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As the name suggests, it is a pair of boot-shaped Orga Lux.

This Orga Lux was once owned by the Rewolf Black Institute and was originally called ‘Hermes Boots’.

And its ability is also very simple, is able to let the user such as flying, can walk freely in the air.

This ability is very inconspicuous.

So for the Rewolf Black academy who advocates violence, this Orga Lux is very unpopular.

So, this Orga Lux was finally given to Jielong and renamed as ‘Tsuutensoku’.

Zhao Hufeng is the user of this Orga Lux.

Admittedly, Tsuutensoku is not a very powerful Orga Lux in terms of power alone.

However, if such an armament is paired with a fist-fighter who is highly skilled in martial arts, it can be used to unimaginable effect.

For example, Zhao Hufeng, such a speed-type of high power martial artist is much more than the ability to fly, it is simply a griffin that can come down from mid-air at any time.

For the improvement of combat power, it can definitely play a nearly multiplying effect.

“It’s just that Zhao shixiong seems to have been reluctant to use this Orga Lux.”

Houri said. “Although for me, this obsession is somewhat unnecessary.”

Even if it is an external force, the extent to which it can be used depends on the ability of the user.

Tsuutensoku, for example, is known to have rather insignificant capabilities, but in the hands of Zhao Hufeng, the Orga Lux is able to do much more than that, proving the point.

In MainGod space, among the strengths that make up MainGod envoy, there is also the item ‘equipment’.

This proves that for people, equipment is also an important part of strength.

“However, it is also true that some people can become dependent on powerful weapons and fall.” Fan Xinglu said to Houri without looking back. “Hufeng, that kid also just wants to remind himself through this way that he should not indulge in the power of weapons, but should refine himself.”

This is also true.

Just like Houri, didn’t he also came to Jielong in order to refine himself and improve his fighting skills, rather than relying on the powerful ability of death perception mystic eyes?

Only in this way, Houri can climb up.

The strength of oneself, coupled with the powerful ability, to finally play out the strength is the most terrifying.

“In Jielong, there are many martial artists who hold the same philosophy, making Orga Lux quite unpopular in our academy. However, Orga Lux is something provided by Integrated Enterprise Foundation, even if it is not used to enhance the strength of students, it is still necessary to collect information.”

Fan Xinglu turned her head and looked at Houri, smiling with deep meaning. “In this way, in order to be able to achieve the purpose of collecting information, what do you think the academy should do?”

Hearing this, Houri then is more or less understand.

“I see,” Houri said with understanding.

“Can we lend Orga Lux to other academies to collect data and get some benefits in exchange?”

“Exactly.” Fan Xinglu affirmed Houri and said.

“At present, we at Jielong have an Orga Lux on loan to Seidoukan Academy, and today, we are here to retrieve it.”

In this way, recalling the conversation between Fan Xinglu and Claudia just now, if Houri didn’t understand what was going on, it would put a shame to his S-class Butei ranking from the last world.

At that moment, Houri said somewhat stunned. “Shifu, you want me to use this Orga Lux?”

“What?” Fan Xinglu asked back instead of answering. “You don’t want to?”

“… Not really,” Houri said with a frown. “It’s just that I don’t want to be led by the nose by Orga Lux.”

Orga Lux is conscious.

Previously, Pandora dragged Houri into the dream forcibly because of its own bad taste, to experience his own death.

Moreover, Orga Lux is able to choose the user, if the user does something that displeases it, it will always abandon the user and refuse to provide power.

In this way, wanting to use Orga Lux is no different than serving a master.

In fact, in the academy battle city, there are many Genestellar who are led by the nose because of the demands of Orga Lux itself.

Even though Orga Lux’s power is attractive, Houri doesn’t want to be played with so casually.

Perhaps understanding Houri’s feelings, Claudia, who was leading the way, smilingly said.

“Don’t worry about that. Compared to Pandora, that child has a good personality and will tolerate the user to the fullest extent as long as it doesn’t get dirty.”

“Dirty?” Houri was slightly stunned.

Claudia covered her mouth with a smile and said. “That child has no bad temper but has serious cleanliness. So as long as Hou-san gives it a good love… no, it should be called she. Help her with her maintenance every day, then she will be happy to lend you her power?”

Houri was speechless.

Orga Lux with cleanliness?

How to say…

Unexpectedly a bit cute…

“Of course, whether you can get the recognition of the Orga Lux is depended on your luck.” Fan Xinglu laughed a little naughty. “Pandora has become that way in your hands, I hope it’s not a coward this time.”

“Yeah.” Claudia smiled at Houri with an ulterior motive. “Don’t scare these kids anymore?”

Houri grinned, didn’t say anything, and just walked towards the destination with Claudia leading the way.

Led by Claudia, Houri and Fan Xinglu arrived at a building and took the elevator all the way down to a wide space that looked like a training room.

The ceiling was high, the walls were neatly arranged in a hexagonal pattern, and one of the walls was partially covered with glass, through the glass, one could see much white-clad staff arranging things, giving the impression of a laboratory.

And in the center of this laboratory-like space, a metal locker is placed there.

The door of the locker has been opened.

Inside, a sword handle full of mechanical sense is suspended in it.

That is the launcher of Orga Lux.

The launcher is pure white in color, and the center of the sword guard position is inlaid with Urm-Manadyte, which is also pure white in color.

Looking at the Orga Lux, Fan Xinglu’s voice slowly rang out.

“That is Jielong Seventh Institute’s pride and joy, the Orga Lux — ‘Burma’.”

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