Illimitable Until Death v4c312

Queenvail Girls Academy, the student dormitory.

In a room on the top floor, several shoujos were lying on a table, looking more or less exhausted.

“I’m so hungry…”

“So tired…”

“How long have we been running?”

“I don’t know…”

“We’ve been tracking from the afternoon until the evening, of course we’re tired…”

These are the same shoujo that was following Houri and Sylvia.

But, at this moment, these few shoujo have taken off the mask, take off the hat and glasses. Although their dress has not to be changed, each one is extremely cute and pretty.

If Houri here, seeing the real identity of these five exhausted watchers, it will definitely be surprised, right?

Because these five shoujos are extremely popular idols.

To be more precise, it should be a group of popular idols.


A world-class female rock band.

These shoujos are members of Rusalka.

Lead singer and guitarist, third place in the sequence — Miluse.

Drummer, ninth place in the sequence – Paivi.

Bassist, thirteenth place in the sequence – Monica.

Guitarist, twentieth place in the sequence – Tulia.

Keyboard player, outside the sequence ranking – Mahulena.

These five shoujos, only in terms of popularity, in the Queenvail Girls Academy, and even in the world, belong to the absolute second place.

The only person who can override Rusalka is the rare diva, the perfect ‘Sigrdrifa’ – Sylvia Lyyneheym.

However, it is for this reason that Rusalka’s shoujo is following Sylvia.

And the reason is simple.

Miluse, the vocalist and guitarist, who is the leader of the group, suddenly pulled herself together, the tired look on her face gradually replaced by excitement, and said something like this.

“It’s definitely worth it to work so hard, at least, we got that!”

Miluse’s words made the rest of the Rusalka shoujo look slightly uplifted and also braced themselves.

At that moment, Miluse had opened a space window.

There was a picture on it.

Impressively, it was a picture of Houri and Sylvia sitting on a bench in a nature park, laughing and talking together like a couple.

Looking at this photo, Miluse clenched her fist and shouted with a cheerful face.

“This time, I’ll be able to kick Sylvia Lyyneheym off her throne and stand at the top of the music festival!”

Miluse’s words made all the shoujo in Rusalka get excited.

“That’s right!”

“As long as we have this photo, we have Sylvia Lyyneheym in our hands, and she will do what we say!”

“We will sell this photo to the newspaper and let them report Sylvia Lyyneheym’s scandal so that even she will lose most of her popularity, and then we will win!”

Paivi, Monica and Tulia all shouted loudly, their emotions obviously very excited.

Mahulena was the only one, secretly hiding in the corner, sighing.

Mahulena knows that although Rusalka’s companions all fantasize about replacing Sylvia and becoming the most popular idol, and even go so far as to secretly follow Sylvia and take photos of her, the truth is that these girls are not bad by nature.

But nature is not bad does not mean that the brain is good.

In other words, in Rusalka, except Mahulena, the rest of the members are a bit stupid, immersed in this kind of practice similar to the dark side of the entertainment industry and can not extricate themselves.

Only Mahulena, among the members, is the most serious.

Yes, just serious, not how smart.

However, compared to the rest of her companions, Mahulena is indeed considered smart.

Therefore, Mahulena said weakly. “Is this really a good idea? I don’t think the superintendent would approve of us doing that?”

As the backbone of Queenvail Girls Academy, Sylvia has brought a lot of benefits to the academy, and even to the Integrated Enterprise Foundation behind the academy, which is very significant.

Therefore, for the academy and Integrated Enterprise Foundation, Sylvia is a golden chicken that lays golden eggs or the type that can never be exhausted.

So how could they watch Sylvia being blackmailed by Rusalka’s people?

And this sentence immediately got a response.

“Well, even if that’s not the case, you should hardly succeed in manipulating the information before the newspaper’s news comes out, superintendent will first manipulate the information to eliminate the public opinion, right?”

The Rusalka’s girls all froze when such a voice rang through the room.

Then they discovered shortly after.

The door of the room had been unknowingly opened.

Outside the doorway, an extremely beautiful shoujo was greeting everyone with a smile on her face.

“Everyone from Rusalka, long time no see.”

Rusalka’s girls all got up and shouted.

“Sylvia Lyyneheym!”

It was Sylvia.

Wearing the uniform of Queenvail Girls Academy, Sylvia, who had taken off her disguise, like the most gorgeous princess, exuded elegance all over her body.

“I knew it was you guys who were following me.”

Sylvia just like being amused, shoulders slightly trembled a few times, said. “But unfortunately, you guys were still found out, I have already reported this to the superintendent?”


Rusalka’s girl’s faces all turned green.

“Anyway, let me convey superintendent’s orders to you all first.” Sylvia winked and said somewhat playfully. “If the photo on your hand were leaked out, then the responsibility will be all on you, and then, you guys will wait for the punishment.”

Leaving these words, Sylvia then waved her hand and left directly.

Only Rusalka’s girls are left, looking at each other and finally all spread out on the table, can no longer move.
No one noticed.

Outside the door, Sylvia leaned against the wall, rubbing her chest, looking more or less distracted.

Thinking back to today’s events, Sylvia’s heartbeat accelerated involuntarily and she began to complain.

“It’s you guys fault that I was taken advantage of…”

So, a little revenge on you guys shouldn’t be too much, right?

It’s just that, fortunately, the photos taken were only to that extent.

If what was taken was what happened afterward…

Thinking of this, Sylvia can’t help but smile bitterly.

“I never thought that I would have encountered such a thing one day…”

What’s more, in order to find Ursula, Sylvia has to continue to deal with Houri.

“It’s really… such a headache…”

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