Illimitable Until Death v4c306

On this day, Houri finished his morning practice, had some more training with Cecily and was about to continue his usual practice when a message was sent to his phone.

“I have a request, let’s meet at the usual place.”


Seeing this message, Houri was stunned and amazed.


How could this girl suddenly contact him?

No, more important than that, how did Silvie know his cell phone number?

“And she has a request?”

Houri is a bit guessing, and his expression is a bit puzzled.

“What can I do to help her?”

In the academic battle city, Houri has no right and no influence. Although there is an extremely powerful Shifu, this Shifu didn’t care about anything else except for her own interests.

So how can Houri help Silvie?

Besides, now Houri already knows Silvie’s true identity.

“If she really wants to find someone with the ability to help, with her popularity, she can definitely find better helpers, right?”

That’s true, but since she sent a message inviting him, it’s not like Houri couldn’t make the trip.

“Anyway, I’m almost done with today’s lesson.”

With that in mind, Houri was just about to take a step when the figure of Zhao Hufeng slowly walked by at the end of the corridor in front of him.

“Zhao shixiong?” Houri’s brow raised.

“Xiao shidi.” Zhao Hufeng also seemed to notice Houri, cupped fist at Houri and asked. “Ready to finish the rest of training today?”

“I’ll finish the rest of the training when I get back tonight.” Houri’s eyes slightly shifted, and then smiled. “A little business, need to get out of the house.”

“Yeah?” Zhao Hufeng nodded and said. “Recently because of Burma’s matter, your name has been noticed by the major powers. Although it has not spread among people yet, the top of each great academy must have known about this matter. You have to be extremely careful, so as not to get backstabbed.”

“Got it.” Houri took Zhao Hufeng’s advice.

Zhao Hufeng then cupped fist once more at Houri and turned to leave.

Looking at Zhao Hufeng’s departing back, Houri couldn’t help but smile.

“If Zhao shixiong knows who I want to meet next, his expression will be quite funny, right?”

With this thought, Houri turned around and left Oushinden.

Academy battle city, redevelopment district.

In an empty field of ruins surrounded by abandoned buildings, Houri’s figure gradually emerged from a corner alley.

“Fortunately, I still remember the way to this place…”

Houri looked around at once, and only after a while did his gaze stop in one direction.

“It’s been a long time, Hou-san.”

At the top of a wall, Silvie, wearing a smock and jeans, a hood on her head, and waist-length chestnut hair that fell softly, was sitting on top of the wall, with her feet together, greeting Houri.

An extremely intimate expression.

Extremely simple temperament.

The two are perfectly integrated into Silvie’s body so that Houri can’t help but have some doubts about whether this shoujo in front of him is the big star herself.

However, Silvie’s voice carries a seductive power like a fine wine, which makes Houri’s doubts directly dispelled.

At least, Houri does not believe that there is a second such beautiful voice in this world.

“Is it true that the more famous people are, the weirder they become?”

Houri pursed his lips and said to Silvie. “The famous ‘Sigrdrifa’ is hanging out in the redevelopment district all the time, I’m afraid your fans will really trample this place if word gets out?”

Hearing this, Silvie… more accurately, Sylvia showed a careless smile.

“It’s because I don’t want to be found out that I need to disguise.”

Have to say, Sylvia’s disguise can almost be described as perfect.

The gorgeous purple hair turned into an unobtrusive chestnut color.

The stunning face was mostly concealed by a hat.

An ordinary smock, a pair of ordinary jeans, worn on Sylvia’s body, is actually rendered her body’s temperament is extremely plain.

This way, as long as people who don’t really know Sylvia very well, they won’t be able to recognize her at all, right?

“Besides, I chose the current position just to facilitate the realization of my wish,” Sylvia said extremely frankly. “If it’s necessary, then I can always give up my current identity and just retire into obscurity as well.”

“If your fans hear this, it will definitely break everyone’s heart, right?” Houri couldn’t help but smile bitterly. “Especially Zhao shixiong, it will definitely be a big blow.”

“I’m grateful for the support, but that doesn’t mean I’m obligated to satisfy everyone,” Sylvia said with a smile. “For me, it’s just about finding a place to sing properly.”

In other words, Sylvia doesn’t have a single attachment to her current status and popularity.

This rare diva is really quite transcendent.

But because of this, Sylvia’s body carries an incredible charm that makes people unconsciously attracted to it.

In response, Houri just smiled slightly and leaned against a wall, said.

“In that case, as a reward, you will sing a song for me here.”

“Only for me.”

Houri’s words made Sylvia first stunned, then ‘Puchi’, and laughed out loud.

“You really are a funny person.”

After she spoke.

“La~ Lalala~ Lala~ Lalala~”

An extremely beautiful singing voice suddenly reverberated in this space.

Sylvia, who was sitting on the wall, was shaking her little feet and humming a ditty while tapping the rhythm.

It was obviously just a ditty, but it was like a piece of heavenly music so that the beautiful song seemed to be able to drill into people’s hearts, touching their heartstrings.

Even Houri, at this moment, could not help but listen to with fascination.

It was only after a long time that the ditty finally stopped.

“This is a new song in the making, the phrases have not been filled in yet, no one has heard it except you?”

Sylvia leaped off the end of the wall and winked at Houri.

“So, Hou-san, you’ll have to put in the effort to match the pay?”

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