Illimitable Until Death v4c303


The sound of the red lotus flower school badge falling on the ground sounded faint.

And on that school badge, a crack was neatly cut into it, leaving the school badge broken in half.

Toudou Kirin looked at the school badge that fell to the ground in a daze as if she hadn’t reacted to the sudden defeat.

As for Houri, he let Burma return to its launcher state, turned around and looked at Toudou Kirin, who had been aimed at by a sharp stab from the ground in all directions and then turned his gaze to the side.

There, Fan Xinglu and Claudia behaved completely differently.

“Although there is a lot of flaws, it is really excellent material, really makes my blood boil, I can’t help but want to play a game.”

Fan Xinglu laughed out loud.

Claudia was looking at Toudou Kirin’s school badge that was split in two, whispered in a soft tone.

“Did you even beat ‘Shippuu Jinrai’, who was ranked first in the sequence?”

It seems that they will have to investigate this direct disciple of ‘Banyuu Tenra’ in more detail.

Although he is a recent disciple, he has too many factors that cannot be ignored.

If she didn’t investigate, she wouldn’t be able to satisfy her curiosity, not to mention her incompetence as a student council president of Seidoukan, right?

Thinking of this, Claudia couldn’t help but touch her own launcher in the sheath thoughtfully.

In the end, the person who had a violent reaction to this victory was instead a person who was completely irrelevant in theory.


Toudou Ichiro let out a roar.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

The voice was not only full of rudeness but also full of anger.

Under that angry roar, Toudou Kirin’s body trembled, and the awe-inspiring aura that had been emanating from her body when she was holding the sword had disappeared, and she reverted to the frightened, fragile shoujo, lowering her head and speaking out in an extremely timid manner.

“I-I’m sorry, uncle.”

However, in the face of Toudou Kirin’s cowardly performance, Toudou Ichiro became even more aggressive.

“You even lost to an unranked student of Jielong, a guy who didn’t even enter the rankings!”

Toudou Ichiro is furious beyond words.

Of course Toudou Ichiro is angry.

Because, for Toudou Ichiro, Toudou Kirin is a tool that cannot be replaced.

That’s right, a tool.

Toudou Ichiro hates Genestellar, a lot.

The reason is simple, because Toudou Ichiro is not a Genestellar, while his brother, Toudou Kirin’s father is a Genestellar, with the power of the mortal man can not reach, far above Toudou Ichiro.

Because of this, Toudouryuu’s successor was identified as Toudou Ichiro’s brother, Toudou Kirin’s father, while Toudou Ichiro, as the elder brother, lost his status as the successor because he was a commoner.

Since then, Toudou Ichiro has become one of the representatives of Genestellar who dislikes Genestellar.

Even though the subject was his own family, Toudou Ichiro still did not treat Toudou Kirin as a human being.

In such a situation, Toudou Ichiro would never have approached Toudou Kirin.

However, since Toudou Kirin enrolled in school, Toudou Ichiro has been frequenting Seidoukan, taking over all of Toudou Kirin’s affairs and unilaterally deciding everything for Toudou Kirin.

Including today’s duel to collect armed information, the decision was not made by Toudou Kirin, but by Toudou Ichiro.

In other words, Toudou Kirin has almost no personal freedom and all her actions are unilaterally decided by Toudou Ichiro.

The only reason for this is that Toudou Ichiro needs a tool.

A tool to make a name for himself.

As a cadre candidate within Seidoukan operating parent’s Integrated Enterprise Foundation, Toudou Ichiro wanted to make it big.

For this reason, it would be beneficial for Toudou Ichiro’s career if the student he has selected and trained could make a name for themselves at Seidoukan, or even win at Festa.

That’s why Toudou Ichiro sees Toudou Kirin as a tool and demands that she leaves a legacy that is unprecedented and unmatched by anyone else, thus ensuring that his position at Integrated Enterprise Foundation will continue to grow.

It was under such strict demands that Toudou Kirin had to fight her way to the top of Seidoukan with a real sword, defeating countless strong players and even the former number one ranking.

But today, Toudou Kirin finally tasted defeat.

And, at the hands of a nobody who wasn’t even ranked.

If this news got out, then Toudou Kirin’s rating would definitely drop drastically, which would eventually affect Toudou Ichiro’s rating in turn.

When he thought of this, Toudou Ichiro became furious.

“Didn’t I tell you that it’s absolutely forbidden to lose?”

Toudou Ichiro marched towards Toudou Kirin and raised his hand high amidst Toudou Kirin’s fearful expression.

“Ah…” Toudou Kirin subconsciously closed her eyes, and a fearful expression finally appeared on her face.

However, after waiting for a while, Toudou Kirin didn’t get the pain she thought he would feel.

So, Toudou Kirin subconsciously opened her eyes and saw Toudou Ichiro, who was frozen in place with his hands in the raised position.

It was only then that Toudou Kirin realized.

In front of Toudou Ichiro’s neck, a dagger was being placed on it.

It was not a Burma, but a dagger as sharp as a crescent moon.

With such a dagger in hand, Houri stood behind Toudou Ichiro’s back at some point, holding the weapon in reverse and holding it in front of Toudou Ichiro’s neck with a sigh.

With that, Houri said.

“It’s the right of the victor to mock the defeated, can you please not take that away from me?”

It was clearly a complaint, but in this moment, an indescribable aura emerged from Houri’s body.

It was a murderous aura.

“You have nothing to do here, even if you are here, why don’t you just stay by the side?”

Houri grinned with these words.

“Well, now that I’ve intervened, don’t you think you can get away with it?”

Murderous aura all of a sudden swelled up.

Toudou Ichiro stiffened his body, not even daring to move.

A cold sweat began to flow down from his face.

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