Illimitable Until Death v4c310


Houri and Sylvia simultaneously stopped their voices and movements, looked at each other as if to confirm something, and nodded.

“Do you feel it?” Sylvia seemed to regain her composure and said in a lower tone. “Someone is watching us.”


Someone was watching Houri and Sylvia.

Although the breath was not felt, breath is something that can be concealed, the difference is only the degree.

Like Houri, once he entered Stealth mode, he was able to conceal his breath perfectly, and Sylvia was able to do almost the same thing by her own ability.

Therefore, for Houri and Sylvia these kinds of people, want to determine whether there are people with bad intentions nearby, are used in a different way.

For example, the battle-hardened warrior will be able to detect the nearby people by sight.

Even ordinary people, if the senses are sharper, can also be vaguely aware that someone is staring at them.

So, both Houri and Sylvia, are aware of it.

There are several lines of sight that have been resting on the two of them.

Even though these lines of sight quickly disappeared, Houri and Sylvia have concentrated their attention, and even the change in the surrounding atmosphere was noticed by both of them.

Therefore, Houri and Sylvia could be sure.

Someone was spying on them.

“It’s not the paparazzi, is it?” Houri looked at Sylvia with some suspicion and said. “Your identity has been exposed?”

“Uh…” Sylvia thought for a moment, then shook her head and said. “I don’t think so, the paparazzi’s lines of sight would be more revealing. Although these lines of sight have an awkward feeling, they are well hidden, so I guess it can’t be the paparazzi.”

“Then is it against me?” Houri asked, touching the sleeve that held the launcher at his waist. “For Burma?”

“No, I don’t think so?” Sylvia immediately denied it. “At the moment, there are very few people who know about Burma, only the student council president level of each academy knows about Burma’s existence, and none of these people are amateur. If they really want to take action against Burma, then they should send people with even better concealment skills.”

“It seems that we are almost in complete agreement.” Houri shrugged helplessly. “In that case, it would have to be on a personal matter.”

“Yeah,” Sylvia asked approvingly. “Have you offended anyone?”

In an instant, three people immediately flashed through Houri’s mind.

One was Toudou Ichiro.

The other two were Lishi’s siblings.

In this world, these were the only three people Houri had really offended.

However, Toudou Ichiro has already collapsed and is probably no longer capable of picking a fight with Houri.

And although Lishi sibling is despicable and likes to play with their opponents when they fight, they will never act rashly when they don’t have to.

Therefore, Houri immediately eliminated these three people.

Since it wasn’t these three people, then it wasn’t aimed at Houri.

“It shouldn’t be me.” Houri shook his head and scratched his cheeks, saying. “Moreover, these lines of sight do not carry malicious intent, and it feels a bit subtle.”

Sylvia seemed to have the same feeling and nodded in agreement.

So, the two looked at each other again.

“What do we do?” Sylvia asked tentatively. “It’s too conspicuous to do it here, should we make a strategic retreat first?”

This is not a bad option.

After all, this is a natural park, the surrounding people are not too many, but not too few, and there are even many couples on a bench snuggled up to each other. It won’t be good if they fight here.

It’s just that…

“It’s just that we had no way to know who the other party is.” Houri rubbed his chin, then smiled and said. “Why don’t we just let them come out on their own?”

“Let them come out?” Sylvia was instantly curious.

Just as Sylvia was about to ask for more details, Houri suddenly reached out and wrapped his arms around Sylvia’s waist.

“Eh?” Sylvia only had time to make this sound.

In the next second, Houri and Sylvia disappeared at the same time and are nowhere to be seen.

Almost at the same time, not far away, a trace of the originally hidden breath suddenly disturbed, allowing people to clearly notice the panic in it.

Immediately after, a few shoujo is running over, looking at that empty bench, suddenly panicked.

“H-how they are gone?!”

“Where are they?!”

“Ran away?!”

“Chase them quickly!”

“B-but, where are we going?!”

A few shoujo panicked like this, completely at a loss.

Obviously, these few shoujo are not good at dealing with emergencies at all and are a little confused for a while.

They did not notice.

At one side, behind the shadow of a vending machine, two figures are huddled here, their bodies close to each other, are able to feel each other’s body heat.

This situation, so Sylvia’s eyes slightly widened a little, her face also couldn’t help but reddened, stared at Houri, issued a silent protest.

As for Houri, he was more or less embarrassed.

Unfortunately, Houri took Sylvia to such a corner without any bad thoughts, just subconsciously find the best-hidden spot, and flashed directly. The situation was already this when he reacted.

So, Houri can only whisper. “This is force majeure.”

Hearing this, Sylvia’s expression is not a trace of relief, still glared Houri, her face is redder and redder.

Such close contact, compared with the kind of intimacy that was hidden from public view when they were just on the street, the killing power is much bigger.

At least, Houri, who was squeezed tightly with Sylvia, could clearly feel the soft body and beautiful figure of the shoujo in his arms.

(… More than expected…)

I’m afraid that Sylvia is the type of person who looks thin with her clothes on, right?

And of course, Sylvia also felt the strong masculinity from Houri at zero distance, subconsciously holding her breath. But because of this, her heartbeat accelerated, her cheeks sweating, and her body temperature is also starting to rise.

Sylvia had no idea how lovely she looked right now.

Flushed face.

Watery eyes.

Sweat flows out with a fragrance.

The breath is rising and falling with heat.

Looking at this seductive face close at hand, Houri’s heart couldn’t help but feel slightly hot, and couldn’t help but reach out his hand to Sylvia’s face.

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