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Along with Lishi’s sibling speech, all the attention of the crowd was immediately focused on Houri’s body.

Specifically, only Cecily, who had just been acting lazily, finally noticed Houri.

As for Fan Xinglu, he was sitting in his seat, watching the action, obviously not intending to intervene in the disciples’ conflict, but also taking it as a pastime.

In response, Houri naturally does not expect Fan Xinglu to speak for himself, nor does he need Fan Xinglu to speak for himself, and meets the gaze of Lishi’s sibling with a faint smile.

“Two shixiong shijie, how are you.”

Hearing this, Lishi’s siblings looked at each other, followed by simultaneously laughing.

This time, their laughter was full of contempt.

“I had heard that Wood faction had a xiao shidi, and thought what kind of character it was.”

“Now it seems that it’s not a big deal.”

It was like only one person was talking, the Lishi sibling speech was linked without any pause and tacit understanding.
However, the words of the two people changed the atmosphere of the scene.

Among Fan Xinglu’s disciples, those who are good at physical martial arts are the Wood faction, those who are good at seisenjutsu are the Water faction. Only Wu Xiaofei is good at both and does not belong to either faction, plus he lives in Oushinden and is deep in cultivation, which is why Zhao Hufeng and Cecily are in charge of the Wood faction and Water faction respectively.

Although Houri did not threaten to join any faction, he really did not have the talent to learn seisenjutsu, and even his talent in martial arts was very partial, and he was only gifted in the killing technique, which focused on actual combat and effects. Having always studied physical arts, he could not belong to the Water faction, but to the Wood faction.

In this way, as a representative of the Water faction, the Lishi sibling naturally has a reason to target Houri.

Basically, the reason why the relationship between the Wood faction and the Water faction is so bad is because of the existence of people like the Lishi sibling.

That is because Water faction disciples have the habit of belittling Wood faction disciples.

The so-called seisenjutsu, in short, is a spell that can systematize and generalize the abilities of Strega and Dante.

In other words, both Strega and Dante’s abilities are innate and specialized in some way, and are fixed abilities.

For example, anyone that can manipulate fire will only have the ability to manipulate fire, and anyone that can manipulate water will only have the ability to manipulate water, and there will be no possibility of a second ability.

That’s why Sylvia’s ability is so famous, she can use her singing voice as an impression to build various abilities, but it’s only one kind of ability, that is, ‘using singing to make various abilities’ ability, not that Sylvia has multiple abilities.

However, seisenjutsu is different.

As long as the charm is used and the technique is acquired, then theoretically, anyone can make a thousand different abilities.

Of course, there is also the question of being good at it and not good at it.

Therefore, Cecily is mainly based on thunder seisenjutsu, while Lishi’s sibling is mainly based on illusion seisenjutsu. They can do the rest of seisenjutsu, but they are not very good at it.

In other words, as long as one learns seisenjutsu, anyone can master it theoretically.

But just like martial arts, anyone can learn theoretically, but some people spend a short time to get ahead, some people practice a lifetime of mediocrity, is all about the qualification aspect.

In this way, Water faction disciples naturally began to despise Wood faction disciples.

Because, in the eyes of the Water faction disciples, Wood faction disciples are all of the low qualifications, even the most simple seisenjutsu can not learn, only know how to move fists and feet, all a group of mundane people.

Cecily, the leader of the Water faction didn’t have this bad habit, but the Lishi sibling is a representative of self-esteem and has always been extremely disdainful of Wood faction disciples.

At this moment, the Lishi sibling’s attitude is a perfect reflection of this.

“You two guys…” Zhao Hufeng gritted his teeth and said loudly. “Don’t you have a few manners that you should have towards shidi?”

“Zhao shixiong, that is simply not true.” Li Shenyun showed a fearless expression and said. “Just because it’s a shidi…”

“So…” Li Shenhua immediately went on to laugh. “We can’t spoil too much, can we?”

Lishi’s sibling’s insolence finally brought anger to Zhao Hufeng’s eyes.

However, just as Zhao Hufeng was about to go forward to argue, Houri held Zhao Hufeng’s shoulder.

“You know, two shixiong shijie.” Houri showed a smile to Lishi’s sibling, but his words were like this.

“Has anyone ever told you guys to your face that you’re actually obnoxious?”

The smile on Lishi’s sibling’s face froze with the unconcealed words.

Have to say, the siblings’ antics reminded Houri of Sayonaki, that abomination.

In the last world, because of uncertainty as to why Sayonaki would target himself, Houri had not acted rashly until Sayonaki revealed his true identity, and Houri then simply killed him instantly, without mercy.

This time, Lishi’s sibling’s targeting and acting let Houri smoothly remembered that time.

So, Houri simply didn’t even have a hint of politeness.

“Sorry, we Wood faction are all rough people and don’t know roundabout, so if no one has ever said such to shixiong shijie before, then we’ll have to let shidi wake you up.”

Houri sighed, but the corner of his mouth was slowly lifted, suddenly said.

“You guys are really obnoxious, better be more virtuous so that you don’t even get rotten eggs thrown at you when you walk down the road in the future?”

Cecily couldn’t help but laugh out loud at these words.

Even Fan Xinglu laughed out loud, making Zhao Hufeng a bit confused.

As for the Lishi siblings, the smile on their faces had completely disappeared.

“It seems that, as shixiong shijie, we have to do more or less our duty.”

“Teach you what it means to respect your seniors.”

Lishi’s sibling’s hands flashed a paper talisman in each.

That is a charm, a kind of auxiliary tool that can store seisenjutsu by injecting seisenjutsu in advance, and by using it, can draw out the seisenjutsu stored inside.

Strega, Dante, and Daoshi are the types of beings that consume Prana when using their powers.

Therefore, compared to Genestellar, the Prana consumption of this type of psychic is more intense, and less Prana can be allocated to enhance physical abilities, but the threat is even better.

But charm can inject seisenjutsu, and the Prana using seisenjutsu has been consumed at the moment of injection, so compared to Strega and Dante, Daoshi’s Prana consumes less.

At this point, Lishi sibling starts to trigger the seisenjutsu in the charm, so that the mana around it starts to rise.

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