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Queenvail Girls Academy.

This is the smallest academy among the six great academies in the academy battle city.

The reason for this is that the admission requirements for this academy are much more difficult than the rest of the academies.

First of all, students can only be female, otherwise it would not be called a girl academy.

Second, students must have a beautiful appearance, otherwise they will not be able to enter.

These two conditions have filtered out more than 80% of the students, making the size of Queenvail Girls Academy the smallest among the six great academies.

However, even though it is the smallest, in terms of popularity, this academy is definitely not weaker than any of the other academies.

After all, it is a secret garden yearned by both men and women, and a big stage for idol stars, which makes this academy’s popularity and fame no less than the other academies.

Other than that, when talking about Sylvia Lyyneheym, who doesn’t know this world-class diva?

What’s more, Sylvia Lyyneheym is not only a world-class diva but also the most famous Strega, the first in the sequence of the Queenvail Girls Academy, which is a world-class level in terms of looks, strength and talent.

At least, in the academy battle city, there are definitely not many people who can beat Sylvia.

Because, in the last ‘Lindwurm Festa’, Sylvia is an almost omnipotent ability, with exquisite combat skills, all the way to the final, and finally got the runner-up.

It was not a two-person team ‘Phoenix Festa’, let alone a five-person team ‘Gryps Festa’, but a solo battle ‘Lindwurm Festa’.

In other words, this Festa is all about the individual strength of the students, not about partners, teammates or cooperation, but only about their individual fighting ability.

In such a situation, Sylvia won second place in ‘Lindwurm Festa’, everyone should have understood what it means.

It means that in the whole academy battle city, Sylvia is theoretically the second strongest student.

Such a world-class diva, who has strength, ability, talent and looks, is now walking slowly in a corridor of Queenvail Girls Academy.

A purple waist-length hair flutters in the wind.

A pure white uniform with a glow.

Sylvia’s head is wearing a headset at this time, leisurely walking forward.

This is the highest floor of Queenvail Girls Academy’s most popular student dormitory.

The people who live here are the top-ranked in the Queenvail Girls Academy.

Sylvia’s room is also here, as the number one in the sequence.

Just as Sylvia was about to return to her room, a spatial window suddenly unfolded in front of her.


Sylvia stopped in her tracks and showed an expression of interest.

On the space window in front of Sylvia, there was a student profile.

The subject was a student of Jielong Seventh Institute.

The student who had no ranking and no notable achievements, who had just enrolled in Jielong a month or so ago, but had been accepted as a disciple by that ‘Banyuu Tenra’.

It was Houri.

“Is this the latest information?”

Sylvia is also the student council president of Queenvail Girls Academy while being a world-class diva and Strega.

However, compared to the rest of the academy’s student council president, Sylvia’s power in this area is actually somewhat awkward.

People in the outside world have always thought that in the academy battle city, among the six great academies, the student council all have extremely strong power.

But in fact, the power of the student council varies according to the academy.

For example, in Arlequint Academy, because of the different philosophies, most of the students belonged to different factions, and the student council only played the role of mediator.

Rewolf Black originally belonged to this category as well. In the student council, most of the members were transferred from the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, which is the operating parent, so it is hard to say that the person who holds the real power is the student council, and the status of the student council is somewhat abnormal.

Jielong Seventh Institute, on the other hand, the degree of power of the student council varies according to the period. Even the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, which is the operating parent, is not able to tell ‘Banyuu Tenra’ what to do, making it possible for other academies to have a dictatorship that would never happen.

The student councils of Seidoukan Academy and Saint Galahadworth Academy, on the other hand, have the power to make decisions with the help of the foundation.

As for Queenvail Girls Academy, the real power is in the hands of the superintendent, and the student council is almost like a vase.

However, Sylvia is still the student council president, there is no doubt about it.

Therefore, when important information emerges, the hidden agency in the shadow of the academy will pass the content of the intelligence to Sylvia as soon as it is judged that it should be notified.

Now, Sylvia had obtained a copy of the latest information about Houri.

After browsing the information for a while, Sylvia was surprised.

“He has taken Burma?”

This is indeed a very important piece of information.

Among the Orga Lux, Burma has a very high status and is highly valued by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

The reason is simple because this Orga Lux is the last work left by ‘Banyuu Tenra’, the first generation of Jielong Seventh Institute, which appeared at the beginning of its creation.

Queenvail Girls Academy is the only academy that has not conducted research on Burma.

It is not because the Integrated Enterprise Foundation of Queenvail Girls Academy is not interested in Orga Lux, but because of the nature of the academy, Queenvail Girls Academy focuses on the development of acting career, and the research facilities in the academy are extremely insufficient.

In this way, since the rest of the academies could not research anything, it was impossible for Queenvail Girls Academy to research anything.

In view of this consideration, the superintendent simply gave up the lease of Burma, but it does not mean that Burma is not important.

So Sylvia is equally aware of the special nature of this Orga Lux.

“I didn’t expect that Orga Lux, which had no user for nearly a hundred years, was actually taken in by him.”

Sylvia couldn’t help but recall that man and pondered.

“I wonder, what ability does that Orga Lux possess…”

“If it can help me find Ursula…”

With that in mind, Sylvia had a decision.

Sylvia did not notice.

In a corner behind her, several lines of sight were peeking out from a door that was open a crack and cast on her.

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