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“By the way, you mustn’t misunderstand.”

Perhaps she sensed the thoughts in Houri’s mind, Sylvia’s expression became cheerful again and said. “I asked about Burma, not for information, but for my own purposes, so even if the people over at the academy asked me to reveal it, I would choose to conceal it.”

This statement, in terms of, even if it was said, then there wouldn’t be many individuals who would believe it, right?

After all, if it’s really about spying on Burma, then a little lie is just a small thing.

However, Houri does not think Sylvia is lying.

This shoujo just exudes such an incredible atmosphere that one can feel the straightforwardness and frankness of her heart.

Not to mention, Burma’s ability is not something worth hiding.

Although revealing it to the opponent may lead to the formulation of strategies against the ability itself, Burma’s ability can be applied in a wide range of applications, as long as it does not reveal its weakness, i.e., it can only change the form of things it touches and Prana’s excessive consumption, then there is no problem.

Therefore, Houri can tell Sylvia openly.

However, Houri was more concerned about another matter than this one.

“For your own purposes?”

Thinking of this, Houri could not help but be silent for a while, and then gazed at Sylvia and said.

“You want to find your sensei, don’t you?”

When these words came out of Houri’s mouth, Sylvia’s face froze for the first time.

It was an expression Houri had never seen before.

This world-class diva was so good at bringing people into her own rhythm that it seemed so unbelievable.

However, there is no doubt that Houri’s words completely messed up Sylvia’s rhythm.

It was only after a while that Sylvia spoke with a low tone.

“… Why do you know about this?”

Sylvia’s voice finally took on a hint of otherworldly emotion.

That is also rightfully so.

“This matter, I have never told anyone of my own accord, even the people who have been with me, that only know that I am looking for someone, so the people who know are very limited.” Sylvia met Houri’s gaze and said. “You shouldn’t know about this.”

Unfortunately, this time, Sylvia’s statement was too absolute.

As a matter of fact, it was impossible for Houri to know about it.

But as a MainGod envoy, Houri’s biggest advantage is foresight.

In addition, there was another reason for Houri to know about it.

So, Houri did not change his expression but said. “You know Seidoukan’s Pandora, right?”

“Pandora?” Sylvia nodded and asked back. “You mean the Orga Lux of ‘Parca Morta’, the Pandora that is said to predict the future?”

“Yes,” Houri affirms. “Simply put, for some reason I once learned of an uncertain future due to Pandora’s power, and in that future, you told me about it to my face.”

“That you wanted to find your sensei, Ursula.”

Sylvia was silent.

Houri could feel that Sylvia’s mood seemed to become very complicated.

However, that is not surprising.

If someone knows your secret and tells you that it was the future you who told them, then no one will easily believe it.

Of course, Sylvia did not know that in that future, she killed Houri to get back her sensei.

However, Pandora’s predicted future is not fixed but will be subject to change according to the progress of the present.

Otherwise, if death is already fixed, there is only one way to die in the future, but Pandora is letting Houri experience countless deaths, proving that the future can be changed.

And if those deaths are Pandora’s own simulated experience, not real, then there is no need to be upset about Sylvia killing himself in a dream.

So, for this matter, Houri directly chooses to ignore.

It is impossible to hate this person because he was killed once in a dream.

Therefore, Houri directly chose to show his cards.

“You asked me about Burma’s ability so that I could help you find your sensei, right?” Houri said in a calm tone. “But unfortunately, Burma’s ability is not a detection system, so I guess it can’t help you.”

“… Is that so?” Sylvia sighed unsurprisingly, and with a smile back on her face, she said. “In fact, I’ve already prepared myself for this, Burma’s ability won’t be helpful to me whatsoever.”

But even so, Sylvia still chose to come to Houri, proving how much she really wanted to find her sensei, not even willing to let go of such a slim chance.

Thinking of this, Houri looked at Sylvia’s face and asked. “Is that sensei important to you?”

“Of course,” Sylvia replied without a hint of hesitation, and the smile on her face became more gentle than ever, her hands were pressed in front of her like a prayer said.

“Ursula taught me to sing and all about the world, she is like a mother to me.”

In other words, the reason why Sylvia has become what she is today is all brought about by that sensei.

Seeing Sylvia’s gentle and nostalgic expression, Houri smiled slightly and said. “I understand, in that case, I will take your commission.”

“Eh?” Sylvia was stunned for a moment.

“What?” Houri said with a smile instead. “What you want me to do for you is to find your sensei, isn’t it?”

“Yes… That’s right.” Sylvia hesitated for a moment and said. “But doesn’t Burma have the ability to do that?”

“Just because Burma doesn’t, doesn’t mean I don’t.” Houri shrugged and said. “I’ve taken on many commissions like this one.”

After all, for a Butei, looking for people is a basic job, whether it’s a criminal or something else.

“Besides…” Houri squinting his eyes and said. “It’s not like I don’t have a clue as to where your sensei is.”

Sylvia’s eyes widened, and her body trembled a little, and she got a little excited.

Just then, Houri and Sylvia’s faces were both solidified.

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