Illimitable Until Death v4c296

Houri didn’t expect the compatibility rate to be so low when it was just starting.


That’s not the standard of any academy where you can borrow Orga Lux through the application, right?

No, it should be said that this standard, even if this Orga Lux is used, will not exert much power.

In this case, it wasn’t much use even if it was borrowed, right?

“It seems that this is much more difficult than I thought…”

Houri spoke in a low voice, and then suddenly raised the Prana in his body.


Dazzling starlight emerged from Houri’s body, turning into star-like fragments that hovered around Houri like snowflakes.

At this moment, Houri raised his Prana to the top and poured it into Burma in his hand.

Although Houri is only a Tier 5, with the bonus of skills, equipment, title and profession, it is no better than those of Tier 4 Genestellar.

With Houri’s Prana today, even in Jielong, maybe only Cecily and Zhao Hufeng can rival him.

Therefore, Houri’s Prana is already extremely dense compared to his own level.

Under such circumstances, a large amount of Prana was poured into Orga Lux, causing the light emanating from Burma’s blade to shine brightly.

On the space window in front of Houri, the compatibility rate began to rise.

“Compatibility rate is steadily increasing…”




As the compatibility rate increased, the pure white blade became brighter and brighter.

So far, it seems that although the beginning was rather miserable, the situation seems to be getting better all the time.

However, Houri’s frown was getting deeper and deeper.

“So much Prana has been infused, but it’s still raising so slowly?”

At this rate, when Houri’s Prana is completely depleted, the compatibility rate will not improve much, right?

Eventually, Houri will not be able to meet the standard.

Moreover, Houri felt that the Orga Lux was like a bottomless pit that could not be filled up even after filling up more Prana.

It was as if it could completely disintegrate one’s efforts and make one desperate.

It made Houri think.

“Can anyone really pass the compatibility rate test with this Orga Lux?”

Either way, this bottomless pit doesn’t look like it can be filled.

So, even if someone else comes, the result is probably the same, right?

And at this time, the voice of the staff came again.

“The current compatibility rate is 27%.”


Unimaginably low.

According to this situation, even if Houri depleted his Prana, it will at most increase the compatibility rate to about 35%.

It was unimaginably far from the 90% target.

Houri couldn’t help but stare at the pure white one-handed sword in front of him.

The pure white Urm-Manadyte glowing on the Orga Lux held in his hand gave off a lazy feeling, as if it was half asleep and half awake.

It’s almost as if it’s telling Houri.

“At this level, it’s completely unmotivated…”

That’s right.


That’s the feeling Burma gives Houri.

At the same time, Burma is also telling Houri.

“If you want to use ‘me’, then show a higher qualification…”

That’s right.

A higher qualification.

As if seeing through Houri’s entire being, Burma was looking forward to it.

Expecting Houri to show his power to its satisfaction.


Houri’s tightly furrowed brow slowly loosened and turned to outline the corners of his mouth.

Want to see all of me?

Then let’s show you…


Under Houri’s whispering voice, a faint pattern on the back of his hand, which was holding Burma’s hand, suddenly lit up.

In this moment, the imprint called Stigma is suddenly shaken in the deepest part of Houri’s soul.


Fan Xinglu, who was looking at Houri’s back with disappointment, suddenly raised her head and looked ahead as if she felt something.

Then, Fan Xinglu’s eyes were swept with an unusual glow of unprecedented intensity.

Only Fan Xinglu can feel it.

The man with his back to herself, something awakened inside him.


Fan Xinglu is not the only one who can feel it.

Burma also feels the presence of a little power from Stigma deep in Houri’s soul.


The pure white Orga Lux suddenly burst into a brilliant light.

The light was so dazzling that it was like a small sun, filling the entire laboratory space.

The light was extremely pure and profound.

Under such a bright light, Claudia could not help but be surprised.

As for Fan Xinglu, a light of surprise began to emerge in her eyes.

“Don’t tell me…”

Fan Xinglu’s eyes were like a torch, staring at the space window hovering in front of Houri.

There, the compatibility rate, which had been increasing at a very slow rate, suddenly rose sharply.





Even at this level, the compatibility rate was still increasing at an alarming rate.

At the same time, Houri’s body, a phosphorescent light slowly emerged and burning slowly like a flame
That phosphorescence was pure white, as was Burma.

So, the pure white Orga Lux, the radiant light became denser and denser, and eventually became extremely blinding, and dyed the entire laboratory into pure white color.


Fan Xinglu and Claudia both complexions changed, could not help but close their eyes.

This scene lasted for an unknown period of time.

Until a certain moment, the blinding white light only gradually dissipated.

Fan Xinglu and Claudia now hurriedly opened their eyes and looked ahead.

Only to see, Houri is still standing in the same place, holding the flawless white Orga Lux in his hand, the corners of his mouth slowly lifted.

The staff’s voice stuttered a bit.

“T-the final compatibility rate is 100%!”


The highest value without a doubt!


Fan Xinglu actually clapped her hands and laughed, her laughter filled with joy.

“Passed with the highest value?”

Claudia was a bit stunned.

As for Houri, he was equally stunned.

Because Houri saw the message of Orga Lux in his hand.

Category: Weapon
Level: Tier 3
Effect: The ability to change the form of things it touches and manipulate them, not effective against living things. Depending on the degree of change and manipulation, a certain amount of Prana needs to be consumed.

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