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When Cecily’s voice fell, the charms that were neatly posted in mid-air like an army formation suddenly flashed with intense light.

That was lightning.

Therefore, in the next second, the charm is transformed into a bolt of lightning, like a thunderbolt from the sky, poured down to the ground.

Bang Bang Bang–!

The explosion sounded unceasingly in the whole practice room.

It was the sound of a thunderbolt blowing up the ground.

At this instant, the whole space of the practice room was covered with thunderbolts, so that the ground was struck by lightning one after another, in a burst of an explosion, raising the impact and sand and dust.

Powerful, appallingly powerful.

“The opening is so grand?”

Even Houri, in this moment was stunned.

No way, this opening is indeed too grand.

The practice room, which was the size of a soccer field, was completely transformed into a thunder pool at this moment, and countless thunderbolts fell from mid-air, exploding the ground, breaking up the soil, and raising the sand and dust, as if the world was ending, which was too powerful.

Such power is even more terrifying than the thunderbolts released by Heavenly Father Dyaus.

“It’s really the same as what Zhao shixiong said! This shijie!”

Although she is a Daoshi, Cecily has always been a frontal attacking power type.

In the beginning, before she learned seisenjutsu, she teamed up with Zhao Hufeng to participate in ‘Phoenix Festa’ with physical arts, Cecily was already a typical frontal fighting style, and Zhao Hufeng, one specializing in strength and the other in speed, just complimented each other.

Now, even after acquiring seisenjutsu and becoming the leader of the Water faction, Cecily still remains the same.

It is because of this that such a powerful seisenjutsu can be used in her hands as if it were at her fingertips.

After all, thunder’s seisenjutsu was already known for its power.

“Unfortunately, the power is strong, but the accuracy is a bit lacking.”

In the overwhelming pour of thunderbolt, Houri’s body completely turned into a phantom, sometimes flashing, sometimes charging, sometimes dodging, sometimes retreating, and finally completely disappeared, without a trace.

However, Cecily, who was pinching the magic seal, suddenly noticed it.

At the side, a figure like a loaded bullet sweeps past.

“As Shifu said, the body technique is so good that it can’t be detected until the attack is launched!”

Cecily laughed happily, and when the figure that was sweeping past at an amazing speed was about to reach her body, one foot suddenly reached out and stepped on the ground with force.


A hint of electric shock sounded from the bottom of Cecily’s feet.

No, to be more precise, it should be said that it sounded from a charm that Cecily was stepping on.

The ground around Cecily was covered with charms, forming an array of trigrams that surrounded Cecily.


With Cecily’s command, the charms in her surrounding, which were posted on the ground, suddenly burst into a strong lightning, a lightning storm, forming a lightning cage, protecting Cecily inside.

Houri, who was about to launch an attack on Cecily, suddenly stopped his body.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Nanaya assassination arts ignore inertia and can instantly stop the user at the speed limit, Houri would have been electrocuted by crashing into it.


At this time, the magic seal in Cecily’s hand was suddenly changed.


With a sound like an explosion, the lightning that surrounded Cecily’s surroundings completely turned into a storm of lightning and swept around.

Where the lightning strikes, the ground is directly dug up, plowing a furrow.

The power is still amazing.

“It’s really worthy of being Shifu’s number two disciple.”

Seeing the violent lightning strike sweeping in, Houri took a deep breath, and his body suddenly flashed with a star fragment-like light.

Houri finally used his Prana.

The Prana was gathered under his feet, and Houri disappeared once again with dazzling starlight.


A lightning strike, like a whip, landed heavily on the spot where Houri had been a second before, stirring up a crisp sound and leaving a scorched black mark on it.

As for Houri, he was full of starlight and turned into a meteor, flashing past Cecily’s body with amazing speed.

“So fast! Really fast!”

Cecily was surprised.

“It’s already faster than that Hufeng kid!”

However, as Fan Xinglu said, Houri’s real specialty was not sped, but surprise.

Therefore, in the next second, Cecily was able to see it.

The meteor that swept by at an astonishing speed in her own surrounding suddenly made a turn without any warning, rushed to the sky, and then ignored the inertia, suddenly folded down, like a meteorite, and rushed down.

The series of changes of direction was unexpected but also sudden.

Even Cecily, that are unable to respond in advance, takes out the charm.

“In that case…!”

Cecily suddenly changed the magic seal in her hand.


That was seisenjutsu without using charm as support.

Without the aid of charm, Cecily would have to consume her own Prana if she wanted to use seisenjutsu, and the scale of seisenjutsu would not be as grand as it was before.

But this way, Cecily can also respond even if there is no time to take out the charm.

At that moment, with a burst of lightning, countless arcs of electricity hovered over Cecily’s body.

In this regard, Houri is not the slightest bit timid.

The Prana that gathered under his feet rose abruptly and burst into dazzling light.

In this moment, all the Prana was transformed into attack power.

“Flash Step Flying Moon!”

It was like the moonlight pouring down from the night sky.

The next moment, Houri, who was transformed into a meteor, collided with Cecily, who was covered in electric arcs, with a flying kick, under the sharp sound of air splitting.


On this day, everyone in Oushinden heard a sound of vibration, even the ground shuddered a little, which surprised many people.

Only Fan Xinglu, who was in the audience room, looked at the space window unfolding in front of her and smiled happily.

“Hu… Hu… Hu…”

A minute later, Houri and Cecily were lying on the floor of the practice room, panting incessantly.

In the middle of the two, a pothole with a diameter of several meters was located there.

It was like being hit directly by a meteorite.

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