Illimitable Until Death v4c290

–Claudia Enfield.

Even if Houri is familiar with the original work, even if he is a freshman who has just enrolled in Jielong for less than two months, he will know the name.

That’s not just because Claudia is the student council president of Seidoukan.

More importantly, this extremely dignified and mature-looking shoujo is the second most famous person in Seidoukan’s ranking.

In other words, at least in theory, this shoujo is the second strongest student in the entire Seidoukan Academy.

What’s more, this shoujo is also a user of Orga Lux.

Orga Lux is a weapon that has a power that is unmatched by ordinary Luxes and has special abilities, with Urm-Manadyte as its core.

This weapon is basically managed by Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

However, in order to make Festa more interesting, Integrated Enterprise Foundation will also provide some of the Orga Lux to the subordinate academy facilities and lend them to the students for use.

Even if the student using the Orga Lux is not attending Festa, it can be used to collect armed materials.

After all, Orga Lux selects its users, so it will be difficult to collect information.

Therefore, the Integrated Enterprise Foundation provided a portion of Orga Lux to the academy facility to identify users and collect data.

As a result, each of the six great academies has users of Orga Lux.

Claudia is the holder of a very famous Orga Lux in Seidoukan.


An Orga Lux is said to have the ability to predict the future.

With this Orga Lux, Claudia is undefeated in Seidoukan, and although she has never beaten the number one ranked player in the sequence, her opponent also has no chance of beating Claudia.

So, Claudia has been sitting in the position of student council president, and is known as ‘Parca Morta’.

In addition to her strength, this shoujo is also a talented woman.

Facing Fan Xinglu, who looked like a child, Claudia did not lose any of her manners and said to Fan Xinglu with impeccable etiquette.

“Yes, I would really like to ask you why you suddenly came to our Seidoukan.”

“You really don’t know?” Fan Xinglu smiled cheerfully and said. “I should have informed you of the purpose of the visit and the request, you don’t want to tell me that you are not prepared at all?”

“Of course we wouldn’t be so rude, but it’s just a little too sudden.” Claudia cupped one of her cheeks, tilted her head, and said with a smile. “Could it be that this Houri-san, who is with you, is the reason for your suddenness in bringing up that matter?”

Hearing this, Houri’s brow raised.

“Oh?” Fan Xinglu said, somewhat cheerfully. “Have you gathered all the information about my disciple who hasn’t been around for a long time?”

“After all, he is the disciple of ‘Banyuu Tenra’, no one can underestimate him,” Claudia said with an unchanging smile on her face. “Not to mention, if the purpose of your visit is achieved, Hou-san’s reputation will soon spread among the students?”

Hearing this, Houri did not say anything on the surface, but he wondered in his heart.

Could it be that Fan Xinglu’s visit to Seidoukan had an ulterior motive?

Moreover, this purpose has something to do with himself?

Is that why Fan Xinglu brought himself here?

What is going on?

While Houri was thinking about this, Claudia turned around and faced Houri.

“Hello, Hou-san.” Claudia held out her hand to Houri.

“Once again, I’m Claudia Enfield, the student council president of Seidoukan, nice to meet you.”

Hearing this, Houri pushed down the doubts in his mind, nodded to Claudia and said. “I’m Houri, nice to meet you too.”

After saying that, Houri also extended his hand and shook Claudia’s hand together.

In this moment, something unexpected happened.

Humm Humm–!

A humming sound suddenly came out from the two sheaths Claudia had pinned to the sides of her body for no apparent reason.

“What happened?”


“This is…!”

Houri, Fan Xinglu and Claudia were surprised at the same time.

Immediately afterward, Claudia seemed to have thought of something and took out two items from the sheath.

They were the launcher of an instrument as big as a palm.

In the center of the launcher, there was a pair of distinctive gems.

The gems were red in color.

If this pair of launchers is Lux, this alone is enough to understand its extraordinary nature.

The color of Manadyte is the same green color, but only Urm-Manadyte has different shades.

In other words, it’s Urm-Manadyte.

This pair of launchers is not Lux, but Orga Lux.

“Don’t tell me…” Fan Xinglu seemed to have thought of something too and gazed at this pair of launchers with an interesting expression, saying. “Is this the ‘Pandora’?”

“… Yes…” Claudia clutched the pair of launchers, the perfect smile on her face disappeared for the first time, replaced by a strong doubt, and whispered. “But, this child in the end…”

It’s understandable that Fan Xinglu and Claudia will behave like this.

Because, even now, this pair of launchers have been trembling, the center of Urm-Manadyte is even blooming bright red light, illuminating the surrounding.

Unlike Lux, Orga Lux has consciousness.

In other words, the current phenomenon is undoubtedly caused by Pandora itself.

As for why this is so, both Fan Xinglu and Claudia have guessed it.

After all, the reason why this Orga Lux reacted this way was that Claudia had contact with Houri.

So, it’s clear who the cause is.

Fan Xinglu and Claudia immediately turned their attention to Houri’s body.

Immediately, they saw it.

Houri was staring intently at the pair of Urm-Manadyte launcher inlaid with red, with a deeply creased brow.

At this moment, Houri stared at the pair of launchers, actually had an illusion.

An illusion that Urm-Manadyte on the launcher is looking back at him like an eyeball, and is also smiling at him.

That illusion is enough to make anyone creepy.

However, Houri’s eyes flickered slightly again, and then the corners of his mouth slowly lifted.


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