Illimitable Until Death v4c286

Early the next morning.

In one of Oushinden’s practice rooms, Houri is sitting on the floor, waiting for Cecily to arrive.

At Fan Xinglu’s request, Houri and Cecily, the shijiedi who had met for the first time yesterday, had become partners and had already signed up for the ‘Phoenix Festa’.

However, Houri and Cecily only met for the first time yesterday, and since they are planning to participate in a team competition, it is necessary to practice their cooperation.

Therefore, Houri and Cecily had already made a date yesterday to practice together today to polish their understanding.

“… But this shijie seems to be late…”

Houri was more or less speechless.

Houri didn’t have a problem with participating in the ‘Phoenix Festa’.

After all, Houri’s Side Mission One was to appear in any Festa and achieve at least a top-eight ranking, or else it would be considered a failure.

Since the original purpose is to participate in Festa, Houri has no complaints about Fan Xinglu’s arrangement.

As for the partner Cecily, Houri is also quite satisfied.

This shijie but Fan Xinglu’s number two disciple, in the Jielong sequence ranking is the fourth, above Zhao Hufeng, plus itself is the leader of the Water faction, extremely good at thunder seisenjutsu, as a partner, Houri really has nothing to be dissatisfied with.

With Cecily as his partner, there should be no problem to finish in the top 8 as long as there are no surprises.

As long as there are no surprises…

“Now this is the first surprise, right?”

Houri let out a big sigh.

It was only when the sun was almost halfway up in the sky that Cecily finally arrived late.

“Sorry, sorry.” Cecily walked in through the door with a carefree smile and said to Houri as she walked. “I’m a little late, sorry about that, xiao shidi.”

“It’s not just a little, is it?” Houri couldn’t help but say. “Shijie, you’re at least three hours late, don’t tell me you slept in, I don’t believe you.”

As an oriental-style academy, almost all martial artists in Jielong wake up before the sun comes up and start their morning practice.

Houri also starts his morning practice before the sun rises and finishes when the sun is almost up.

Houri believed that as a disciple of Fan Xinglu, Cecily would also follow this routine.

Otherwise, this shijie wouldn’t be Fan Xinglu’s number two disciple.

In fact, Houri only guessed the first half correctly, not the second half.

“I couldn’t help it, I slept much later than usual yesterday because of Shifu’s summons,” Cecily said as a matter of course. “So, after my morning practice, I went back to sleep and didn’t wake up until just now.”

“… In other words, did shijie completely forget about the agreement with me?”

“More or less, you are a man anyway, so don’t take this little thing to heart.”


Houri suddenly felt that he had to be more or less dissatisfied with the matter of teaming up with Cecily.

But as Cecily said, Houri is a big man, so he didn’t care much about such trivial matters.

At that moment, Houri sighed, stood up, and said to Cecily. “Since shijie is already here, let’s practice.”

“A practice session?” Cecily’s pair of good-looking brows slightly raised, followed by said with interest. “Does that mean sparring?”

“Yes,” Houri said. “To cultivate cooperation and tacit understanding, we must first start with understanding each other’s strengths, so let’s have a practice session first and then decide on the mode of cooperation.”

“Okay!” Cecily agreed without hesitation, looking at Houri with a little bit of fighting spirit in her eyes.

“Shifu called you a rare genius, and yesterday in the audience room you also easily fooled the twins, I would also like to have a fight with you, so show your full strength!”

It must be said that although Cecily’s personality is a bit lazy, she is still Fan Xinglu’s disciple after all.

Fighting with a strong person is something that every martial artist would like to do.

Houri felt he already knew a little bit about the shijie in front of him, and at that moment he also said with a smile. “That’s for sure, I will bring out all my strength except for the abilities that Shifu forbids me to use.”

“The ability that Shifu banned you from using?” Cecily said with some surprise. “What kind of ability is that?”

“Shifu won’t let me say.” Houri shrugged and said. “So, shijie, if you want to know, then ask Shifu.”

“Oh?” Cecily squinted her eyes and without any reason, she suddenly reached out and strangled Houri’s neck.

“You’re going to hide things even from your shijie? You have a lot of guts, xiao shidi!”

Saying this, Cecily had the intention to punish Houri, strangling Houri’s head under her armpit with constant force.

That’s a kind of strangulation technique.

Although Cecily is a Daoshi who is proficient in thunder seisenjutsu, this lazy shijie also practiced martial arts at the beginning and is quite involved in physical arts.

At the Phoenix Festa three years ago, Cecily competed in the physical arts and took second place in the Phoenix Festa along with Zhao Hufeng.

It is conceivable that Cecily is also a connoisseur in physical arts.

With a tempered body and a Genestellar, Houri was directly pinned down for a while.

However, what really made Houri unsettled was not Cecily’s strangulation technique, but what Cecily did.

Being strangled under Cecily’s armpit, Houri’s face was plunged into the beautiful shijie’s plump chest and was squeezed by Cecily’s constant pressure.

The unprecedented softness and fragrance penetrated Houri’s nerves at the same time.

And Houri’s thoughts were only one.

(So big…)

This shijie’s figure is really good.

So, Houri thought for a second and finally decided.

(There is a bargain, bitches.)

So Houri, the xiao shidi was loved in every sense of the word.

Ten minutes later, Houri and Cecily stood on opposite sides of the practice room and confronted each other.

“So, let me go first!”

Cecily’s hand moved and a handful of charm appeared in her hand and was scattered into the sky.

Those charm as if ignoring the laws of physics, one by one swept up into the air, as if in formation, neatly posted there.
Cecily immediately made a magic seal.

“Order! Choku!”

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