Illimitable Until Death v4c313

“Order! Choku!”

Under Cecily’s shouts, the charms in the sky seemed to be swept up by a whirlwind and tangled together, forming the shape of a giant tiger with brilliant lightning.


The giant tiger surrounded by lightning let out a low growl, mixed with a powerful force, descended from the sky with strong wind like a charging tiger, falling down heavily.

For a while, the mid-air is full of lightning, the ground has a burst of strong wind in the reverberation, just like a storm is coming, the sound is amazing.

And under such a vision, Houri, against the incoming strong wind, looking at the huge tiger falling from the sky, slowly raised the Orga Lux in his hand.


A dazzling Prana rose up from Houri’s body.

Only, although the Prana was dazzling, it gave people a deep, silent feeling, as if the abyss, the bottom was not visible.

To this day, Prana in Houri’s body has been used as an arm, without any waste or loss, and is controlled in an extremely delicate and surprisingly long source.

Immediately, the silent Prana was under Houri’s control, like a stream of light, rushing to the pure white Orga Lux.


A pure white light shone from the Urm-Manadyte.

Houri raised Burma in his hand and made a stab at the giant tiger that fell from the sky.

This stab, without the slightest finesse, nor any skill.

It was just a very simple stab.

However, this stab, in contact with the huge thunder tiger descending from the sky, immediately stopped the roaring thunder tiger.

Immediately after, the giant tiger, whose body was made of lightning, exploded as if it had been shattered.


Accompanied by an explosion, the huge tiger suddenly disintegrated into an arc of electricity.

These arcs were all pulled together in front of Burma’s sword tip and eventually turned into a huge thundercloud that was directed at Cecily.

“Not good!”

Cecily sensed what was going to happen next with her keen intuition, and without hesitation, she threw out several charms.


Under Cecily’s handprint, the charms suddenly burst out of lightning, turning into a barrier.

Almost at the same time, the huge clump of lightning gathered in front of Burma’s sword tip suddenly burst up, rubbing the air and vaporizing the surrounding air currents, like a huge meteorite, crashed into the lightning barrier.


The roar rang through.

The violent impact with the clumps of lightning and lightning barrier collide with each other and explode, like a storm, expanded in all directions.

A whip-like thunderbolt tearing the ground while flinging itself around.

Powerful wind like an explosion, cutting through the dirt and shook all sides.

It was as if a piece of the meteorite had really fallen, and the vast practice room was rampant with strong impacts, dense sand and dust, violent winds and large amounts of lightning, causing the whole field to tremble a bit.

By the time all these movements have stopped, the ground has long since become riddled with holes and wreckage.

Only Houri and Cecily, across the wrecked field, confronted each other, and the Prana surging through their bodies was gradually weakening.


Houri lightly breathed out, relaxed his body, put Burma away, raised his head and looked ahead.

“Wang shijie, that’s it for today.”

Hearing this, Cecily also relaxed her body and sat on the ground without any image, but her mouth was full of relief, said. “Xiao shidi, your strength has really improved a lot. I’m afraid that I am no longer your opponent.”

“Shijie, you should not say polite words, that do not suit you at all.” Houri shrugged his shoulders and said. “You also know that who will win if we keep on fighting, right?”

Since getting Burma, Houri’s fighting style has really expanded a lot. With Burma’s ability, it can almost be said to be ever-changing, it is very amazing.

Therefore, even without his speed, body technique, and killing technique, Houri is able to use Burma’s ability to overpower his opponent, just like he did just now.

Have to say, Burma’s ability is really powerful, not only can it change the form of things it touches, but also can manipulate, even if it is the opponent’s attack, that is.

“Unfortunately, the consumption is too great.”

Houri felt the Prana inside him.

After the attack just now, the Prana inside Houri’s body had been consumed to 80%.

“Although it is possible to change the form of things and manipulate them, and even the opponent’s attack can take effect, but the more powerful the opponent’s attack is, the more Prana needs to be consumed, so it is best not to use it until the last resort.”

Otherwise, Houri is basically finished once his Prana is depleted.

“However, that Orga Lux has really improved your strength.” Cecily turned her gaze to the launcher in Houri’s hand and said. “Remember it’s called Burma?”

“Yes.” Houri stowed Burma’s launcher into the sheath at his waist, scratched his cheek, and spoke helplessly. “Although, Zhao shixiong doesn’t really approve of me using Orga Lux in normal times.”

“It can’t be helped, Hufeng is stubborn, with the ultimate goal of exercising himself, and doesn’t want to rely on external objects.” Cecily laughed cheerfully. “Xiao shidi, you’d also better reduce the chance of using Orga Lux, not to rely too much on Burma’s power, this is also to prolong the continuous fighting power.”

Houri nodded.

As a user of Burma, Houri knows more about this Orga Lux than Cecily.

Therefore, even if Cecily didn’t say anything, Houri will not use Burma’s ability at will.

“Okay.” Cecily patted the uniform on her body, stood up, and said.

“It’s almost time, shidi, are you ready?”

“Of course,” Houri replied without hesitation, giving Cecily a small smile.

“Shijie, this year’s ‘Phoenix Festa’ championship is definitely ours.”

“That’s right!” Cecily burst out laughing.


It had been more than a month since the meeting with Sylvia.

And ‘Phoenix Festa’ has arrived.

“Today seems to be the day when the grouping list is released,” Houri said to Cecily. “Shifu should have received the list already, let’s go there shijie.”

“Okay.” Cecily agreed immediately.

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