Illimitable Until Death v4c299

This is not the first time Houri has been picked on.

However, Houri only smiled slightly at Toudou Ichiro’s condescending words and chose to ignore them.

No way, this guy is just a bit of a nuisance.

Compared to Sayonaki and Lishi’s siblings, who smiled while hiding a knife, looking for Houri’s trouble implicitly, and were so hypocritical that Houri couldn’t help but feel emotion, Toudou Ichiro’s blatant expression of disgust and contempt made him look like a clown.

At least, that’s what Houri thought.

Therefore, Houri chose to ignore Toudou Ichiro’s speech without much concern and simply turned his attention to Toudou Kirin behind him.


Toudou Kirin immediately shrank a little timidly, like a small animal afraid of life, under Houri’s gaze, could not help but hide her petite body behind Toudou Ichiro.

Of course, Houri was not the only one who caused Toudou Kirin to react this way, but also Fan Xinglu, who was staring at her intently.

Toudou Kirin must have been cowed by Fan Xinglu’s undisguised gaze as if she was being watched by a snake.

As a result, both Houri and Fan Xinglu treated Toudou Ichiro as if he was nothing.

Only Claudia, with an unchanged smile, politely addressed Toudou Ichiro. “Burma’s movement has always been one of the matters of importance to the great academies, even the Integrated Enterprise Foundation has been paying attention to it. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a user to appear, and I believe that the operating parent Integrated Enterprise Foundation will be pleased with the appearance of this material, right?”

As a cadre candidate of Integrated Enterprise Foundation, Toudou Ichiro obviously knows all about Burma.

So Toudou Ichiro just stammered a bit and said. “Then there’s no need for the top ranking to collect the information, right? Can’t you do it too?”

“No, I’m not that great. Toudou-san is a better choice than me.” Claudia explained patiently. “As the number one ranking of this academy, Toudou-san’s strength is undoubtedly the strongest person in Seidoukan. The stronger the strength, then the more comfortable to deal with the opponent, so that the battle time is effectively extended. For us who intend to collect information, this is definitely beneficial.”

Claudia’s words made Toudou Ichiro left speechless once again.

Apparently, this paper tiger couldn’t find a reason to retort.

“Fuck, I don’t have that much time to waste on such things.” Toudou Ichiro turned to Toudou Kirin and said in a gruff tone. “Kirin, make this quick.”

Claudia had clearly said that the longer the battle, the better it would be for gathering information, but Toudou Ichiro still said this, as if he had completely ignored Claudia’s words.

Then, Toudou Ichiro seemed to have completely lost interest in the matter here and went aside.

In the face of her uncle’s rude and unreasonable attitude, Toudou Kirin just bowed her head and came to Houri.

Throughout, Toudou Kirin did not say a word.

Like a bred pet that is not allowed to have contact with outsiders, Toudou Kirin simply followed Toudou Ichiro’s instructions and stood silently opposite Houri.

Then, Toudou Kirin took off a long cloth bag that she had been carrying on her shoulder and took out a weapon from inside.

It was a katana with a sheath.

It was not an Orga Lux, not even a Lux.

It was a real katana.

Fan Xinglu’s voice sounded from the side as if she felt new.

“It seems that the rumor that this little girl defeated the former number one in the sequence ranking and became the number one ranking of Seidoukan with an ordinary weapon is true.”

That’s right.

Toudou Kirin is not a user of Orga Lux, not even Lux, but a very ordinary katana.

Of course, it is not correct to say that it is extremely ordinary.

The sword that Toudou Kirin had, the ‘Senbakiri’ sword, was actually a famous sword and was well known in the swordsmanship school.

However, in an era when Lux was the main weapon, the real sword became extremely insignificant.

In such a situation, Toudou Kirin, with a real sword, defeated the former number one in the sequence and became the strongest Seidoukan.

“I think we’ll see an interesting duel today.”

With this thought, Fan Xinglu retired to the side with great joy.

Claudia also unknowingly retreated and watched the fight.

Houri and Toudou Kirin were left to face each other on the training ground.

In response, Toudou Kirin only gave Houri a furtive glance, then took a deep breath and said in a low voice.

“Excuse me…”

In a voice that was not yet completely free of childishness, Toudou Kirin slowly placed her hand on the blade hilt.

This instant, the aura of Toudou Kirin suddenly changed.

It is no longer as delicate as before, but as if a warrior who has been hammered and refined, emitting an aura of awe.

Not only that, Toudou Kirin’s expression also changed.

It became extremely calm.

It was as if some switch had been flipped and the whole person’s state had switched.

Houri, who had been silently observing the shoujo, had the same emotionless expression and faced the pressure with extreme calmness.

(Amazing, to reach this level at the age of thirteen, already no less than Zhao shixiong and Wang shijie.)

With this in mind, Houri took out the pure white launcher in slow motion.


A pure white light blossomed from the Urm-Manadyte.

Around Houri, mana particles began to gather and coalesce under the light of the Urm-Manadyte, turning into a pure white blade that ejected from the launcher.

The pure white one-handed sword was immediately gripped by Houri into his hand.

“Is that Burma?”

Toudou Kirin murmured and lifted Senbakiri up to Houri.

“Then, here I go.”

Voice fallen.


With a heavy stepping sound, Toudou Kirin’s body turned into a loaded bullet and darted towards Houri with an amazing speed.

In her hand, the katana named Senbakiri slashed through the air like an arc, slashing Houri’s direction.

The speed was frighteningly fast.


Under the crisp clash sound, a spark burst out, announcing the beginning of this duel.

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