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When Houri’s hand gently touched Sylvia’s cheek, Sylvia’s body trembled heavily.

At this moment, Houri could clearly see the unprecedented emotion in Sylvia’s eyes.

This shoujo, who has always used her own rhythm to drive others, is finally panicking for the first time.

This also made Sylvia unable to hold her breath anymore, chest heaving dramatically, even the tip of the nose began to flow out a fine sweat, looks very attractive.

The whole atmosphere in the corner began to change.

It became sour and sweet.

Under the influence of such even a world-class diva is just an ordinary shoujo.

So, Sylvia subconsciously wanted to make a sound but stopped immediately.

At the same time, in front of the vending machine, a voice also began to be heard.

“What should we do now?”

“Should we keep looking?”

“Of course, keep looking!”


“I can feel that the woman must be nearby!”

Hearing such a conversation, Sylvia’s words that had just risen to her throat were immediately swallowed back.

No way.

Although she hadn’t seen the real identity of the visitors, Sylvia was very familiar with the voices of these shoujos.

Therefore, Sylvia already knew who these sudden watchers were.

But because of this, Sylvia was unable to make a sound.

If those kids saw Sylvia and Houri in this situation, it would be earthshaking, right?

No, anyone who saw it would have made a scene.

The world’s first diva hiding behind a vending machine with a strange man in broad daylight, and in such an ambiguous position, if photographed, it would be a big headline that would be a worldwide sensation and would be sold to any newspaper for a huge sum of money.

However, if one thinks about it the other way around, then one can see how lucky Houri is right now.

Because, such a world’s first diva, now not only squeezed in his arms but also the beautiful face right under his eyes.

In addition to the rise in each other’s body temperature, the surrounding temperature has become a little hot, Houri’s emotions have been stirred up.

In such a situation, Houri’s hand caressing Sylvia’s cheek was also slowly used to lift up the face that was so close to him, facing him.

Sylvia’s breathing suddenly became more rapid.

The pair of dark pupils imprinted into her eyes burned with uncontrollable heat, and Sylvia knew what kind of situation she was facing.

At that moment, Sylvia shook her head vigorously.

Frankly speaking, if Sylvia now recklessly breaks free, then the latter things will not happen.

Unfortunately, considering that there are people she knows outside, Sylvia did not exert her decisive personality the first time, which led to hesitation.

With this hesitation, the world’s first diva was finally stained with the color of others.

Even if only a little.


In the next second, along with a choked sound with a bit of incredulity and disbelief, Sylvia’s lips were easily taken away.

In less than a second.

By a face that suddenly came down.

“Uhm… hmm…!”

Sylvia let out a muffled scream and pressed her hands against Houri’s body in an attempt to push him away.

However, this corner was so crowded that the two were tightly pressed together, how could Sylvia push him away?

So, along with a muffled cry, the world’s first diva’s lips were captured and plundered with abandon.

And, soon after, Sylvia’s lips and shell teeth were pried open and invaded, and even her tongue was captured.

The sensations from the interlocking lips and tongues began to paralyze Sylvia’s head.

Even without the paralysis, Sylvia’s head went blank and she could no longer calm down.

By the time Sylvia’s resistance weakened and disappeared completely, it was ten minutes later.

Houri unrestrainedly invaded the lips and tongue of the shoujo in his arms, and even his hands were a little unrestrained, making Sylvia’s body tremble incessantly and her voice becomes more and more muffled.

And at this point, Houri calmed down and realized what a shocking thing he had done.

If word got out about today’s incident and the world knew that he had taken Sylvia Lyyneheym’s lips by force, he would definitely be wiped out in the social sense and chased by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation behind Queenvail Girls Academy, right?

However, so what?

At this moment, Houri just wants to enjoy the soft lips and sweet tongue of the shoujo in his arms.

Let’s talk about the rest later.

In this way, in the dark corner of the vending machine, the temperature was rising, so that the breathing inside was becoming more and more hot and uninterrupted.

An unknown period of time later.

The five sneaky shoujo is already gone, don’t know where the hell they went.

In the nature park, a couple of couples also began to leave, so that the surrounding crowd began to become thinning out.

When the sun was about to set, Houri and Sylvia came out from behind the vending machine.


An indescribable silence and stillness permeated between the two.

In this moment, the expressions on Houri and Sylvia’s faces were surprisingly consistent.

Just extremely awkward and unnatural.

But even so, the quietness and silence still pervaded the two, making the atmosphere more awkward.

In the end, it was Sylvia who took the lead in retreating.

“T-that’s it for today!”

Sylvia didn’t even look at Houri for a second and threw down these words directly.

“I-I’ll talk to you later!”

After throwing these words, Sylvia as if couldn’t stand it anymore, hurriedly run away.

Seeing the shoujo’s back running farther and farther away and disappearing in no time, Houri couldn’t help but recall what he had just felt and the corners of his mouth gently rose.

Although the final situation became a little bit anticlimactic, the real identity of the spy who appeared before was not clear, but to be able to make the world’s best diva who has been living under the spotlight and cheers of the world show a shy and embarrassed expression, not to mention, as a man, vanity was greatly satisfied at once.

“She’s going to contact me later?”

Houri’s voice slowly echoed in the air.

“It’s really something to look forward to…”

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