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“That building over there is Seidoukan’s university section, that building over there is Seidoukan’s high school section, and on the other side there’s the middle school section building, it’s not very far away, so if you want to take a tour, I’ll be happy to show you the way.”

“Oh? There’s no elementary school section?”

“Basically, no matter which academy, the lowest age group is the middle school section, only Jielong has an elementary school section, and for us, it’s not a good idea to involve children in the struggle too early.”

“It is really mind-boggling, clearly want to learn martial arts, from an early age is conducive to teaching, to cultivate a good foundation. Jielong’s philosophy has always been this way, so there is an elementary school section. For us, it’s amazing that you guys didn’t do it.”

“In this regard, it’s a difference in philosophy, at least in Seidoukan, only the middle school section is the basic age of attendance?”

“Hehe, isn’t it because the minimum age for Festa is 13 that the Integrated Enterprise Foundation behind you doesn’t want to waste resources to train students who are not old enough to participate?”

“Ara, who knows?”

In one of the aisles of Seidoukan Academy, Fan Xinglu and Claudia are walking side by side, talking to each other with smiles on their faces, but the content is somewhat tentative and unpleasant.

Fan Xinglu seems to be very interested in the students of Seidoukan Academy, and judging from her personality, she thinks that she might encounter rare materials in this academy, so she is so excited, right?

Claudia, on the other hand, although she was always polite to Fan Xinglu, her perfect smile looked like a mask, and it was impossible to guess what was in her mind.

Following behind the two student council presidents, Houri was somewhat helpless.

The students around him kept casting curious glances and whispering.

“Isn’t that a student of Jielong?”

“What’s a Jielong student doing in Seidoukan?”

“They’re not here to scout out the enemy, are they?”

“That’s not surprising, after all, the ‘Phoenix Festa’ is about to start.”

“But the student council president is in their side, so there shouldn’t be any problem?”

Conversations like this kept coming from the side.

So, some of the students looked at Houri with a hint of hostility and wariness in their eyes.

This is only natural.

For the students who have Festa as their target, not to mention other academies, even students from the same academy are their competitors.

Festa is the most popular show in the world.

Getting a good result in Festa will not only improve status and treatment in the academy, but also give unimaginable benefits as a student, and winning can even make a wish to Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

For this reason, Genestellar who want to get ahead, who want to be rich and famous, who want to achieve their goals, who want to make noise and attract people, all kinds of Genestellar will gather here.

In this way, all the people around are naturally competitors and even enemies.

In view of this, since the emergence of Festa, there are many examples of people who are willing to do whatever it takes to win and use unseemly means to do so.

In such a situation, students naturally cannot help but guard against people around them.

Because of this, all along the way, all the students cast a wary eye on Houri.

As for Fan Xinglu, who was obviously too young to participate in Festa, the students only wondered why such a person would come to Seidoukan and wondered about Fan Xinglu’s identity, but they were not hostile or wary.

Therefore, Houri was a target of the eyes of the people around him.

However, Fan Xinglu didn’t seem to care about Houri’s feelings at all, and kept watching the Seidoukan students around her with great interest, her eyes glowing as if she could not wait to conduct a test here immediately to see if anyone could pass her challenge and become her disciple.

Unfortunately, this idea was unrealistic.

With no other choice, Houri could only open his mouth.

“You know, Shifu.” Houri sighed. “It’s about time you told me what you brought me to Seidoukan for, isn’t it?”

Hearing this, before Fan Xinglu could react, Claudia was slightly stunned and smiled at Fan Xinglu. “It seems that you have not told Hou-san the purpose of this trip.”

“No need to rush, what his is his, if there is no fate, then this trip is just a waste of time. In that case, it is better to spend more time visiting the academy.” Fan Xinglu said unconcernedly. “But it’s about time, young lady, please take us.”

“With pleasure.” The smile on Claudia’s face remained unchanged, and with a dignified and perfect smile, she began to lead the way.

Fan Xinglu immediately followed happily.

Houri, however, had more doubts in his mind and continued to ask while following Fan Xinglu. “Shifu, can you tell me now?”

“You’re really impatient.” Fan Xinglu glanced at Houri and then laughed. “Since you’ve seen Orga Lux, you know that every academy has Orga Lux distributed by Integrated Enterprise Foundation for students to use, right?”

Houri nodded.

Seeing this, Fan Xinglu then said naturally. “But our Jielong is different. Although we are not without Orga Lux, the number is small. You should know why right?”

Houri knows this.

Yes, compared to the rest of the academy, Jielong has very few Orga Lux, pitifully few.

It’s not because the Integrated Enterprise Foundation behind Jielong doesn’t have Orga Lux, it’s because there are so few people at Jielong who want to use Orga Lux.

That’s because many of the students at Jielong who work out for their own purposes find Orga Lux to be too powerful and easily dependent on their own improvement.

Therefore, there are very few Orga Lux users in Jielong, and even if there are, they will never use it until the last minute.

Houri knows one of such people.

“Zhao shixiong is the user of Orga Lux, right?”

Houri then said. “If I remember correctly, the name of the Orga Lux used by Zhao shixiong is ‘Tsuutensoku’.”

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