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It was a large-scale martial arts tournament hosted by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

The contestants are students from six academies.

The age of participants is between 13 and 22 years old.

Each academy, each student, has the right to participate in the Festa three times and can choose the Festa of their choice.

The Festa is a three-year season, with one competition held each year.

Each competition has a different format.

In other words, Integrated Enterprise Foundation will hold three different Festa’s in three years, one for each year.

‘Phoenix Festa’ is a two-person team competition.

‘Gryps Festa’, which is a team of five people competition.

‘Lindwurm Festa’ is a festa in which a person fights alone.

The three Festa’s will be held in different ways and the winner will be given the opportunity to make a wish to the Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

Each of the six Integrated Enterprise Foundations must then do their best to grant the winner’s wish.

This is Festa.

It can be said that the Aquatic city Rikka exists for the sake of Festa, and not for the sake of the rejected Genestellar.

After all, even if the Integrated Enterprise Foundation has the equivalent of world domination, they are still a consortium, not a charity.

For the sake of growth and profit, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation has banded together to bring Genestellar from all over the world to the Aquatic city to participate in Festa, which will be broadcast live and broadcast to the world for massive profit.

The reason why Silvie said that in this Aquatic city, the famous students are comparable to celebrities and even people outside know them is because of this reason.

The six academies recruit Genestellar students, set rankings in the academies, and train Genestellar fighters, all for the sake of Festa.

As a result, Festa is the most popular program and the best event in the world.

With this in mind, Genestellars from all over the world has been attracted to the academy battle city, making it a gathering place for Genestellars.

“This season Festa is already being prepared.”

Fan Xinglu said with great enthusiasm as if she was a child who wanted to participate in the festival. “Two months later is the very first ‘Phoenix Festa’ and we have to send teams to it.”

As an organization under the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, the theme of the six academies is also around the Festa.

In order to keep the Festa watchable and popular, six academies have the obligation to find the best students and let them participate in the Festa and get good results.

In each Festa, the students and the academies to which they belong are awarded points, and after the third year of the ‘Lindwurm Festa’, the overall results are determined.

In this way, the six academies are always competing with each other, so it is necessary to select the best students to participate in the competition.

In Jielong, the best students are all disciples of Fan Xinglu.

In addition, Fan Xinglu is also the student council president, so naturally she has to choose the participants.

“What a pity.” Fan Xinglu said with a rare dissatisfaction. “If I wasn’t underage, I would have wanted to participate.”

Hearing this, even the corner of Houri’s mouth twitched slightly.

Let this old demon participate in the competition, there is no suspense at all, okay?

And, underage?

You’ve been alive for thousands of years, Shifu.

Of course, today, Fan Xinglu’s body is not old enough to participate in the competition, and the declared age is only nine years old.

So, Fan Xinglu is right.

“Anyway, that’s why I’ve summoned you all.” Fan Xinglu said to everyone. “For the first year of ‘Phoenix Festa’, the only people I need to participate are you guys.”

The ‘Phoenix Festa’ is a two-person team competition.

In this case, except for Houri, the rest are the best students in Jielong at this type of competition.

For example, Lishi sibling, both of them are ranked in Page One, and they are also twins, so they have a good understanding and work well together.

Not to mention Cecily and Zhao Hufeng.

The most important thing is that these two participated in the last ‘Phoenix Festa’, and they successfully made it to the final and won second place.

That was three years ago.

Three years later, both of their strengths have improved greatly, and coupled with the tacit understanding of the last ‘Phoenix Festa’, they are probably the most likely to win the championship this time.

The two of them have grown in strength since the last ‘Phoenix Festa’, and this time they are the most likely to win the championship. Thinking of this, Houri could not help but wonder. “If that’s the case, then why did Shifu summon me?”

“Still need to ask?” Fan Xinglu said with a grin. “You would participate in the ‘Phoenix Festa’ too.”

“Me?” Houri said with surprise. “I don’t mind, but I seem to be the only one here without a partner? Is Shifu going to let me find my own partner?”

“No.” Fan Xinglu shook her head and said something unexpected.

“You’ll be partnered with Cecily and go together.”

“Eh?” The crowd was instantly stunned.

“Wa-wait!” Zhao Hufeng immediately stepped forward and said loudly. “Wha-what about me?”

“Hufeng, you can just participate in the next year’s ‘Gryps Festa’.” Fan Xinglu laughed and said. “After all, you and your shidi are both known for your speed, there is no need to double up on the field. I let you come over this time, just to tell you this matter. Otherwise, let your xiao shidi team up with your previous partner without informing you in advance, you must be very unconvinced, right?”

“Uh…” Zhao Hufeng was suddenly speechless.

On the contrary, Lishi’s sibling spoke.

“Since only one of Zhao shixiong and xiao shidi need to play, Zhao shixiong should be chosen, right?”

“After all, Zhao shixiong and Wang shijie have already formed a team, so they have a better chance of winning.”

Hearing this, the smile on Fan Xinglu’s face disappeared.

“… Are you guys questioning my decision?”

A terrifying pressure suddenly emerged and enveloped the entire audience room.

Lishi’s sibling’s face suddenly turned pale and hurriedly dropped to one knee.

“No… I dare not!”

“D-disciple know wrong!”

The oppressive feeling that enveloped the entire audience room disappeared this time.

“Then it’s decided.” Fan Xinglu first glanced at Houri, then at Cecily, and smiled with interest.

“Don’t let me get too bored?”

In this moment, Houri, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng were sure.

Fan Xinglu must have decided to team up like this because she thought it was more interesting.

This must be the case.

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