Illimitable Until Death v4c300


That was the sound of the atmosphere being sliced open with a crisp and clear blow.

In the underground training ground of Seidoukan Academy, the pure white light sword and the silver-white real sword cut through the air at the same time, like a flash of light, with a dazzling luster like the moon arc, heavily collide together.


The sharp sword blade and the blade rubbed against each other, bursting into fire.

The light of the fire illuminated both Houri and Toudou Kirin’s cheeks, causing their eyes to meet and stare at each other.


With a tender shout, Toudou Kirin’s petite figure sprang into Houri’s arms like a mirage, and the Senbakiri in her hand turned into a blade light with a harsh sound of air splitting, suddenly slashing down at Houri’s body.

There was no need to be merciful.

After all, Genestellar has the power to turn Prana into a defense against bullets, and even if they do get slashed, it won’t be fatal.

Therefore, in a duel between Genestellar, there is no need to be merciful, only to play with full strength.

So Toudou Kirin swung her Senbakiri without hesitation and unleashed an unending series of strikes in Houri’s direction.

Houri immediately stomped on the ground and retreated while raising his Burma in his hand and holding it in front of his body.

Clank Clank Clank Clank–!

At once, the endless strike turned into a blade light from all directions, one by one fell on the pure white light sword, stirring up a burst of sparks.

Houri and Toudou Kirin thus retreat and advance, one on the defensive, the other on the offensive, in a fierce exchange of blows throughout the training ground.

It must be said that Toudou Kirin’s swordsmanship was sharp and swift, and even though she was small and her wrists looked extremely soft and weak, her strikes carried a lot of force, like a storm, she was constantly enveloping Houri.

In this situation, Houri retreated again and again, trying to distance himself from Toudou Kirin while blocking sharp strikes from all directions.

However, Toudou Kirin leaned forward with a swift body technique, keeping a firm grip on Houri, and kept swinging and slashing.

Under the storm like continuous strikes, Houri was completely losing ground, struggling to hold on, looking a bit shaky and ready to lose.

“Hmph.” Toudou Ichiro snorted and turned away, seemingly not interested in following the battle anymore.

On the contrary, Fan Xinglu and Claudia were watching with great interest.

Fan Xinglu, in particular, stared at Toudou Kirin with glowing eyes and said with admiration.

“Toudouryuu’s Renzuru? That little girl has completely brought out the essence of it!”

A swordsmanship school.

It was a new school founded in the late period.

Nowadays, there are many disciples of Genestellar, a modern school that is extremely well known in the world and has a dojo presence all over the world.

This school is characterized by the specialization of one-on-one dueling and has the reputation of ‘like folding a crane’, which can be like folding a paper crane, swinging the sword in a very precise sequence, completely overwhelming the opponent with high-speed combinations, in order to obtain victory.

The so-called ‘Renzuru’ is the embodiment of this concept.

‘Renzuru’ is an infinite combo secret skill consisting of 49 combos.

It is said that there is no end and no limit, no matter how the opponent defends, no matter how the enemy dodges, it can continue to move, chase the opponent, and crush with a continuous strike until the opponent is defeated.

Toudou Kirin is the heir to the Toudouryuu clan.

Although only thirteen years old, this shoujo has apparently mastered Toudouryuu’s secret skill, and with an infinite series of strikes, she has firmly pinned down Houri, leaving Houri on the defensive and exhausted.

At least, that’s what it looks like on the surface.

“Hou-san is so kind.” Claudia smiled sweetly and said. “Although Toudou-san’s Renzuru is quite difficult to deal with, Hou-san is capable of getting away from Toudou-san at the beginning with his excellent speed, so that he won’t be caught up in the Renzuru.”

“Oya.” Fan Xinglu suddenly glanced at Claudia and said with a faint smile. “I’m sure that Seidoukan student council president, who is known as a perfect talent, has investigated my student who has been a student for less than two months.”

After all, from the beginning to the end, Houri had never shown his extraordinary speed and body technique, but Claudia was able to conclude that Houri could get rid of Toudou Kirin’s Renzuru with his speed, so she obviously already knew Houri to some extent.

As Silvie said, even if he is unknown, Houri will be the focus of the rest of the academy executives when he becomes a disciple of Fan Xinglu.

“Although Hou-san’s ability is definitely more than that, that’s for sure,” Claudia said with a smile that made it impossible to read her mind. “He is really a disciple of ‘Banyuu Tenra’.”

“I didn’t expect this kid to have such ability either.” Fan Xinglu showed her happiest expression so far, and her eyes became hot as she looked at Houri.

“I’m really curious, what was the power I felt at that time?”

This sentence, Claudia did not hear.

Because, in front, the battle situation has changed abruptly.


Swinging the pure white Orga Lux and flicking the incoming blade away, Houri kept his cool and fought through Toudou Kirin’s combos while concentrating on the Orga Lux in his hand.

(I never thought I could actually use Tier 3 equipment…)

This is an incredible thing.

In the rules of MainGod space, a low-level MainGod envoy cannot wear a piece of high-level equipment.

Even if Houri’s strength is enough to reach Tier 4, in the end, he is still a Tier 5 MainGod envoy, not to mention the Tier 3 equipment, even the Tier 4 equipment can not be used.

But currently, Houri is like it was natural, wielding a weapon that is a whole two levels higher than his own.

How can this not be unbelievable?

(But this is the will of the weapon itself.)

Therefore, it was not Houri himself who wore the equipment of a higher level than his own, but the equipment itself was voluntarily used by Houri.

It was because of this that Houri was able to use Burma.


Houri raised his head and looked at Toudou Kirin who kept swinging her sword.

“It’s almost time to use it…”

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