Illimitable Until Death v4c304

“You… what do you want to do?”

Feeling the coldness from the dagger in front of his neck, Toudou Ichiro was sweating coldly, but there was a hint of sneer in his tone.

“I am an ordinary man, you Genestellar dare to attack me?”

Toudou Ichiro wasn’t bluffing.

In this world, Genestellar has always been seen as an anomaly.

Like a flood of beast transformed into human form, people are afraid of Genestellar with superhuman-like power, so they have feelings of rejection.

Once the overpowering power is possessed by the people around, the first thing that people think about is their own safety.

Will they suddenly hurt themselves?

Will they suddenly attack themselves?

Will they suddenly target themselves?

Will they suddenly attack themselves in surprise?

Such thoughts inevitably appear in people’s minds, eventually leading to the emergence of conflicts.

This idea is not considered wrong.

After all, having possessed great power, people simply cannot resist if Genestellar wants to hurt them.

In view of this, Genestellar’s position in any country is in a weak position, human rights are even restricted. In case Genestellar hurt ordinary people, it is not only unable to claim self-defense, but also often treated as over-defense. In case accidentally lead to the death of the other party, then even if the other party is the perpetrator, as Genestellar’s party, will also be subject to severe legal penalties.

Therefore, if Houri had really hit Toudou Ichiro, he would not only have been expelled from Jielong, but would have been arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment.

So, even though the murderous aura from behind was like a sharp blade, stabbing Toudou Ichiro’s skin all the time, Toudou Ichiro still maintained a superior attitude, without a trace of reservation.

However, Toudou Ichiro did not know that.

In the world of God Eater, a lieutenant named Rollingleth threatened Houri on the grounds of the survival of the entire Russian branch and even the future of the entire human race, in an attempt to make Houri afraid.

As a result, this man was killed by Houri.

In this situation, Houri laughed when he heard Toudou Ichiro’s threat.

“Unfortunately, you have chosen the wrong way.”

Houri’s hand holding the dagger suddenly tightened and cut Toudou Ichiro’s skin.

Blood flowed down from the front of Toudou Ichiro’s throat.

Toudou Ichiro’s eyes widened to their fullest extent, and a frightening emotion finally emerged from within.

At this moment, a voice intervened.

“Wa-wait please!”

Toudou Kirin seemed thoroughly flustered, but came forward anyway, bowing to Houri repeatedly with some fumbling hands.

“T-this senpai! I’m really very sorry! Please let uncle go!”

A word that made Houri’s hand that was slowly tightening the dagger to pause.

Houri looked at Toudou Kirin and said. “This man has done this to you, and you are still pleading for him?”

Rather, Houri was clearly sticking up for Toudou Kirin, and the shoujo ended up pleading on behalf of her bully to the one who helped her.

“I’m really… I’m really sorry.” Toudou Kirin said timidly, with a tear in the corner of her eye. “B-but, I volunteered.”



Toudou Kirin did it of her own free will.

Otherwise, even if a Genestellar could not just hit an ordinary person, it would have been easy for Toudou Kirin to avoid a man’s fists and kicks.

However, Toudou Kirin has always taken what Toudou Ichiro has done without any complaints.

The reason is simple: Toudou Kirin has a wish of her own.

In order to do so, Toudou Kirin needed to win the Festa championship.

However, Toudou Kirin is too young and even though she is strong, she has no autonomy and has no plan on how to win the Festa.

Festa is definitely not something that can simply be won by Toudou Kirin.

But Toudou Kirin had to win.

For this purpose, Toudou Kirin compromised with Toudou Ichiro and let Toudou Ichiro organize all her actions in order to increase her chances of winning the Festa title.

In fact, although Toudou Ichiro’s treatment of Toudou Kirin was questionable, it was because of Toudou Ichiro’s arrangement that Toudou Kirin was able to achieve the honor of being ranked number one in the Seidoukan rankings.

Without Toudou Ichiro’s meticulous planning, Toudou Kirin alone would not have been able to achieve the number one ranking so easily, even if she had the strength.

For example, Toudou Kirin was able to win the duel with the former No. 1 because Toudou Ichiro had gathered a lot of information and made a plan, which made it possible.

Otherwise, it would never have been that easy to succeed.

“So… So…” Toudou Kirin whispered as if it was difficult to speak. “Please… Please let uncle go…”

As soon as the words left her mouth, the atmosphere of the entire training ground became a bit unspeakable.

After taking a look at Toudou Kirin, who looked like she was about to cry, and then at Toudou Ichiro, who was stiff, Houri pursed his lips and put away the dagger in his hand.

The atmosphere around him suddenly became a little more relaxed.

Toudou Kirin breathed a sigh of relief and bowed to Houri to thank him.

Toudou Ichiro, however, touched his neck and looked at the blood in his hands, and felt a little hatred in his heart.

These Genestellar, indeed, are all monsters, monsters that only threaten the existence of human beings.

However, Toudou Ichiro’s hatred soon disappeared.

Because of Houri’s words.

“Anyway, your plan is no longer likely to succeed.” Houri glanced at Toudou Ichiro and said sarcastically. “After all, Toudou Kirin has already lost to me, to a student who didn’t even make the rankings, and to the rest of the academy, so I’m sure your rating in the Integrated Enterprise Foundation will drop so much that you’ll never be able to get back on your feet again.”

Hearing this, Toudou Ichiro’s face turned pale, and finally, he slumped his shoulders as if in despair.

Houri ignored Toudou Ichiro, but came to Toudou Kirin’s side and said, as if talking to himself. “Better rely on yourself than on others.”

“Otherwise, even if the wish comes true, no one is likely to be happy.”

With these words, Houri ignored Toudou Kirin’s complicated expression and turned around, walking towards Fan Xinglu.

At this point, the incident came to a successful end.

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