Illimitable Until Death v4c301


In the spark that burst out for the first time, a crisp clash sound resounded.

The sharp strike, like a crane, landed heavily on the pure white blade at an extremely tricky angle, followed by a spin by Toudou Kirin, which was withdrawn extremely smoothly and turned into another angle, like a flash of light, slashing Houri’s direction.

The movement was amazingly smooth.

So, Toudou Kirin’s Renzuru didn’t stop from the beginning to the end, allowing a storm of blades to come from in front of Houri’s face, exerting an amazing suppressing effect.

If this continues, sooner or later, Houri will be defeated because he can’t withstand the increasingly rapid combos, right?

If Houri doesn’t have a solution.

As he watched Toudou Kirin’s strike sweep past like a light, Houri finally raised the Prana in his body and let the dazzling starlight fly away from his body like pieces.

However, the Prana that Houri used was not used to enhance his physical abilities but was poured into the Orga Lux in his hand like water.


In the next instant, a dazzling white light blossomed from Burma’s Urm-Manadyte.

A large amount of Prana was absorbed by Burma, causing a stream of data to appear on the pure white blade, which spiraled down the blade and finally, was injected into the Urm-Manadyte.

Seeing this scene, Toudou Kirin looked solidified, but the attack in her hands did not stop in the slightest, and with a thunderous force, Senbakiri, which was transformed into a blade light, slashed down with force and slashing Houri’s direction.

It was at this point that the vision occurred.


In a whistling wind, a gust of air suddenly hovered around the pure white Orga Lux, turning into a gust of wind that swept over Burma’s blade.

Through MainGod space’s information, Houri already knew that Burma’s ability was to change the form of things it touched and manipulate them.

At this moment, Houri used this ability to change the movement of the air currents around Burma, turning them into wind pressure and coalescing on the blade.

Immediately afterward, Houri’s retreating figure finally stopped, suddenly stepping forward and heavily waved the Orga Lux in his hand.

Just in time, it collided with Toudou Kirin’s strike.


This time, there was no burst of spark, no crisp clash sound, there was just an explosion-like roar.

In the moment of collision, the powerful wind pressure was released from Burma’s blade and turned into a substantial shockwave, which was exploded on Senbakiri’s body under Houri’s swing.

The terrible impact, mixed with the chaotic airflow and wind direction, struck Toudou Kirin like a thunderbolt, and her entire petite body was blown away, bouncing like a ball.

Fortunately, before hitting the wall, Toudou Kirin was able to adjust her body and landed on the ground with a backflip in mid-air.

“Oh my dear…”

Claudia uttered in awe.

“What the…!”

Toudou Ichiro, on the other hand, finally lost his composure and opened his eyes wide.

Even Toudou Kirin was staring at Houri in front of her with a grim face and said with some incredulity.

“Renzuru was actually broken…”

Renzuru that was known for not ending until the opponent was defeated once it started, was suddenly defeated by Houri in this way.

This was the secret skill that Toudou Kirin relied on to beat the number one ranked fighter in the sequence and to become the strongest Seidoukan.

How could it be broken like that?

“So strong…”

Not knowing if she was talking about Houri or Burma, Toudou Kirin set up Senbakiri again and pointed it in Houri’s direction.

No one noticed.

At this moment, Houri’s brow was furrowed, as if he had sensed something bad.

If there was anyone who could detect Houri’s behavior, it was only one person.

It was Fan Xinglu.

Staring at Houri, who was frowning, Fan Xinglu seemed to know what was going on, but said nothing, and continued to watch with great interest.

As for Houri, he was silent for a while and then slowly held Burma up in front of him.

“Sure enough, Tier 3 weapons aren’t that easy to use…”

The blow just now made Houri realize a few things.

One: Although he could use this Tier 3 Orga Lux because of Burma’s own will, he was not able to use all of its power.

In other words, Houri has not yet completely mastered Burma’s power.

There are two reasons for this.

One is because Houri just got Burma and has not had time to get familiar with it.

The second is because Houri’s own strength is too weak to draw out all of Burma’s abilities.

In other words, although it is a Tier 3 weapon, Houri can at most play a Tier 4 level of power.

Two: Burma as Orga Lux, the same as the rest of the Orga Lux, want to use, must pay a price.

This price is Prana.

If Houri only used Burma for close combat, it would not cost Prana.

However, once Houri uses Burma ability, it will consume a certain amount of Prana depending on the size of the ability used.

The blow just now made Houri consume almost one-tenth of his Prana instantly.

One can imagine how quickly Houri’s Prana would be consumed if he kept using Burma’s ability.

“So, Tier 3 weapons aren’t that easy to use…”

But at the same time, Houri also discovered a third thing.

That is, with the infusion of his Prana, not only the things that touch Burma but also the form of Burma itself can be changed.

“That’s why Shifu said that Burma should be the most suitable weapon for me, right?”

Houri smiled faintly, gripped Burma’s sword handle and began to slowly inject Prana.


The pure white Orga Lux burst into dazzling light.

In the next second, everyone saw it.

In Houri’s hand, Burma, which was originally the size of a one-handed sword, gradually shrank in the light and eventually became a dagger.

This was Houri’s best weapon.


With a slight sound, Houri made a nimble spin and Burma turned into a dagger was held in reverse in his hand.

Houri raised his head and looked at Toudou Kirin in front of him, the corners of his mouth gradually rose.

Immediately, Houri’s figure suddenly disappeared from the spot.


Toudou Kirin’s face finally changed.

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