Illimitable Until Death v4c291

The power of Orga Lux is much more powerful than that of Lux.

In addition, Orga Lux has a special ability. As long as the students aim at improving their strength, they hope to get an Orga Lux.

However, it is not so easy to borrow an Orga Lux.

For example, in the six academies, only students who are ranked high, have outstanding strengths, and have excellent results in Festa can apply for an Orga Lux.

Of course, even after the application is approved, the user has to pass the selection of Orga Lux.

It is said that when Orga Lux sees a user and is willing to lend the power to this user, the user will have an illusion.

That illusion is to be able to see Orga Lux is smiling at themselves.

This is what Houri is experiencing today.

The Orga Lux named Pandora was smiling at Houri, and the eyeball-like launcher was vibrating and glowing red at the same time.

In this situation, Houri finally withdrew his gaze from Pandora and turned to Claudia.

Then, Houri said.

“Miss Enfield, can I have a look at Pandora?”

Claudia was suddenly silent.

“Isn’t that wonderful?” Fan Xinglu seemed thoroughly amused by the situation and said to Claudia. “Let’s show this kid what your Orga Lux is up to.”

Hearing this, Claudia closed her eyes, and when she opened them again, she smiled at Houri.

That smile, not as perfect as before, but a little more complicated.

“Then please be very careful, Hou-san,” Claudia said in a persuasive manner. “Orga Lux has a consciousness, and since it has a consciousness, it has feelings, and if it is angered, it is not without danger.”

Houri also knows about this without Claudia’s explanation.

Although Orga Lux is extremely powerful and possesses special abilities, it is also dangerous.

Other than that, when using Orga Lux, the user needs to pay a certain price in exchange for using the power of Orga Lux.

Some of these costs are unbearable, while others are harmless.

Pandora is the former.

The cost is definitely enough to break a person.

However, Houri did not hesitate to reach out and fetch the pair of launchers from Claudia’s hand.


In the next second, the Urm-Manadyte on the launcher blossomed into a red light.

In the light, the launcher like a palm instrument floated up slightly, surrounded by three-dimensional squares, like building blocks, gradually formed a sword handle and blade, so that the launcher instrument became a sword guard, into a pair of twin sword, into Houri’s hand.


Immediately, the sword blade of the twin sword also burst into light, forming a mana cohesive blade of light on the blade, sharp and dazzling.

This is Pandora.

Orga Lux, which can predict the future.

If the user is not suitable for Orga Lux, then, this time, Orga Lux will begin to reject the user, the user’s hands and even body would be sent flying.

Pandora, however, stays in Houri’s hands without showing any rejection.

“Oh!” Fan Xinglu made a surprised sound and laughed. “Looks like he’s been chosen!”

“… What a surprise,” Claudia said with some complications. “If the Orga Lux already has a user, the Orga Lux will not be allowed to be used by another person, but Pandora seems to like Hou-san so much that it even makes an exception to this aspect.”

Hearing this, Houri was about to say something when an accident happened again.


The light of Urm-Manadyte bloomed once again on the twin blades held in Houri’s hands.

And, this time, the light was even more dazzling and dense.


Fan Xinglu and Claudia were both slightly startled and subconsciously raised their hands to block themselves.

Only when the light more or less dimmed, Fan Xinglu and Claudia put down their hands and looked in Houri’s direction again.

But there, Houri had already closed his eyes, as if he had fallen into a deep sleep.

Looking at Houri’s performance, Fan Xinglu didn’t have time to say anything, but Claudia’s expression changed.

It became extremely shocked.

“Don’t tell me…” Claudia spoke out in shock.

“He was dragged into the dream?”

“Dreams?” Fan Xinglu squinted slightly, followed by a smile, and looked over at Houri, whose eyes were closed.

“It seems that something interesting has happened.”

Houri only felt that he suddenly seemed to be pulled into another world, first a burst of dizziness, and when he recovered, it was already in a familiar place.

He came to a clearing.

The wind blew from the surroundings, raising the corners of Houri’s clothes, but it gave Houri a feeling that was not very real.

That feeling was like entering a dream.

“A dream?”

Houri whispered, as if he understood something, raised his head and looked ahead.

There, a shoujo was standing in the middle of the ruins, meeting Houri’s gaze.

Dressed in a plain smock and jeans.

Wearing a loose hood.

Chestnut-colored long hair from around the brim of the hat, with the wind blowing.

Houri was slightly stunned looking at this shoujo and spoke with surprise.



The shoujo was none other than Silvie.

However, it was different from the Silvie of the other day, who was giving off an uncanny atmosphere.

At this moment, Silvie was looking at Houri with sadness on her face.

That sad expression is enough to make any man’s heart break.

Silvie then said.

“… I’m sorry…”

As soon as the words left her mouth, Silvie suddenly moved.


The tearing sound of flesh being penetrated resounded.

Houri was completely frozen.

Only because, Silvie appeared in front of him at some point, holding a sword-shaped Lux in her hand, piercing through Houri’s heart.

Blood, flowing down the blade of the sword.

“I’m sorry…”

Tears flowed from the corners of Silvie’s eyes.

“I want to find my sensei… to find Ursula…”

“B-but… Ursula said… only by killing you… she can come back…”

“So… I’m sorry… so sorry…”

Under Silvie’s painful voice, Houri slowly collapsed.

The blood stained the ground red.

Only then did Houri realize.

“So… this is the redevelopment district…”

His consciousness disappeared as he spoke of these words.

Houri, dead.

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