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“Gee, that really hurts…”

In the wrecked practice room, Cecily, who was lying on the floor, smiled contentedly.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve fought someone so hard, xiao shidi, although you are the latest to start, your strength is excellent. If you joined Shifu at the same time as me, I guess you can really have a match with dashixiong now, right?”

“A match?” Houri was lying on the other side, whispering thoughtfully.” Is it just a match?

Houri had been under Fan Xinglu’s tutelage for less than two months.

In less than two months, he was already able to tie with Cecily, who is Fan Xinglu’s number two disciple, if he and Cecily were under the tutelage of Fan Xinglu at the same time, it can be imagined how much progress they could have made.

But even so, Cecily did not say that Houri could surpass Wuxiaofei, but that he could match him.

“Is dashixiong really that strong?”

Hearing Houri’s question, Cecily said with a righteous face. “Very strong, really strong. At least if I go with Hufeng, there is no chance of winning.”

“No chance of winning with Zhao shixiong?” Houri was surprised.

How strong Cecily and Zhao Hufeng’s strength, now Houri has clearly experienced it.

It is not polite to say that if Cecily and Zhao Hufeng were studying in the other academies, with their strength, they would be able to compete for first place in the sequence ranking.

Such a pair of shijiedi, who also once participated in the ‘Phoenix Festa’ competition, cooperate well, one plus one form of power that is absolutely more than two.

But even so, Cecily and Zhao Hufeng together still can’t beat Wu Xiaofei?

“It’s not that strange,” Cecily said. “Hufeng and I both joined Shifu after she came to Jielong, which was only three years ago.”

After all, Fan Xinglu is only nine years old now, having enrolled in Jielong when she was six years old and won the number one ranking in the sequence and started to accept disciples.

So Cecily and Zhao Hufeng both entered Fan Xinglu’s tutelage three years ago.

“But dashixiong was a disciple of Shifu’s before Shifu came to Jielong,” Cecily said. “Shifu said that dashixiong’s talent was superior to Hufeng’s in martial arts and seisenjutsu’s talent was superior to mine and that he had trained under Shifu for so long that his strength was superior.”

That’s true.

Although Houri has not seen this dashixiong, not personally experienced the strength of this dashixiong, but according to the understanding of the original work, Houri knows that Wu Xiaofei is a great disciple who trained from small under Fan Xinglu. Not only quite hardworking but also talented, cultivating so far, even if not ten years, it must have seven or eight years.

In the East, there is an ancient concept of starting martial arts training since childhood to lay a solid foundation.

Wu Xiaofei has been practicing under Fan Xinglu since he was a child, so he must have laid an unimaginably strong foundation, and how his strength has grown is indeed conceivable.

“In a nutshell, dashixiong is not on the same level as us at all!”

Cecily’s tone has no resentment, only an extraordinary motivation.

“My goal is to one day surpass dashixiong in seisenjutsu, and one day, surpass masters and be even more powerful than Shifu!

These words made Houri realize once again.

His shijie, although lazy and hated trouble, but really is a martial arts practitioner.

So, Houri smiled, got up from the ground, came to Cecily’s body, and extended a hand towards Cecily.

“Then shidi congratulates shijie on one day she can make her dream come true.”

Hearing this, Cecily also smiled, extended her hand, and shook Houri.

“You too, xiao shidi, don’t forget, you are a genius that even Shifu admires, and I hope that one day you can find another way to approach Shifu, and even surpass Shifu, from another path!”

Having said that, under Houri’s pull, Cecily stood up from the ground and exchanged glances with Houri, both smiling.


In the audience room, Fan Xinglu looked at the space window hovering in front of her, looking at the shijiedi duo whose hands were clasped together and seemed to have established a new bond and laughed with great joy.

That laughter, there is satisfaction, but also has a leap of faith.

“This era is really wonderful, there is such excellent material, it’s the right choice to come to Jielong.”

For Fan Xinglu, all the good things in the world are like passing clouds, and there is only one thing that can attract her.

That’s fighting.

It has always been thought that the world changed before Invertia came, giving birth to the Genestellar, which led to the emergence of new humans.

In fact, the world has already seen many Invertia in the past, but not on such a large scale as this one.

Of course, since Invertia has already existed before, it proves that the mana brought about by Invertia has already existed at an earlier time.

In that case, the birth of Genestellar was inevitable.

In Fan Xinglu’s time, mana was extremely scarce.

Therefore, the birth of Genestellar was very difficult, and the number was too small to be noticed by human society.

Of course, Genestellar did exist since ancient times, so it was inevitable that it would show its power in front of people.

So, people of that time regarded this kind of existence as a myth.

The people of the East called such beings immortals.

The people of the West called this kind of being a magician.

Fan Xinglu is one of them.

And, by cultivating for years and years, she has finally reached the point where she can be called ‘immortal’ and is still alive in the world even after a thousand years.

This kind of Fan Xinglu has always longed to meet a qualified opponent.

Under such circumstances, Fan Xinglu witnessed the unprecedented mass Invertia in the 20th century and the mass birth of Genestellar.

“Today, mana is abundant, and there are many talented people born one after another, and with proper training, they can satisfy me.”

Fan Xinglu’s eyes burned with a burning emotion.

“Sooner or later, these disciples under my command will also give me full satisfaction, right?”

In view of this, Fan Xinglu will teach her disciples martial arts without any reservation, regardless of good or evil, and only depending on their qualifications.

The purpose is only to make them stronger.

Including Houri.

“Should I give him ‘that’?”

Fan Xinglu’s voice faded into the dimly lit audience room.

Only the childish face still carried an innocent smile.

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