Illimitable Until Death v4c307

The weather today is very nice.

The sunlight sprinkled from the sky, illuminating every corner of academy battle city without being too hot, giving people a warm feeling, very suitable for going out to play.

When the weather is good, people’s moods will also become incredibly good.

So, after coming out of the redevelopment district, Sylvia was humming softly, walking and looking left and right, just like a real shoujo going out to play.

However, the level of this out-and-about shoujo is somewhat high.

If the people around knew that this shoujo with a simple atmosphere was the world-class diva, it would turn into a battlefield instantly, right?

A crowded battlefield.

However, Houri’s mood was more or less the opposite of Sylvia’s.

It’s not that Houri’s mood is very bad.

In fact, Houri is now in a state that can make any man in this world envy to go crazy.

The reason for this is that Houri has one of his arms being held by Sylvia.

It’s like a couple.

From an outsider’s point of view, Houri and Sylvia are like a couple in the middle of a date, right?

Only Houri knows that Sylvia seems to be holding his hand all the time, but in fact, she keeps a distance that seems to be very close, but in fact, it is a bit like deceiving others.

If it was Riko, she would have leaned her whole body weight on Houri’s body and then buried Houri’s hand in her full chest.

But Sylvia’s situation, because the distance is a little subtle, there is no contact with the skin, and the holding hands are touching through the clothes, and there is no cheap contact at all.

Therefore, Houri is more or less puzzled.

At that moment, Houri helplessly voiced out.

“Tell me, if you don’t really like this, then why do you have to act so intimate?”

“Well, isn’t that nice?” Sylvia said as a matter of course. “It’s nice to get closer to each other like this before getting into serious talk, isn’t it?”

Maybe it’s because of this reason that Sylvia didn’t tell the purpose of her trip in the first place, but pulled Houri directly after the song, to the business district.

“Or are you in a hurry?” Sylvia tilted her head and smiled at Houri. “Although as far as I know, you’ve been concentrating on your training since you entered Jielong, and you don’t have any personal matters other than training.”

“… I don’t know if I should say that you’re resourceful or unscrupulous.” Houri sighed. “Isn’t that a clear indication that you’ve been investigating me?”

“It’s just that as the student council president of Queenvail Girls Academy, I know the necessary information, even if I didn’t investigate,” Sylvia said without hiding anything. “Like you, that is, ‘Banyuu Tenra’ disciple, who subdued Burma, and has already signed up for ‘Phoenix Festa’. There are too many good reasons for other academy’s hidden institutions to investigate you, I just received the results, equivalent to the degree of notification.”

“Even now that I signed up for ‘Phoenix Festa’?” Houri’s brow raised, said directly. “In that case, wouldn’t it be a problem for you to make contact with me like this?”

“What’s the problem?” Sylvia smiled slightly. “Anyway, I’m not going to participate in ‘Phoenix Festa’, so I won’t be your opponent.”

“But someone from your academy will definitely participate,” Houri said. “Don’t you want your academy to win? Or would your academy allow its student council president to contact another academy’s opponent?”

“Nah it’s okay.” Sylvia waved her hand unconcernedly. “Anyway, our academy doesn’t care about Festa’s results, and there aren’t many people who want to really win.”

That’s true.

Although Festa is a world-class event and is very important for Integrated Enterprise Foundation, Queenvail Girls Academy focuses on the development of their acting career and uses it as a big stage to showcase their students’ charisma, even letting the best newcomers use Festa as a topic to make their debut.

Therefore, Queenvail Girls Academy does not place as much importance on the results of Festa as the rest of the academy.

“Of course, it’s just not important, but there are people who really want to win at Festa,” Sylvia naturally said. “I, for example, will also participate in this season’s ‘Lindwurm Festa’, and this time I want to be the winner.”

When Sylvia said that, Houri remembered.

“Right, you were the runner-up of the last ‘Lindwurm Festa’?”

Houri turned his gaze to Sylvia’s body, and a slight change began to appear in his eyes.

“Oh my,” Sylvia said happily as she made a sound like she was surprised. “You look like you want to fight me.”

Yes, that’s what Houri thought.

“Since you’re the runner-up of ‘Lindwurm Festa’, that means, in theory, you’re the second strongest student in this city, right?” Houri said with a somewhat provocative smile. “I’m curious to know how strong you are.”

Sylvia was not only a Strega but also a Genestellar, who had been trained to be very good at close-quarters combat.

Houri has more or less seen Sylvia’s video from the last ‘Lindwurm Festa’ tournament.

Therefore, Houri can be sure that even in Jielong, Sylvia’s close combat ability is extremely powerful. Even if only close combat, it can enter the Page One level, even more powerful than the Lishi sibling.

Even while being a Daoshi, Cecily is also very good at close combat.

And Sylvia’s ability to fight in close quarters, it is estimated that not weaker than Cecily.

In addition, as a Strega, Sylvia is also at the highest level, her ability ‘omnipotence’ can imitate all the abilities except healing, even Houri does not know if he can beat this diva.

Perhaps, Sylvia and Wu Xiaofei should be of the same level, right?

That is to say, even against Fan Xinglu, Sylvia has the power to fight back.

So, Houri was more or less interested.

“Personally, I really hope you’re not interested in my fighting ability.”

Sylvia while bitter smile, while showing a pouting-like expression, put her face in front of Houri and smiled sweetly.

“Couldn’t you be more curious about me?”

“I’m also a girl, you know?”

The atmosphere finally started to become a bit ambiguous.

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