Illimitable Until Death v4c316

That night.

In Oushinden’s Star room, Houri lay down on the bed, browsing the information in the space window in front of him while letting the Prana in his body rotate like a thin stream of water.

However, rather than Houri deliberately making the Prana rotate, it was more like this practice had become Houri’s instinct, and there was no need to spend any more energy to do it deliberately.

After all, during the past few months, Houri has been using Star room as his residence. Even when he sleeps, he will subconsciously control the flow of Prana, and his technique of controlling Prana has become perfect.

In such a situation, Houri can concentrate and remember the information.

“I’m sure shijie wouldn’t bother to remember this stuff anyway, or even bother to look at it, right?”

So at least Houri had to memorize some important information about his opponents.

For example, the combination of Julis and Toudou Kirin.

And for example…

“Amagiri Ayato…”

Thinking about this person, Houri clicked on his profile once again.

Unfortunately, because of Houri, the butterfly effect made Amagiri Ayato a little-known student without much information at all.

Only Houri knows that Amagiri Ayato’s strength is definitely not weaker than Toudou Kirin.

Unlike Toudou Kirin, who inherited from Toudouryuu, who now has a dojo all over the world, Amagiri Ayato came from a school called Amagiri Shinmeiryuu.

It is a very old school that has been in existence since hundreds of years ago and has passed down countless skills to this day.

Today, Amagiri Shinmeiryuu is only a small school, but the skills that have been passed down to this day have not been lost, and even though there are few disciples, each of them has a certain level of strength.

Amagiri Ayato is the heir to the Amagiri Shinmeiryuu clan, and his Amagiri Shinmeiryuu swordsmanship is so exquisite that even Toudou Kirin may not be able to beat him.

So, in the original work, Amagiri Ayato was finally ranked as Page One, and as a nobody outside the ranking, he defeated Toudou Kirin, the first in the sequence, and became the first in Seidoukan Academy.

Now, because of Houri, Toudou Kirin and Julis’ encounter, forming a partnership, and seemingly missing out on Amagiri Ayato and not dueling with Amagiri Ayato to take away the ranking.

As a result, Amagiri Ayato is now just an unknown student.

Of course, it is a bit wrong to say that the name is unknown.

“At least, there should be a lot of people who have noticed that Amagiri Ayato has Orga Lux, right?”

Saying this, Houri clicked on the space window in front of him and let the image on it completely change into an image.

It was an image of an Orga Lux.

The armed launcher is similar to Houri’s Burma, both of which are of the sword handle type.

The Urm-Manadyte is set in the launcher’s sword guard, which is also the same as Burma.

However, the Orga Lux is very different from Burma.

That is the color and body shape.

Burma is pure white, whether it is Urm-Manadyte or blade, is uniformly white.

This Orga Lux, on the other hand, has a pitch-black color, and Urm-Manadyte is bright red, looks more sinister.

Moreover, Burma is a relatively light one-handed sword, this Orga Lux is a broad two-handed sword, the blade is extremely large, the body size is not small, looks like a large sword and heavy sword.

Obviously, compared to Burma, this Orga Lux is focused on strength.

“Is this Ser-Veresta?”


It is one of the four pieces of Orga Lux known as ‘Four Colored Magic Swords’.

The so-called Four Colored Magic Swords refer to the Orga Lux that was developed a long time ago.

They have a common feature, that is, they all have an indefensible nature, only Orga Lux can block their blades, extremely overbearing.

Ser-Veresta is one of the Four Colored Magic Swords.

Its ability is able to burn everything, the blade itself is gathered with high heat. No matter what it is, except Orga Lux, once touched it, will immediately be burned by the heat and broke.

In view of this, Ser-Veresta even has a legend that stabbing it into the earth can even turn it into a furnace.

This Orga Lux has not seen a user for more than a decade.

Amagiri Ayato, however, has managed to take the Orga Lux and get its approval.

With swordsmanship comparable to that of Toudou Kirin, one can imagine how difficult this man is to deal with.

“If I hadn’t gotten Burma, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with Ser-Veresta, would I?”

At least, without the use of death perception mystic eyes, Houri definitely can not take Ser-Veresta head-on.

“Maybe MainGod is really looking out for me so I can get an Orga Lux before the ‘Phoenix Festa’ starts?”

Houri smiled and was just about to click on the rest of the information when the space window in front of him suddenly showed the display of incoming calls.

“Hmm?” Houri was slightly stunned, looking at the number displayed on the space window, and was a bit surprised.

“Is it her?”

As a thought flashed through his mind, Houri almost subconsciously clicked on the answer button.

The next moment, the space window switched and showed the face of a shoujo.

“It’s been a long time, Hou-san.”

With this voice, Sylvia’s delicate face with a perfect smile also appeared on the space window.

However, looking at Sylvia in the space window, Houri’s eyebrows were slightly raised.

The reason is that Sylvia has no in disguise and appears with her real identity.

The original simple temperament completely changed and became as bright and dazzling as a star, even the long chestnut-colored hair was restored to a gorgeous purple.

This time Sylvia is the rare diva, the world’s first popular idol.

And in the face of such Sylvia, Houri is somewhat uncomfortable.

So, Houri subconsciously said. “By the way, you aren’t in disguise?”

“Disguise?” Sylvia tilted her head and said. “I’m in the dorm, I don’t have to disguise, do I?”

“That’s true…” Houri scratched his cheek, unusually a bit of stammering.

Seeing this, Sylvia seemed to understand something and smiled a little naughty, said with a playful tone. “Could it be that you are not used to my present appearance?”

Houri was somewhat helpless to be so easily see-through.

But then, Houri also laughed and said.

“After all, for me, the person who I gave a passionate kiss is Silvie, not Sylvia.”

Sylvia’s smile instantly became unnatural.

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