly the same smile as looking in the mirror.

In that smile, there was no Cecily’s laziness, nor Zhao Hufeng’s rigor, there is only a disgusting condescension.

“Please don’t say that, Zhao shixiong.” Li Shenyun shrugged and said. “We were also summoned by Shifu to come here.”

“I thought only Daoshi of Water faction was summoned.” Li Shenhua also shrugged and said.” If we had known that Wood faction would also come, then we would have been a little more serious.”

“You guys…” Zhao Hufeng was immediately pissed off.

Houri did know that the Wood faction and Water faction’s relationship had never been very good, so it was not strange.
Only, Zhao Hufeng is the leader of the Wood faction, the second shixiong in the crowd, this pair of siblings show respect to Zhao Hufeng on the surface, but in reality, every word and deed is very pretentious, indeed already counted as excessive.

Unfortunately, this pair of brother and sister’s eyes soon cast to Houri’s body.

“Oya? Could this be…”

“Is this the rumored xiao shidi?”

A smile resurfaced on Lishi sibling’s face.

That smile was quite unfriendly.

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