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This is an underground training room inside Seidoukan Academy.

Houri stood in the middle of the underground training room, looking at Fan Xinglu who had an impatient face next to him and sighed.

Although he knew it was probably useless, Houri said this anyway.

“Is this okay, Shifu?”

It was quite clear what Houri was referring to.

It was Claudia’s previous request.

“Aren’t we agreeing too easily?” Houri said. “No matter how you look at it, this duel for us… no, for me, it won’t do any good, will it?”

There’s no need to guess why Claudia made such a request, it was because she wanted to know the performance of Burma and to gather information about Burma, which had been progressing with great difficulty.

It is the data of Orga Lux that has not been able to find users for decades or even a hundred years. It is also created by the first generation of ‘Banyuu Tenra’, which has been quite mysterious.

This information, not to mention for the six great academies, even for the Integrated Enterprise Foundation to have a certain attraction, right?

“The disciple is not like hiding from a guilty conscience, but now it is during the period of ‘Phoenix Festa’, the disciples are also the participants. If Burma’s ability is exposed here, wouldn’t that be a bit of a disadvantage?”

Houri sighed. “Anyway, after ‘Phoenix Festa’, Burma’s ability will definitely not be able to be hidden anymore, and people can collect the information then, so why bother to agree to their request at this time?”

That’s true, but Houri already knew how Fan Xinglu would answer.

The reason must be something like ‘Isn’t this interesting?’.

“Isn’t this interesting?”

As expected, Fan Xinglu repeated the answer that Houri had in mind, in a pleasant voice, without missing a single word.

Because he had expected it, Houri was able to hold back his sigh this time.

“Forget it.” Houri helplessly spoke out.

“If it was an upright martial artist like Zhao shixiong, he would have shown Orga Lux’s ability openly and honestly even if others didn’t ask for it, right?”

So, rationally, Houri knows that this is not good, but emotionally, Houri also feels that it does not matter.

The extent to which he can do as he pleases is actually not much different from Fan Xinglu.

As the meaningless conversation between master and disciple fell, the door to the training room was finally opened.

“Sorry, it took a little while.”

Claudia said this with a smile as she walked in through the door.

Behind her, there were two other people.

One was a strong male.

The age should be around forty years old.

The physique is quite sturdy.

There was no Prana’s aura on his body, so he was not a Genestellar.

He was not a Genestellar, but he seemed to be going in and out of Seidoukan’s facilities naturally, so it seemed that this man was a senior member of the academy.

However, it was not the middle-aged man who caught Houri’s attention, but a shoujo behind him.

A somewhat timid shoujo was following the former not far behind him.

The shoujo was wearing a white uniform, which was a bit different from Claudia’s uniform, not the high school, but the middle school section.

Of course, as a student in the middle school section, the shoujo’s figure is relatively petite, probably around 13-14 years old. Although her face has a hint of childishness, her features are very correct, and even if she is still young, she is still can be called a bishoujo.

Such a shoujo has silver hair to the waist, tied into two handfuls on the left and right of the head. Her hairstyle is similar to Riko, hair color is unique like Alisa, but without Riko’s liveliness, nor Alisa’s high coolness, but looks extremely delicate, a pair of big watery eyes as if they may burst into tears at any time, so people can’t help but feel a slight sense of guilt, wondering if they had accidentally bullied this shoujo.

However, the shoujo has a good figure that can be clearly seen even through her clothes.

Especially the plump chest, which is close to mature women, is almost as good as Riko.

No matter who it is, I believe, facing such a delicate shoujo, will certainly subconsciously have the desire to protect.

But unfortunately, Houri will not.

Because Houri knows the identity of this shoujo.

“This is really unexpected.”

Fan Xinglu’s gaze was also cast on that shoujo’s body at the first time and smiled with a little surprise.

“I didn’t expect that Seidoukan’s sparring partner was actually the genius who ranked first in the sequence.”

That’s right.

The number one in the ranking.

The fragile shoujo, who is extremely easy to protect, impressively is Seidoukan’s number one ranking, the nominally strongest student in this academy.

“Toudou Kirin…”

A super-genius who defeated the former number one ranking at the age of 13 and became the strongest person in Seidoukan.

The man in front is Toudou Kirin’s uncle, Toudou Ichiro.

This man is also quite famous.

This is because he is a staff member of Integrated Enterprise Foundation, the operating parent of Seidoukan Academy, and a cadre candidate, probably even higher than the superintendent of Seidoukan Academy.

This cadre candidate has free access to Seidoukan Academy because of this.

Of course, the reason this person came along was not that he cared about Toudou Kirin.

On the contrary, from the way Toudou Ichiro walked into the underground training room without looking at Toudou Kirin behind him, it was clear that this uncle did not like Toudou Kirin at all.

Moreover, the way Toudou Ichiro looked at Houri, Fan Xinglu, and even Claudia carried an undisguised disgust and contempt in his eyes.

It was a rejection of Genestellar and hostility that is unique to people.

So Toudou Ichiro first glanced at Fan Xinglu, then looked at Houri and suddenly said.

“Are you the Burma user?”

There was no hint of politeness in his voice, only condescension.

“A freshman who has not been enrolled in school for a long time, not even a Ranker, but actually let the number one ranking in the academy as a duel to collect armed data, really makes people ask whether it is a joke or not.”

Saying this, Toudou Ichiro looked at Claudia and said with some displeasure. “Is this person really have value?”

With one sentence, the atmosphere in the training room became tense.

Fan Xinglu seemed to find it interesting and chose to watch from the sidelines.

Houri, on the other hand, raised his brow and looked at Toudou Ichiro.

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