Illimitable Until Death v4c302

Like a mirage, Houri just disappeared without any warning, leaving no trace of his presence, as if he had never existed in the first place, making Toudou Kirin’s face change slightly.

“I can’t feel his breath?”

This is also an incredible thing.

After all, the Genestellar all have the existence of Prana.

And every Genestellar is able to sense Prana.

Therefore, to be completely invisible, it is not only necessary to eliminate the breath, but also need to suppress the flow of Prana to a minimum. Only then is it possible to hide from the powerful people who are also Genestellar.

At this moment, Toudou Kirin did not even feel a trace of Houri’s breath, as if this opponent really disappeared completely, which makes people shudder.

At that moment, Toudou Kirin hastily lifted the Senbakiri in her hand to protect herself.

However, at this time, a figure quietly appeared behind Toudou Kirin.


With a burst of sparks and a crisp clash sound, Burma, which had turned into a dagger, landed on Senbakiri.

Houri appeared silently, passing by Toudou Kirin’s side like a flash, and the dagger in his hand was like the sharp claws of a fierce beast, clashing fiercely with Senbakiri.

Toudou Kirin reacted in the nick of time and blocked the attack from behind.

However, just as Toudou Kirin was about to launch a counterattack, Houri disappeared into thin air again.


With astonishing speed, Houri’s body completely transformed into a phantom, with a clearly audible sound of air splitting, like a group attacking from all directions, constantly dodging past Toudou Kirin’s body.

With each dash, Burma in Houri’s hand would come out from a tricky angle, like a viper rising from a hole, fiercely slicing at Toudou Kirin with a hint of murderous aura.

Clank Clank Clank Clank–!

The unending sound of clash resounded.

This time, it was Toudou Kirin’s turn to fall completely into the defensive position, difficult to resist the strike from all sides, the petite figure like a lone boat in the storm, the body is in a mess, the pace is chaotic, looks extremely dangerous.

The scene was as if there were countless invisible people attacking from all around Toudou Kirin, leaving Toudou Kirin to block desperately, with sparks erupting from the Senbakiri in her hands, telling others that Toudou Kirin was under attack.

“So… so fast!”

Toudou Kirin’s face was already dripping with sweat.

As the heir to the school known for its high-speed combos, Toudou Kirin is also known for her speed.

However, Toudou Kirin is better at attack speed than movement speed, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to form an infinite combo that her opponent couldn’t escape.

But at this moment, Toudou Kirin had to admit that Houri’s attack speed was much faster than hers.

Moreover, even the movement speed was amazing.

So, Toudou Kirin understood.

Houri was a speed-type through and through.

In the previous duel, this ‘Banyuu Tenra’ direct disciple had not shown his true strength at all.

“So strong…”

Toudou Kirin said this for the second time.

However, unlike before, this time it was clearly directed at Houri himself.

“But I also have a reason why I can’t lose so easily…”

Toudou Kirin took a deep breath, raised the Senbakiri in her hand, and the light of Prana began to emerge from her body.

Although Houri’s speed was so terrifying that Toudou Kirin couldn’t catch up with him, just because she couldn’t catch up didn’t mean that she couldn’t react.

Toudou Kirin could see it with her innate talent.

“In the moment of launching an attack, the opponent’s breath cannot be perfectly hidden.”

So, Toudou Kirin could still see it.

Seeing that one moment.

The light of Prana burned like a flame in Toudou Kirin’s eyes.

At the same time, a sword light swept out at Toudou Kirin’s side and thrust in the direction of Toudou Kirin with a swift movement.

“This is it!”

Toudou Kirin turned around and raised the Senbakiri in her hand to the incoming sword light and slashed down with the force of her whole body.


The loudest clash sound so far suddenly sounded, like a metal bell being struck, echoing around.

The blow that gathered Toudou Kirin’s entire body strength finally deflected the incoming dagger, causing Houri’s figure to stagnate and appear in Toudou Kirin’s eyes.

“My win!”

Toudou Kirin followed the trajectory of the sword strike with Renzuru’s trick, like a paper crane, and suddenly slashed back, causing the tip of Senbakiri’s sword to turn into a ray of light and cut into the badge in front of Houri.

That was Houri’s school badge.

In academy battle city, all duels are lost with the damage of the school badge.

So even though this duel was for the purpose of collecting armed information, Houri and Toudou Kirin did not apply for a duel through the school badge, the condition of victory or defeat was still the destruction of the school badge.

Therefore, Toudou Kirin swung a sharp and swift slash at the school badge in front of Houri’s body.

However, Toudou Kirin did not notice.

In the face of that swift strike, Houri not only did not have a trace of panic but also had a smirk on his face.

A closer look reveals that Burma in Houri’s hand has unknowingly disappeared.

No, it didn’t disappear, but was released by Houri and stabbed on the ground along with the gravity.


The next second, Burma that pierced the ground burst into a pure white flash.

Under that flash, the solid ground suddenly shook and suddenly transformed into a sharp stab that broke through the air and thrust at Toudou Kirin’s whole body from all directions.


Toudou Kirin was shocked, and without thinking too much, she hastily withdrew her Senbakiri and concentrated her Prana on her whole body, raising her defense to the limit.

However, the spikes rising from all directions suddenly stopped less than a centimeter in front of Toudou Kirin when they were about to land on her body.

One of the thickest spikes stopped right in front of Toudou Kirin’s throat.

“I win…”

With such a voice, Houri pulled out the Burma that was stabbed on the ground and swung a not-so-slow slash at the school badge in front of Toudou Kirin.

Toudou Kirin was unable to move because of the spikes from all sides, and could only watch as the school badge in front of her being split in two.

The winner was announced.

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