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There are still exactly two months until the start of the ‘Phoenix Festa’.

Two months is not a long time, not a short time, but for a pair that has just started to form a team, the time is somewhat urgent.

Other academy students, in order to make it to the ‘Phoenix Festa’, might have already started forming teams after the last ‘Lindwurm Festa’ last season, or even earlier, and spent a lot of time honing their understanding and cooperation with each other.

Therefore, two months is indeed a bit short compared to those teams that have been training and working together for a long time.

Not to mention, in addition to bonding with each other, Houri and Cecily had their own practice.

In view of this, both of them only spend three hours in the morning for training, and the rest of the time they have to concentrate on their own practice sessions, resulting in even less time.

However, this aspect may not be much of a problem.

Although ‘Phoenix Festa’ is a competition in the form of two-person teams, not all students on any team will follow through with their cooperation.

Cecily and Zhao Hufeng, for example, are more inclined to one-on-one confrontation than cooperation with each other. Most of the matches of ‘Phoenix Festa’ were basically based on the policy of tying up their opponents separately and facing each other, and they finally got second place.

So, Houri and Cecily didn’t do much to hone their cooperation, but just honed their understanding of each other, so that they could not interfere with each other during the game and support each other when their teammates were in danger. This level of cooperation was enough.

Have to say, this is also very Jielong style of martial arts style.

On this day, Houri had just finished the sparring session with Cecily and was just about to prepare for the afternoon practice when Fan Xinglu suddenly sent a message.

“Come to my place.”

The only thing she left behind was these words, and Fan Xinglu said nothing else.

“What’s so mysterious?”

Houri is quite puzzled, and at the same time a trace of wariness rises in his heart.

After all, his own Shifu is quite capricious, she will do whatever she thinks is interesting.

What Fan Xinglu thinks is interesting is not necessarily the case for her disciples.

“She’s not suddenly impulsive and wants to fight with me, is she?”

That’s what Houri can think of.

Of course, if Fan Xinglu is really impulsive and wants to fight Houri, then Houri will be abused for sure.

“… No matter what, let’s go over there first.”

At that moment, Houri could only go to the audience room with a sigh.

There, Fan Xinglu was sitting on a wide chair, wiggling her little feet while humming an old song.

Watching Houri walk through the door, Fan Xinglu’s eyes lit up and she grinned and said. “Finally here?”

“Yes.” Houri sighed again and said. “Shifu, how dare the disciple not come, since he has been ordered to do so?”

“But your tone doesn’t sound like that at all.” Fan Xinglu gave a light snort and then smiled. “Don’t worry, I didn’t let you come this time for something bad, maybe you will get something good out of it if you are lucky.”

Houri thought back to the so-called ‘good things’ Fan Xinglu had done to himself in the past, and asked somewhat cautiously. “Has Shifu found some vicious criminal to be my opponent again? Or is Shifu going to ask me to wipe out some terrorist group somewhere?”

“… I guess you really don’t trust me at all.” Fan Xinglu’s good-looking eyebrows wrinkled slightly, and she stopped making him guessing and said directly. “Anyway, you should come to Seidoukan with me first.”

“Seidoukan?” Houri was instantly stunned.

Houri naturally didn’t feel unfamiliar with Seidoukan.

It was the academy on which the original plot was centered.

At first, when Houri chose the camp, it was a straightforward choice between Jielong and Seidoukan, excluding the rest of the academies, and finally chose Jielong for the purpose of improving his strength.

Now, Fan Xinglu is planning to take Houri to Seidoukan with her?

“Why all of a sudden?” Houri said, a bit surprised. “Shifu doesn’t usually show up in public?”

As the student council president of Jielong, Fan Xinglu inevitably needs to attend some public occasions, but in most cases, Fan Xinglu will directly let the agent go on her behalf, and will rarely take the initiative to show up.

The reason is also very simple, Fan Xinglu is not interested in this kind of thing.

This time, however, Fan Xinglu is going to Seidoukan and is planning to take Houri with her, so no wonder Houri is surprised.

Fan Xinglu seemed to be too lazy to say anything to Houri, jumping down from her seat and taking Houri’s hand.

“If I told you to come along, then you can come along.”

After saying that, Fan Xinglu then pulled Houri without any reason and went towards the door.

Houri had no choice but to obey.

Academy battle city, Seidoukan.

This is a completely different academy from Jielong.

If Jielong’s buildings are full of oriental style, Seidoukan’s environment is like a nature park.

There is not only a classical-looking school building but also a modern-style open high-rise building that looks like Buckingham Palace, which is quite beautiful.

In the academy gate of such a beautiful environment, a limousine came slowly and finally stopped in front of Seidoukan’s school gate.

The car door was opened like an automatic door.

Houri and Fan Xinglu got down from the car at the same time and looked at the academy in front of them.

“Is this Seidoukan?” Houri murmured.

“Not bad, it’s not like Jielong’s, it has a peaceful feeling.” Fan Xinglu seemed to be watching as well.

While the two of them were watching the academy in front of them, a person slowly walked out of the school gate.

It was a shoujo.

A tall shoujo with waist-length hair.

The hair color of the shoujo was the bright golden color of the sun.

The body is not only tall, but also very plump, and the looks and temperament are quite calm and mature, with a charm that is different from ordinary people.

Looking at the shoujo, Houri’s eyes flickered slightly.

Fan Xinglu, on the other hand, smiled leisurely and said to the shoujo.

“It’s really rare for you to be late.”

Hearing this, a dignified and perfect smile emerged on the shoujo’s face.

“I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed by your sudden request for a visit.”

Saying this, the shoujo bent down and bowed to Houri and Fan Xinglu.

“I’m Claudia Enfield, the student council president of Seidoukan Academy. Welcome to Seidoukan.”

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