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The mana itself has the ability to transform into various phenomena.

Therefore, by connecting with the mana, psychics can actively trigger the transformation of the mana in a certain direction, thus creating their own abilities.

Daoshi is the same.

The use of seisenjutsu also requires a connection with mana.

So, when Lishi’s sibling took out the charm and triggered the seisenjutsu in the charm, the mana in the air began to rise.

However, in the very next second, the Lishi sibling lost their target.

“I don’t mind if you want to do it.”

A voice suddenly came out from behind Lishi’s sibling.

“It’s just, shixiong shijie, shouldn’t you take good aim first before you attack?”

With these words, two hands poked out from behind Li Shenyun and Li Shenhua and rested on their shoulders.


Lishi’s sibling was startled and suddenly turned around and looked behind them.

However, there was nothing there.

Only the two hands, still reaching out from behind Lishi sibling’s back, patted the two on the shoulder again.

“Shixiong shijie, this way.”

Li Shenyun and Li Shenhua’s faces changed dramatically at the same time.


In a crisp stepping sound, Li Shenyun and Li Shenhua, like an electric shock, suddenly bounced away and flashed away in the left and right directions respectively.

But this kind of action, in the eyes of the onlookers, is simply like making a fuss over nothing.

Because, unknowingly, Houri has returned to his original position, standing beside Zhao Hufeng, and watched the left and right Lishi sibling flashing away, grinned.

“Shixiong shijie, what are you doing?” Houri’s face said innocently. “Is this some kind of ritual that Water faction’s shixiong shijie must perform before fighting?”

“You…!” Lishi’s sibling’s face finally appeared to be angry.

But, at the same time, a chill rose in the hearts of the two.

Just because, from start to finish, neither of them knew exactly what Houri did.

Only Cecily, with slightly widened eyes, said with some surprise. “So fast, even I could not see it at all.”


Just now, Houri just moved at an extraordinary speed.

Of course, if it was only fast, then Lishi’s sibling, as a disciple of Fan Xinglu, would not be unable to react from the beginning to the end.

Unfortunately, Houri possessed more than just speed.

“More than speed, this kid is good at surprises and extraordinary body technique.” Fan Xinglu said with some pleasure. “If it’s just speed, then the speed just now is not much different from Hufeng, but combined with the extraordinary body technique, it naturally caught the twins off guard.”

During this month, Houri’s progress was indeed quite obvious.

With Fan Xinglu’s training, Houri is no longer the self-taught MainGod envoy who relied on his talent for killing techniques but has a more systematic combat technique, a more perfect all-around heritage. Along with the attribute bonuses brought by skills, equipment, titles and professions, Houri is able to compete with the Tier 4 existence.

Moreover, what Houri has gained in this month is not only techniques but also skills.

After figuring out the scroll given by Fan Xinglu, Houri finally comprehended another skill.

Assassin (Lv.1)
-Passive skill.
-When entering stealth mode, increases movement speed by 20%.
-When entering stealth mode, completely eliminate the breath.
-When entering stealth mode, eliminate motion to some extent.
-When entering stealth mode, confuse perception to some extent.
-Skill level can be increased.

It is this skill that allows Houri to enter Stealth mode through excessive speed in a moment, completely disappeared, and make a fool of Lishi’s sibling.

However, this skill has a trigger condition.

Just like Houri’s Flash Step and Flash Sheath, which will only trigger when using Nanaya assassination arts moves, Assassin’s skills must enter Stealth mode before it takes effect.

Once the initiative, even by saying a word, that skill effect will disappear.

So, Lishi’s sibling only noticed the movement when Houri spoke out or reached out.

Other than that, the Lishi sibling simply did not find any trace of Houri.

I’m afraid that just now when Houri eliminated his figure and entered Stealth mode, only Fan Xinglu noticed his figure among the people present, right?

Therefore, even Zhao Hufeng was extremely surprised.

And Lishi sibling, their face was already quite ugly.

“We are simply being careless just now.”

“The next is not so simple.”

The two seemed to be completely moved by emotions, a pair of palms flashing a sheet of charm, pinched between the fingers of Li Shenyun and Li Shenhua.

In response, Houri just smiled, but his face no longer smiling, said. “Good, let me try the two shixiong shijie’s skills.”

After saying that, Houri’s hand also suddenly flashes out a sharp dagger, gripped into his palm.

Now that the battle at the scene was about to start, Fan Xinglu finally took the initiative to stop it.

“All right, you guys stop playing.” Fan Xinglu’s immature face had a dangerous smile on her face, said.

“I also have not played for a long time, if you guys continue to play like this, then I really can’t help but want to intervene.”

Fan Xinglu’s words caused a shiver to run through the bodies of all the disciples present.

No one would think that Fan Xinglu was joking.

If this continues, it will definitely cause battle intent in the heart of this fairy.

By then, it will really be uncontrollable.

“Shenyun, Shenhua.” As the leader of the Water faction, Cecily couldn’t help but speak up. “Don’t you stop already, Shifu has ordered.”

“Hou shidi, you should stop too.” Zhao Hufeng also hurriedly said to Houri. “Let’s see what Shifu wants to tell us first.”

Houri nodded somewhat indifferently and put the dagger away.

Lishi’s sibling also trembled and put away the charm in their hand, but glared viciously at Houri, apparently had formed a feud with Houri.

“What the hell.”

On the contrary, Fan Xinglu turned away as if she was disappointed as if she really wanted to have a hand in it.

However, in the next second, a smile appeared on Fan Xinglu’s face and she suddenly said to everyone present.

“I asked you all to come, not for other things.”

“You guys are going to attend the ‘Phoenix Festa’ in two months.”

At these words, the eyes of all those present changed.

Especially Houri, a radiant light flashed in his eyes.

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