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Houri murmured this name.

The Orga Lux launcher, the body should be a sword type, right?

“Your usual weapon is a dagger, but the dagger is such an out-of-the-way weapon that it’s rare to even for Lux, let alone Orga Lux.”

Fan Xinglu looked out at the pure white launcher and said. “So, Burma should be the most suitable weapon for you, you will know the specific situation after you pass the compatibility rate test.”

“Compatibility rate?” Houri nodded.

The so-called compatibility rate is an indicator of how much the user is qualified to use Orga Lux.

Orga Lux not only chooses the user, but also the power it can exert varies depending on the user.

In this case, the term compatibility rate was created.

If the compatibility rate is too low, it means that the user is not compatible with Orga Lux. Even if it can be used, it will not exert much power. If the compatibility rate drops to a negative number, it will be directly attacked by Orga Lux.

If the compatibility rate is high, it proves that the user is selected by Orga Lux. The higher the compatibility rate, the greater the power that can be exerted. If the compatibility rate reaches 100%, then the user will be able to play Orga Lux to its full capacity.

For this reason, the compatibility rate is used as the standard for every Orga Lux loan.

Although the criteria for loaning Orga Lux vary among six academies, the Orga Lux can only be obtained if a certain standard is met.

“We, at Seidoukan, will only allow Orga Lux to be loaned out if the compatibility rate reaches 80%.” Claudia looked at Fan Xinglu and said. “Jielong’s standard seems to be different, right?”

“After all, Jielong doesn’t pay much attention to Orga Lux, and depending on the situation, the compatibility rate can be low or high.” Fan Xinglu turned her attention to Houri and suddenly said.

“This time, however, I have a demand for you.”

“Demands?” Houri suddenly met Fan Xinglu’s gaze.

“Your compatibility rate must be at least 90% before you can take Burma.” Fan Xinglu’s voice began to take on a hint of boldness.

“The higher the compatibility rate, the more you can bring out the power of Orga Lux. If you don’t have the means to increase the compatibility rate with Burma to this level, then instead of holding Orga Lux that you can’t fully utilize, you should continue to exercise yourself and improve your strength.”

It is precisely because Fan Xinglu’s requirements are so demanding that the fairy said before that it should be Houri, that is his.

In other words, if he didn’t manage to meet Fan Xinglu’s requirements, the trip would indeed be a waste of time.

However, Fan Xinglu is also absolutely right.

If there is no way to exert the power of Orga Lux, then simply don’t use it and train oneself is the real reason.

So, Houri was silent.

After a while, Houri suddenly turned to Claudia and said. “Miss Enfield, is there a bathroom here?”

“Bathroom?” Claudia can’t help be stunned, then she recovered and said with a perfect smile. “Naturally there is a bathroom here.”

“Really?” Houri nodded and said. “Then can I borrow it for a while?”

“Borrow a bathroom?” Claudia’s brows were slightly raised, and then she smiled as if she understood what was going on. “As expected of Hou-san.”

“Crafty runt…” Fan Xinglu is also a little dumbfounded, but there is a hidden hint of approval.

That is also natural.

Both Fan Xinglu and Claudia are not stupid, otherwise they would not be able to become student council presidents.

So, both of them could see Houri’s intention of doing so.

And Houri did not hide, shrugged his shoulders and said bluntly. “Now that I know Burma like cleanliness, of course I have to clean myself up, that should make her happy, right?”

Yes, Orga Lux is conscious.

But consciousness is not always a bad thing.

Knowing Burma’s personality, like this, is a good thing for the person who intends to use it.

At least, if Houri does this, the compatibility rate can be somewhat improved.

“Got it,” Claudia said immediately. “I’ll talk to the staff here, so Hou-san will go straight to the bathroom.”

“Then I’ll trouble Miss Enfield.” Houri first said this to Claudia, and then said to Fan Xinglu. “Then Shifu, please wait for a while.”

“Go ahead.” Fan Xinglu waved her hand.

Houri left the lab at once and went in the direction of the bathroom under Claudia’s guidance.

Twenty minutes later, Houri returned to the laboratory with a trace of water vapor.


The lights in the laboratory began to dim down, leaving the lockers to light up and emit the mana’s characteristic glow.

Under the watchful eyes of Fan Xinglu and Claudia, Houri came to the locker.

The locker was so large, almost two meters high, that the Orga Lux launcher hovered right in front of Houri’s face.

Looking at the Orga Lux hovering in front of him, Houri directly stretched out his hand and took hold of the launcher in the shape of a sword handle.


With a tremor in the air around the launcher, the Urm-Manadyte on the launcher suddenly glowed.

It was not an unsettling red light like Pandora’s, but a pure white light that calmed the mind.

Immediately afterward, the blade formed by the mana was stretched out from the position of Urm-Manadyte and took shape.

Like the Launcher and Urm-Manadyte, Burma’s blade is pure white.

Considering Burma’s personality, such a pure color is indeed quite suitable.

Thus, a flawless white one-handed sword appeared in Houri’s hand.

The staff’s voice rang out from the surrounding area through the loudspeaker.

“Please raise your Prana and slowly infuse it into the Orga Lux.”

Hearing this, Houri took a deep breath, raised the Prana in his body, and let the Prana slowly injected into the pure white one-handed sword.

The pure white blade instantly emitted light.

However, the glow was extremely faint.

In front of Houri, a spatial window flashed out, showing the current compatibility rate.

“The current compatibility rate is 13%.”

Houri was surprised.

“That low?”

Fan Xinglu, on the other hand, mumbled in disappointment as if she had expected this result.

“So it doesn’t work after all?”

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