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In this instance, a nice scent entered Houri’s nostrils.

He clearly didn’t even smell it when he was being held by the arm, but now, the smell is extremely clear to Houri’s mind.

Sylvia was at such a close distance that she put a face in front of Houri’s, smiling mischievously.

In such a situation, Houri naturally once again saw Sylvia’s eyes hidden under the brim of the hat.

There is like amethyst, which is clear, but also transparent eyes.

Looking at that pair of eyes, Houri’s heart also rose up with a somewhat wonderful feeling.

Frankly speaking, a world-class diva is hiding her identity, appearing in front of him, talking to him, and holding his hand like his girlfriend, no matter who faces this situation, even if he does not become overwhelmed, he will certainly become confused and panic.

But Houri did not feel this way.

Because, Sylvia’s every move is too calm, giving people a different sense of intimacy, coupled with that simple temperament, simply can not be associated with the world-class diva.

In other words, although Houri was aware of the real identity of the shoujo in front of him, it did not have much of a sense of realism, so he was able to face Sylvia like a human being.

However, looking at Sylvia’s face up close like this, and recalling the face of the idol who sang enchanting songs on stage, the two faces finally began to overlap in Houri’s mind.

In light of this, the natural calmness began to fade away and was replaced by something that tickled his heart, though not panic.

Driven by such emotions, Houri performed a direct act without thinking.


A crisp ringing sound suddenly rang out.


Followed closely by a cry of pain.

Only to see, Sylvia covered her own forehead and took two steps back.

It was only then that Houri reacted and saw the hand that had reached out at some point and made a finger flicking motion.

In other words, just now, Houri flicked Sylvia’s forehead.

“What are you doing?” Sylvia covered her forehead while glaring at Houri.

Houri suddenly felt a little embarrassed, after a fake cough, snappily look at Sylvia and said. “This is a reminder for you.”

“Reminder?” Sylvia stares blankly.

“Yes, a reminder.” Houri glanced at Sylvia, stretched out his hand, a finger gently against her forehead, said. “Don’t forget, there are millions of men in this world who fall under your skirt, you can’t make intimate actions to a person of the opposite sex that easily.”

Hearing this, Sylvia blinked her eyes and asked subconsciously. “Why?”

Houri smiled slightly and said.

“Because it makes me want to do something to you.”

Leaving these words, Houri then turned around and continued walking towards the front.

Sylvia was left alone, standing still and dazedly looking at Houri’s gradually departing figure. After a long time, she seemed to understand something, her face slightly red, but still hurriedly chase up.

But while chasing, Sylvia also muttered in a low voice.

“What the hell, isn’t this a good realization that I am also a girl?”

In this way, Houri and Sylvia blended into the crowd again.

At this time, a few heads peeked out from an alley.

Looking at Houri and Sylvia who were leaving, they exchanged glances with each other.

“… Saw it?”

It was a one-person inquiry.

“… Saw it…”

“… Saw it…”

“… Saw it…”

“… Saw it…”

This was the answer of four people.

Five shoujo at this moment is hiding in a side alley, with hats on their heads and masks on their faces, while looking at each other for confirmation, while showing a smile.

That smile, tacitly with delight and slyness.

And several people are surprisingly consistent.

“Follow up…”

“Follow up…”

“Follow up…”

“Follow up…”

“Follow up…”

This is what five people say.

So the five shoujo secretively blended into the crowd and followed up under the more or less strange eyes of the onlookers.

After that, it was as if Houri and Sylvia had really forgotten about business and wandered around the shopping streets.

Sometimes they enter clothing stores.

Sometimes they visit cold drink shops.

Sometimes they go to the toy store.

Sometimes they go to fast-food restaurants.

As if they were enjoying a holiday, Houri and Sylvia wandered from store to store, finally arriving at a park in the neighboring borough.

In the middle of the park, Houri and Sylvia both sat down on a bench in front of a fountain, holding a bottle of cold drink and a pack of snacks in their hands, eating and talking.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had as much fun as I have today.”

Sylvia’s mouth with a straw, with a smile in her eyes. “It wasn’t in vain that I desperately asked my agent for a day off.”

“It’s good that you’re having fun.” Houri was nibbling on a snack and said in a carefree tone. “Isn’t it about time to get down to business?”

“… Well, that’s true.” Sylvia was silent for a moment, then her tone took on a hint of seriousness.

“Before that, I’d like to ask you a question.” Sylvia looked at Houri and asked. “Can you tell me what kind of power Burma possesses?”

“Burma?” Houri’s eyebrows creased.

Because Burma has never had a user, the information about Burma is still quite limited.

In particular, Burma’s ability is not known to anyone except Houri.

Although Seidoukan gathered some information during the last duel between Houri and Toudou Kirin, on that occasion, Houri used Burma to manipulate air currents and then the ground, and also changed the appearance of Burma.

It’s not enough to rely on such an inconsistent performance to get Burma’s ability in its proper form.

Therefore, apart from Houri, the only person who knows Burma’s true power is Fan Xinglu, the fairy who created Burma.

In view of this, the people who hope to get information about Burma will definitely act on this matter.

Only, Houri did not expect that Sylvia would do the same.

This world class diva, who asked himself out, was trying to get information about Burma through temptation?

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