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Julis Alexia von Riessfeld.

In a way, this shoujo is more famous than Sylvia.

For no other reason than the fact that this shoujo is a real princess.

Since the advent of Invertia, the landscape of the world has changed dramatically. In addition to the drastic weakening of the state system, which was replaced by the Integrated Enterprise Foundation, the monarchy has been restored in parts of Europe under the manipulation of the Integrated Enterprise Foundation.

One of these monarchies was named the Kingdom of Lieseltania.

And ‘Gluhen Rose’ was the first imperial princess of this kingdom, her highness princess.

So, in a way, this Strega is more famous than the rare diva.

Of course, this doesn’t feel very real to Houri, so he doesn’t feel anything about it.

However, Houri is still a bit surprised.

In the original work, the princess is not teamed up with Toudou Kirin, but with someone else.

But here, Toudou Kirin became the princess’s partner and participated in ‘Phoenix Festa’ together with her, which was really surprising to Houri.

“Is it because of me?”

When Houri had such a thought, Zhao Hufeng’s words confirmed his thought.

“Because you fought with ‘Shippuu Jinrai’ and won, causing her uncle’s plan to rise to the top to fail and abandon her, this Seidoukan Academy’s number one ranking seems to be having a rather uneasy and confused.” Zhao Hufeng then said. “And that’s where ‘Gluhen Rose’ comes in.”

According to the information collected by the student council, it seems that the princess of Her highness learned about Toudou Kirin’s condition by chance and approached her, inviting her to participate in the ‘Phoenix Festa’.

As a result, the pair was born smoothly.

“An accidental situation?” Houri said with a smile on his face. “I wish it was a coincidence.”

The princess must have known about Toudou Kirin because of Claudia, right?

After all, Claudia was the one who made Toudou Kirin fight with Houri and indirectly or even directly caused Toudou Kirin to be in this situation.

Claudia is also the student council president of Seidoukan Academy and could not have watched Toudou Kirin, a student with both strength and potential, lose her way forward.

Therefore, it was likely Claudia’s arrangement on this matter that led to Julis and Toudou Kirin forming a partnership.

“Anyway, Toudou Kirin is really a strong opponent.” Zhao Hufeng said in all seriousness. “In this year’s ‘Phoenix Festa’, Toudou Kirin is the only contestant who is ranked first in the sequence, and her partner is ‘Gluhen Rose’, so be careful.”

Hearing this, Cecily laughed before the rest of them had a chance to take a stand.

“I do think this is a good opportunity.” Cecily clenched her fist and finally said with a surge of energy. “I’ve wanted to fight a top Strega like ‘Gluhen Rose’ for a long time.”

Just like Daoshi of the Water faction, the Wood faction’s fist fighters are all under-qualified people who can’t even practice seisenjutsu. In the eyes of outsiders, seisenjutsu is a technique that allows some Genestellar to gain powers similar to Strega and Dante and is no match for natural Strega and Dante.

Under such circumstances, as the leader of the Water faction, Cecily always wanted to compete with the powerful Strega and prove the power of seisenjutsu.

Now, the appearance of Julis seems to have really aroused the fighting spirit in Cecily’s heart and made the leader of the Water faction fire up a bit.

“I’d also like to fight ‘Shippuu Jinrai’ and see how strong Toudouryuu swordsmanship is, which even Shifu praised.” Zhao Hufeng also said he was eager to try. “I will definitely ask her for advice when I have the chance.”

Both Cecily and Zhao Hufeng have the roots of martial artists in their bones.

In the face of the two disciples’ performance, Fan Xinglu just laughed, except for Lishi’s sibling, who was somewhat unimpressed.

For this pair of siblings who take pleasure in toying with their opponents, the pursuit of a powerful opponent is simply an incomprehensible thing, and the only way to win is to strike at the opponent’s weaknesses.

As for Houri, while the others were engrossed in their own thoughts, he was already tapping on the intelligence of another team and looking at one of them.

A boy wearing a Seidoukan academy high school uniform with a slackness on his face, giving a silly feeling.

At the side, Cecily came over to take a look, and then she was puzzled.

“Who is this man?”

Cecily’s words directed everyone’s eyes to the space window in front of Houri.

Looking at the picture that appeared on the space window, the crowd was all skeptical.

“What’s wrong?” Even Fan Xinglu looked a bit puzzled and asked directly. “Is he an acquaintance of yours?”

“Can it be called ‘acquaintance’?” Houri didn’t look away, still looking at the man, and said with a smile. “All I can say is that this is an opponent to watch out for.”

“An opponent to watch out for?” The crowd was instantly stunned.

Zhao Hufeng even clicked on the profile and said in an even more puzzled tone. “This person seems to be a first-year student of Seidoukan Academy High School, outside of the ranking, and has never fought a single duel since entering Seidoukan, so his record is zero.”

Hearing this, Lishi’s sibling couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Outside the rankings?” Li Shenyun said sarcastically. “This kind of opponent needs attention?”

“Zero record?” Li Shenhua said in an almost identical tone, snickering. “A student who has never even fought a duel, and this kind of opponent needs to be watched for?”

Suddenly, the ear-piercing jeers sounded at the same time, causing Zhao Hufeng to frown.

Only Houri glanced at Lishi’s sibling and said indifferently. “I am likewise outside the rankings and have never gone through any duel since I entered Jielong, so the two shixiong shijie will make sure to consider me as an opponent that does not need attention if we meet in the match.”

Lishi’s sibling’s laughter came to an abrupt halt.

“Oya?” Fan Xinglu said with interest. “In other words, this man is strong?”

“Sort of,” Houri said. “At least, he’s a little tougher than Toudou Kirin.”

“Seidoukan has someone like that?” Fan Xinglu immediately turned her head to Zhao Hufeng and asked curiously. “Hufeng, what is this person’s name?”

It was not Zhao Hufeng who answered this question, but Houri.

“His name is Amagiri Ayato.”

“A hidden swordmaster.”

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