Illimitable Until Death v4c314

When Houri and Cecily arrived at Oushinden’s audience room, many people were already there.

In addition to Fan Xinglu, who was sitting on a wide chair as usual, Zhao Hufeng was also accompanied as her secretary on the right.

In addition, Li Shenyun and Li Shenhua, the two Lishi siblings were also present.

Seeing Houri and Cecily walk in through the door, Fan Xinglu greeted them with a smile on her face.

“You’re finally here, I’m getting impatient.”

Obviously, Festa’s opening match is approaching, so this extremely warlike fairy’s emotions were also on the rise.

Faced with such Fan Xinglu, Zhao Hufeng just sighed a little tiredly, seemingly tormented enough by Fan Xinglu.

Only Lishi sibling, looking at Houri and Cecily who came in through the door, with a somewhat pretentious smile on their face as they cupped fist and bowed.

“Wang shijie, xiao shidi, hello.”

“Hello, shijie and shidi.”

The regular greeting, even if it looks a little pretentious, still makes it impossible to pick a fault.

In response, Cecily just waved her hand and said. “No need to be over-courteous.”

As for Houri, he glanced at Lishi’s sibling and then chose to ignore them.

Anyway, they have already offended each other, Houri naturally does not need to do greetings like Lishi’s sibling.

Lishi’s sibling also seemed not to care about this, or rather did not take this matter to heart, just like a routine salute, and immediately looked at Fan Xinglu.

“Shifu.” Zhao Hufeng spoke up and said. “Now that everyone is here, please Shifu announce the ‘Phoenix Festa’ competition list.”

“I know.” In a good mood, Fan Xinglu raised her hand and opened a space window, expanding it and projecting it into mid-air.

Everyone in the room instantly focused their eyes on the space window.

On it, the names were neatly arranged at one time and grouped with each other in the way of the tournament schedule.

The number of participants in this year’s ‘Phoenix Festa’ was 512, divided into 256 groups.

The first week of the tournament is the preliminaries, from which the top 32 will be selected to enter the official fixture and compete with each other.

“The opening of the competition will be tomorrow, and the venue will be the stage in the administrative district, and each group will go to their respective stages according to their assignments and compete with the students of the six great academies.”

Zhao Hufeng began to explain to Houri’s group.

“After the preliminaries are over, the opponents of the official fixture will be decided by lottery. Your two groups are the most likely teams in our academy to win the championship, so we will send you the information of the players prepared in advance, which also includes the information of some of the teams that are the favorites to win the championship.”

Saying this, Zhao Hufeng then manipulated the space window and divided it into four copies, passing it to Houri, Cecily, Li Shenyun and Li Shenhua respectively.

At once, Houri’s group all cast their eyes on it and browsed the information they were most concerned about.

Houri, for example, was the first to browse through the Seidoukan Academy’s participant information.

Among the six great academies, some of them specialize in specific Festa due to the different styles and nature of their schools.

For example, Saint Galahadworth Academy specializes in the team-based ‘Gryps Festa’, Rewolf Black Institute specializes in the individual-based ‘Lindwurm Festa’, while the partner-based ‘Phoenix Festa’ is Seidoukan Academy’s strength.

Jielong Seventh Academy has a good balance of strengths, not specializing in any of the Festa’s, but having won all of them.

As for Arlequint Academy, it has a lot of ups and downs in the events that it is good at, and the characteristics of the festa that it is good at will change during a certain period of time, and Queenvail Girls Academy has no strong points in any festa because it does not pay attention to the results of the festa.

In view of this, since he was participating in the ‘Phoenix Festa’, Houri was the first to look at the information of Seidoukan Academy.

Immediately, Houri found his target and clicked on the information of one of the teams.

The first thing that popped up from the space window were two photos.

It was a picture of two shoujo.

Both of them were wearing Seidoukan Academy uniforms, but one was wearing the uniform of the high school and the other was wearing the uniform of the middle school section.

Houri is familiar with the shoujo wearing the middle school section uniform.

“Toudou Kirin?” Zhao Hufeng saw Houri’s operation and said with a somewhat solemn expression. “She’s indeed a formidable enemy.”

Seidoukan Academy ranked first in the sequence, alias ‘Shippuu Jinrai’.

The shoujo, who was timid in front of her uncle, had signed up for the ‘Phoenix Festa’.

Houri raised his eyes, looked at Fan Xinglu, and asked. “This is not arranged by Toudou Kirin’s uncle, right?”

This matter was not even mentioned in the intelligence.

However, Houri knew that Fan Xinglu must have investigated it.

After all, Fan Xinglu was very fond of this genius shoujo who was the first in the Seidoukan ranking at the age of thirteen, so she couldn’t have failed to get to know her to some extent.

As expected, Fan Xinglu answered Houri’s question.

“After the report of your defeat reached the Integrated Enterprise Foundation behind Seidoukan Academy, Toudou Kirin’s uncle was disqualified from competing as a cadre candidate and no longer had a chance to rise to the top.” Fan Xinglu said cheerfully. “So, Toudou Kirin was directly abandoned.”

In other words, the decision to participate in ‘Phoenix Festa’ was made by Toudou Kirin herself.

Of course, Toudou Kirin is still young. It is estimated that she didn’t participate in ‘Phoenix Festa’ of her own accord, but was invited, right?

The person who invited ‘Shippuu Jinrai’ to join the team for ‘Phoenix Festa’ is the other one of the two photos Houri clicked.

The one wearing Seidoukan Academy’s high school uniform, with rose-like pink waist-length hair, and a decent-looking shoujo who looks like a stern knight.

“Oh?” The lazy look on Cecily’s face suddenly disappeared, and she gazed at the photo and was actually said with some enthusiasm.

“Is this the ‘Gluhen Rose’ of Seidoukan Academy?”

–‘Gluhen Rose’.

Full name — Julis Alexia von Riessfeld.

As the name suggests, this shoujo is a Strega with the ability to manipulate fire.

In the Seidoukan Academy, this Strega is ranked fifth in the sequence and is said to be in the top three in terms of combat power alone.

Looking at this shoujo, Houri’s memories suddenly revived.

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